She is quick and curious and playful and strong: kate spade love

Occasionally you come across a brand that doesn’t just create great products, but it embodies a spirit you really connect with. kate spade new york (ksny) is that brand for me. Being the sublime seeking lovely things that you are, you may already be familiar with the delight of kate spade. Regardless, I hope this post is helpful as I share with you my favourite ksny things and some tips and tricks for purchasing their finest delights in the most thrifty of ways! The ksny love affair kate spade new york has done an exceedingly brilliant job at not just creating products, but creating a lifestyle… and offering products that fit into that way of living. ‘Live colorfully’, ‘travel colorfully’, ‘dress colorfully’, ‘entertain colorfully’; the ksny mantra is to live your most vibrant life. The ksny woman is not defined by her relationship or her job, she does not rely upon her ability to be sexy to validate any aspect of her life.

quick and curious playful and strong

Stylish, cheeky and fun, she is confident and present. She is everything I aspire to be! Well done ksny, got me hook, line and sinker! So am I just buying into a very carefully crafted marketing ploy? Perhaps. But does it matter anyway? I don’t know! I think buying from a brand whose philosophy you believe in is wonderful! Perhaps the real answer comes in terms of the product that’s offered. kate spade are best known for their extensive range of handbags, clothing and accessories (shoes, jewellery, tech and more). Their line also extends into very lovely stationery and homewares. There is so much to love! Here are some of my very favourite ksny things: photo 1 photo 2 Always a joy to wear, have and hold. Major ksny lovin’.

10 Things I looooove about kate spade! 

There is a great deal more than 10 things to love about ksny, but I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best! 1. Their exquisite packaging! Kate Spade packaging 2. Their insanely gorgeous stores and shopfronts, I challenge any sublime seeker to walk past without going in! ksny store madison kate spade 2 article-2034280-0D7B2CCD00000578-842_306x290 Kate-Spade-Highland-Village-March-2014_140211 KS Window 3. Deborah Lloyd, creative director, is a fellow pear shape, and I feel that sista’s really got the back of all us pears out there with their awesome selection of fit-and-flare dresses! I haven’t found a brand whose dresses fit me as well as ksny yet! Hallelujah!

The Very Genius Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd, you so fine!

4. Their wide spread devotion the the handwritten note and supremely beautiful stationery ksny stationery

kate spade stationery

5. The *incredible* 75% off sales they do!! These sales happen but a few times a year and are like Christmas came early when the email is in the inbox! I live in a house with two boys who are FULLY alert and functioning within moments of waking up in the morning, where I snooze half a dozen times then shuffle around the house groaning for the next hour. Not on a 75% off morning! Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sublime seekers!

ksny surprise sale! 6. Their ridiculously gorgeous clothing and campaigns… with models of many nationalities… that all look HAPPY! kate-spade-new-york-spring-summer-2012-ad-campaign2


bryce fall ks look 12

ks look 13

ksny happy models

  7. Their extreme love of the bow, you’ll find bows featuring (and hidden!) in all sorts of their designs

ksny well placed bow

All these items are available from now! (The black bow on the top right is a USB stick!!)


8. Their commitment to fun and frivolity… the ksny gal knows how to have a good time and doesn’t take herself too seriously

manipedi ive never been a millionare but I know I'd be darling at it baconeggandcheeseplease

9. Bright pops of colour that feature in so much of their product


10. That kate spade knows what they love too! In 2012 ksny published the “things we love” book to celebrate 20 years of kate spade. Not surprisingly it is FILLED with exceptional loveliness!

kate spade Things We Love book

I want more ksny in my life! 

Right!? In exquisitely exciting news, kate spade is due to open their first ever outlet in Australia; Melbourne’s new super fancy Emporium shopping precinct will be home to the store from July! emporium melbourne So freaking excited and I’m not even a Melbournite! In even more super awesome news, kate spade have JUST started shipping direct to Australia for a flat rate of $35! The shipping is fast, think at your door in 4 days. While $35 can’t quite be described a cheap shipping, a bit of poking around will quickly identify that we pay a premium to Australian stockists of kate spade products (handbags, accessories, stationery and homewards only) down under. David Jones is the primary stockist and charging close to double what you’d pay in the states!

