Flat out: flats for every occasion!

I think every gal over the age of 21 has had at least one of those occasions in heels that leaves your feet numb for several days following. You opted for gorgeous stilettos then:
a) realised the wedding was cocktail, and you weren’t going to sit down for the next 9 hours
b) ended up trekking from one end of the city to the other
c) ended up dancing all night
d) ended up walking home when you couldn’t get a cab or
e) all of the above
… and paid the price severely afterwards.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way, sublime seekers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good heel as much as the next girl, but I think we often underestimate the potential of flats to complete or even make a wow outfit. There also comes times in each of our lives (a job with lots of running around, knee surgery for LJ-C, severely damaged feet from too many of the aforementioned evenings) when flats are not only a better option… but the only option. No matter where you’re at on your journey to flats, today I plan to open your mind to the myriad of options out there! Visual break, a cluster of flats I currently own and love:

Flats Cluster - Sublime Finds

Flattery will get you everywhere!

I have scoured far and wide for flats for you and I’ll be upfront; a great deal of my scouring has been in the USA. I know people can be nervous about buying shoes online, especially if they’re coming from afar. Nevertheless, I have found the savings and the variety have made shopping for shoes in the States a total no brainer. Often the discount