The lovely Grace Avenue 8x10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones

The lovely Grace Avenue 8×10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones. How good is that $35 shipping looking now?

In recent trip to Singapore (home to three ksny stores), I was devastated to find the price difference on clothing to be at times more than double US prices. Unfortunately the residents of Singapore can’t shop from because they have outlets in their country – will only ship to the following countries: KSNY shipping But hang on, does that mean won’t ship to Australia anymore after the store opens?  I don’t know for sure sublime seekers, but I suspect so, and this is kinda my point. There’s a joyous mini-window to access the ksny goodness direct to your door. It’s not the end of the world, cause even if the direct shipping stops, you’ll of course still be able to freight forward, but one should expect the ksny direct-shipping will stop when the store opens. Other ksny shopping tips! It’s difficult in Australia to see sale items on However, if you’re hunting for a bargain (who isn’t!?) check out some other American online stockists of ksny; Zappos, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Piperlime and Amazon are a few of the good ones. These online stores will show you the ksny sale items! Again, they may not ship direct, but the difference of the sale price will cover your freight forwarding. Finally, there is a LOT of brand new with tags ksny stuff on eBay (that’s worldwide eBay, not If you can win your auction, you’re sure to snag a bargain there and possibly get your hands on some out-of-season stuff you won’t find anywhere else. If I could chose only one brand to buy from for the rest of my life, it would be kate spade! Fun, feminine, bright, beautiful and a little bit luxurious, I am certain it’s worth saving up for! ♥ AS Bought a kate spade product you love? Tell us about it below!

The Complete Guide to Winter Coats!

Winter is here! Somehow in Brisbane-town, we went straight from sunny warmness to winter chill! All of a sudden we’re unpacking the winter clothes, getting things to the dry cleaner and evaluating options for new cosy pieces to tide us through the next few months. When it comes to cosy, there is no piece more central to keeping the cold at bay than the winter coat. Stores everywhere are in winter-coat-promo mode, and I’ve scoured the options to bring you the best of the best! But first! Lets talk pre-game preparedness!

Fabric – not all coats are created equal 

The fabric used in your winter coat will dictate its durability, warmth and care requirements. Most winer coats will contain a combination of the following:

  • Wool, known for it’s warmth, can have a coarse or smooth soft finish depending on fabric and design. It’s often blended with other fabrics, 100% wool is warmest, blends with other fabrics will be less warm.
  • Cashmere, wool’s luxurious older sister, is a fine, soft blend of (goat) wool that provides great insulation and durability. Lovely and cosy to wear!
  • Polyester is a dominant fabric used in outdoor gear, it’s tightly woven fibers prevent moisture from getting through. It lacks the density of wool, so on it’s own won’t keep you as warm.
  • Silk, as a layer against the skin, will keep you toasty warm. The fabric absorbs moisture and helps the body maintain even temperature when transition between warm indoor and cold outdoor temps.
  • Nylon (or polyamide fabric) is often mixed with wool – it’s extremely hard wearing and fire-resistant.
  • Cotton is highly absorbent and will soak up moisture until it’s in the right conditions to let it dry, so less-perfect for guaranteed warmness.

Styles – get the right shape for you

Winter’s the time when we layer up – but it doesn’t have to mean a bulky look. Consider the best shape for your body type in order to look your best layered up. Some suggestions:

  • If you carry your weight around your middle (‘circle’ or ‘apple’ body shapes) opt for something that gives your waist some room. A swingy cape can be a winner (and will show off your lovely pins), or a looser cut with a strategically placed belt.
  • If you’re bigger on the bottom than the top (‘a-line’ or ‘pear’ shapes), look for coats with a little flare or swing to them, and be sure to get something that nips in at your little waist.
  • If you’re broader in the shoulders (athletic, or V-shape), look for something that narrows your shoulders and highlights your middle and legs. Pea coats or straight up-and-down styles with big collars are the go.
  • For the curvacious amongst us (hourglass figures) choose a belted coat to cinch your waist and accentuate your fabulousness
  • If you’re straight up and down (ruler, column shapes) the coat world is your oyster! Look for interesting seaming, belts or embellishments like big buttons to add some structure and make sure your coat doesn’t swallow you up

Show me the coats already! 

Okay! Our friends in the northern hemisphere have very little to offer us while they bask in the sunshine, so it’s a nearly exclusively local collection today. In this edit, I’ve stuck with coats and capes and avoided jackets and trenches (which I really think deserve their own collection!). Review won the coat wars this year with an absolutely gorgeous collection of coats at reasonable prices! Check some of their styled pics out here:

Review Model Coat Review Model Theodore Review Model Willowfull-steam-ahead-to-autumn-winter-2014-01 full-steam-ahead-to-autumn-winter-2014-02

Jigsaw came in second with a truly admirable collection of high quality pieces in lots of cuts and colours. If you’re looking for your coat on foot, check Jigsaw and Review first. Without further ado, here’s the full wrap-up!

Winter Coats

1. Alannah Hill The Lovely Silence Coat, $449; 2. David Lawrence Ombre Long Coat, $499; 3. Oxford Anna Leather Trim Coat Black, $399; 4. Jigsaw Chesterton Coat, $499; 5. Target Wrap Coat, $69

Winter Coats4

1. C&M Camilla and Marc Montmatre Coat via David Jones, $269.25 (on sale); 2. David Lawrence Long Sleeve Collar Coat, $499; 3. Herringbone Charcoal Twill, $799; 4. Rhodes and Beckett Louse Charcoal Houndstooth Coat, $699; 5. Jigsaw Owen Coat, $499; 6. Review Mallorie Coat, $299.95; 7. Witchery Trim Wrap Coat, $299

Winter Coats8

1. Saba Brooklyn Coat, $629; 2. Rhodes and Becket Grace Wool Coat, $749; 3. Cue A-Line Boucle Coat, $449; 4. Marcs Italian Melton Retro Coat, $399

Winter Coats6

1. Jigsaw Kipling Coat, $449; 2. Jigsaw Shakespeare Melton Coat, $499; 3. Review Willow Coat, $299.95; 4. David Jones Single Breast Funnel Neck Coat, $149.25

Winter Coats5

1. Alannah Hill Summer Romance Coat, $449; 2. Sportscraft One Button Melton Coat, $399; 3. Jigsaw Austen Coat, $449; 4. Review Willow Coat, $299.95; 5. Veronika Maine, Wool Flannel Pea Coat, $314.30 (on sale!); 6. Review Theodore Coat, $299.95; 7. Sara Coat with Front Pockets via David Jones, $139.95

Winter Coats7

1. Alannah Hill Given Half a Chance Trench, $389; 2. Carla Zampatti Raven Faux Croc Coat, $999; 3. Cue Soft Pixel A-Line Coat, $449; 4. Jigsaw Hopkins Tweed Coat, $499; 5. Review Willemina Check Coat, $299.95; 6. Italian Wool Stretch Leather Coat via The Iconic, $790; 7. French Connection Speckled Belted Coat, $299.95; 8. Scanlan and Theodore Drape Front Coat, $800

Winter Coats3

1. Roma Leatherette Trimmed Coat via The Iconic, $169.95; 2. Zara Crewneck Coat, $139 USDs; 3. Alannah Hill A Wonderful Thought Coat, $429; 4. Marcs Tex Wool Collarless Coat, $349

Winter Coats2


1. See by Chloe Cape via Shopbop, $667.23; 2. Daydream Cape via The Iconic, $149.95; 3. Ginger and Smart Trapezoid Cape, $499; 4. Country Road Reversible Contrast Cape, $249; 5. Bebe Sydney Schiffer Poncho via The Iconic; $119.95

 Some purchase and styling suggestions!

  • A good winter coat is an investment and as you gather from some of these prices, it can be a hefty one! Be sure to invest in dry cleaning as needed and always at the end of season before you put your coats away in order to ensure they’re looking great next winter.
  • If you’re lovely and long-limbed or perfect and petite, be sure to have your coat altered to suit you best. If you’re unsure about the ability to do so, ask in store before you buy. Some stores will even offer the alteration service for you!
  • A winter coat is a perfect spot for a gorgeous brooch! Brighten up a cold winter morning with something bedazzled on your collar!
  • If you’re going for a collarless jacket, consider a scarf if it’s going to be cool out!
  • If  you work in a super corporate environment and will need to be wearing your coat during your workday, consider a longer option like those sold by Rhodes and Beckett and Herringbone. Don’t believe what you hear in the “short skirt, long jacket” song, a long jacket paired with a polished dress for work makes for a super refined look.
  • If you’re going for a cape, pair with a slim silhouette on your lower half; pencil skirt or tapered jeans/pants will balance you out.
  • My forever-style advice; don’t be afraid of going for a bright hue! If you want a go-with-everything bright colour, choose red!

And there are DEALS! Deals to be had! 

At the time this post goes live, the following deals are available:

  • David Lawrence is doing $50 off Jackets
  • Oxford is doing 50% (!!) off Jackets
  • Saba is doing $100 off Jackets
  • Sportscraft are doing $50 off $150, $100 off $300 and $200 off $600 for VIPs! (Free to join)
  • Review have got $100 off when you spend $250

How good is that!? (The prices included in this post are the full-price prices, except where a permanent markdown is happening)

May the perfect coat be but a few clicks away, sublime seekers, and may you feel on trend and cosy during the coolest of winter days ahead!


Found a favourite coat this season already? Tell us below! 

Luxe to less: your guide to leather jackets!

It’s one of the most versatile and season-transending items you can purchase for your wardrobe, it’s also likely to be one of the most expensive. It is the leather jacket…. and today we’re covering everything you need to know to purchase, style and care for yours this winter!

I picked up my leather jacket about 3 years ago from Just Jeans. I hadn’t considered a neutral colour prior to purchase but have found  it to be very versatile indeed! Here it is on it’s sleepy owner:

 AS Leather Jacket

Not all leather is created equal…

There’s typically four types of leather used in jackets: beef, buffalo, lamb/sheep and pig. A general rule of thumb is the bigger the animal, the thicker and heavier the leather. Lamb is a popular choice in ladies jackets as it’s lighter and softer and tends to have a ‘buttery’ feel. Pigskin is thin and often shiner, it can look to have a cheaper finish. (An apology here to our vegan readers and a note to all, some of the man-made finishes are getting very good. While we don’t feature any in this post today, check out Guess and Jeans West as a starting point)


This seasons fashions tend more towards a cropped cut, asymmetrical zips feature heavily and the styling moves between a true biker jacket-esque look through to a very soft drapey finish.


Your jacket should be snug but not tight, especially around the shoulders, arms and armpits. Sleeker silhouettes will be more flattering to the figure, beware embellishments that may add undue bulk to your look. Your jacket should have about 1.5cms of space on all sides if it fits correctly.

Enough, enough, show me the jackets! 

Okay, sheesh! Today’s finds are split into two categories; black and colour!


Trenery Leather Soft Biker JacketTed Baker Meyaa Biker Hacket Marcs Leather Zip Jacket Cooper Street Leather Jacket Helmut Lang Two Tone Leather Jacket Sportscraft Mariana Leather Jacket Sportscraft Jilian Leather Biker Saba Erika Biker Jacket Black Scotch Soda Leather Jacket Seed Heritage Biker Leather Jacket Sass and Bide Mourning Air Decjuba Cooper Leather Jacket Esprit Leather Biker JacketJeans West Piper Leather JacketAsos Muubaa Rabi Knit Lined Leather Jacket

1. Trenery Leather Soft Biker Jacket, $599; 2. Ted Baker Meyaa Panelled Biker Jacket, £299; 3. Marcs Leather Zip Jacket, $599; 4. Cooper Street Leather Jacket, $299; 5. Helmut Lang Two-tone leather jacket, $530 USD; 6. Sportscraft Mariana Leather Jacket; $569.95; 7. Sportscraft Jilian Leather Biker; $599; 8. Saba Erika Biker Jacket, $679; 9. Scotch and Soda Colour Block Leather Biker Jacket, $659.95; 10. Seed Heritage Biker Leather Jacket, $599.95; 11. sass and bide Mourning Air leather jacket (comes in white too), $890; 12. Decjuba Cooper Leather Jacket, $349.95; 13. Esprit Leather Biker Jacket, $399; 14. Jeans West Piper Leather Jacket, $199; 15. Muubaa Rabi Knit Lined Leather Jacket, $399.10 (half price!)

Colour My World:

Gorman The Sooner the Better Jacket MCQ Alexander McQueen River Island Dark Pink Leather Biker Jacket Rag and Bone Blush Pink Leather Vespa Jacket for Women Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie Leather Jacket Todd Lynn Edition Grey Leather Asymmetric Jacket Just Jeans Devenport Double Zipper Leather Jacket J Brand Aiah Leather Jacket Alannah Hill So Be It! Jacket Alannah Hill Oops Oh My! Jacket Decjuba Ransom Leather Jacket Decjuba Cooper Leather Jacket 2 Pretty in Pink Front Zip Lamb Skin Leather Jacket Ted Baker Ballari Leather Jacket GreenJust Jeans Westwood Leather Waterfall JacketSussan Quilted Leather Jacket

1. Gorman the sooner the better jacket, $469; 2. MCQ Alexander McQueen Leather Biker Jacket; $1,640; 3. River Island Dark Pink Leather Biker Jacket, $240; 4. Rag & Bone Blush Pink Leather Vespa Jacket, $1,595 USD; 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie Leather Jacket, $1,022; 6. Todd Lynn/Edition Designer Grey Leather Asymmetric Jacket, £240; 7. Just Jeans Devenport Double Zipper Leather Jacket, (comes in black too) $199; 8. J Brand Aiah Leather Jacket, $1,772.87; 9. Alannah Hill So Be It! Jacket, $499; 10. Alannah Hill Oops Oh My! Jacket, $499; 11. Decjuba Ransom Leather Jacket (comes in black too) $329.95; 12. Decjuba Cooper Leather Jacket (in black as well), $349.95; 13. Pretty in Pink Front Zip Lamb Skin Leather Jacket, $309.95; 14. Ted Baker Ballari Leather Jacket, £349.00; 15. Just Jeans Westwood Leather Waterfall Jacket, $199; 16. Sussan Quilted Leather Jacket, $399.95

Styling Tips! 

The truth is, you can wear a leather jacket with pretty much anything, such is it’s status as a wardrobe staple. The challenge is rather utilising your jacket in as many ways as possible! Consider some of the looks below:

  • Classic: team with a white tee and jeans for a classic look that will transfer from day to night by changing you shoes; flats in the day, heels for evening.
  • Edgy: make a black leather jacket part of a strictly noir outfit for an edgy look. If you don’t want to lose your femininity, pair it with a LBD or black skirt!
  • Ladylike: mix your non-black leather jacket (tan/cream neutrals work best) with a floral dress for a girly look. The jacket will add texture and shape to your outfit to create an all-occasions look.
  • Textile: team your jacket with different top/dress textures like lace or silk to create a really dynamic outfit
  • Evening: Modernise a cocktail look by pairing with a cropped leather piece

Leather Care! 

A leather jacket is often a solid investment and like a lady, deserves to be cared for appropriately! To be safe; ask your retailer for the best ways to care for your particular product. It will likely include the following:

  • spray with a leather protector before use (it should be odourless and colourless)
  • hang it on a large, shoulder shaped hanger (invest in one if you don’t have a spare)
  • never put your jacket away while it’s damp, let it dry properly first at room temperature
  • look into leather cleaning and conditioning products to extend the life of your jacket
  • if in doubt, many dry cleaners also specialise in treating leather products – let the pro’s handle it!

Go forth and find yours, sublime seekers! May your leather be soft, your cut be flattering and your style be that little bit edgier than before!


This post was by request! What would you like to read about on Sublime Finds? 

Midi-skirt Madness!

After what seems like countless seasons of ever-shorter skirt lengths, my knees and I are rejoicing at the arrival of the midi skirt! Don’t have the legs (or confidence?) for a mini? Overwhelmed by the maxi? Love to be on trend with a ladylike classic for all seasons? The midi-is for you!

My personal midi-quest started after this picture popped up on my Instagram feed:

Anika at Veuve Cliquot in her fabulous midi skirt

Here sits AW, in all her fabulous glory at Veuve Clicquot’s Champagne House in France! After seeing this pic, I immediately added two things to my must-do-in-life list: 1. Visit the Champagne region 2. Get a fabulous midi skirt, stat! Number 2 seemed like a more immediately achievable goal and I hopped to it! (As a side note, in the days following this picture being taken, AW was engaged! Such is the power of the midi-skirt, sublime seekers!*)

As stylin’ as AW is, she’s not the only one sporting the ladylike length. Prada, Céline and Rodarte trail-blazed the revival of this 1950’s trend in their 2012 Spring collections, 18 months ago. The midi appeared again 2013 Fall/Winter (the season we’re just going into here), 2014 Spring collections and most recently again in the the 2014 Fall/Winter collections coming out of New York, London and Milan now! Read = a mid(i)-sized investment will serve you well in the seasons to come!

I’m sold! Show me the midi’s! 

As is the case with jumpsuits, midi’s are all of a sudden everywhere! My ever-patient, ever-resourceful shopping companion SW and I scoured Sydney city last Sunday in search of the perfect ladylike skirt for me. I bought three! (SW might have bought one or two too)! While the ‘scuba-midi’ (long pencil skirt) is also big this season, I only have eyes for A-line. These are my picks of what’s out now!

Classic in Black 

Country Road Cue Ponti Crepe SkirtDavid Lawrence skirtModcloth Poodle Midi SkirtEzra side slit midi skirt

1. Country Road $179; 2. Cue $259; 3. David Lawrence; $169; 4. Modcloth, $51.99USD; 5. Ezra via The Iconic, $29.95

Pretty Patterns

Sportsgirl skirt Review Skirt Lela Rose skirt J Crew circle skirt in nightgarden floral Portmans skirt

1. Sportsgirl, $79.95;  2. Review, $189.99; 3. Lela Rose via Net-A-Porter $2,551.14; 4. J.Crew, $298; 5. Portmans; $99.95 (I got this one! Squeee!)

Sublime Finds Portmans Midi Skirt Cover

Monochrome Magic

Laura Ashley Tibi Skirt 2 Veronika Maine Flared Asymmetrical Midi SkirtHalogen via Nordstrom ASOS Curve Midi Skirt

1. Laura Ashley, $125.95 (was $169) ; 2. Tibi via Net-A-Porter, $791.72 3. Veronika Maine $179; 4. Halogen via Nordstrom; (in regular and petite) $79USD; 5. ASOS Curve, $39.61

Lovely and Light 

Karen Millen skirt Witchery midi skirt Zimmerman skirt Asos love midi skater skirtSaba Charlotte Skirt light GreyZimmerman Skirt

 1. Karen Millen, $145 (was $279) ; 2. Witchery,$99.95; 3. Topshop, £48; 4. Asos, $62.72 5. Saba, $229; 6. Zimmerman, $2,500

Navy and Red

Kitten D'amourTibi SkirtModcloth Polkadot Midi SkirtModcloth Midi SkirtAsos full midi skirt in scubaNicholas Navy Stripe Silk Ball Skirt

1. Kitten D’Amour, $149; 2. Tibi via Net-A-Porter, $684.14; 3. Modcloth, $69.99USD; 4. Modcloth, $57.99USD 5. ASOS, $69.60; 6. Nicholas via The Iconic, $599,

Tips for midi success! 

Nervous? You can rock this, sublime-seekers! Some styling tips:

  • Tuck your top in. Exposing the entire length of the skirt will make your legs look longer!
  • Better yet, make that top form-fitting or pick a waist-cinching belt. Volume down the bottom, needs some flattering balance to avoid frump.
  • Like a low cut or midriff top? The midi makes the perfect partner. Demure enough to balance out the super sexy.
  • If you opt for a pencil/tube/scuba style midi (not featured here, we’re all about the a-line, full-skirted midi today) stick to heels. If you’re rocking a more voluminous midi, you can get away with flats, like AW did in her stylish champagne adventure!
  • Taller dames can pull off any length midi, shorter dames may be safer with a just-past-the-knee length, or a midi that stops where you leg starts to thin out towards your angle (read = fattest bit of your calf).
  • If your midi is longer but you’re not long-legged, your safest bet is a shoe with low contrast to your leg colour. Nudes are your friend.
  • Feeling a bit too Stepford Wives for your liking? Pair with some edgy accessories; a metallic bag, a studded bracelet.

However you choose to wear it, may your midi make you feel fabulous through all seasons and all regions… including that of the Champagne!


*this may, or may not, be a total misrepresentation of the midi skirt’s powers.

Have you found a midi-skirt you love? Tell us below!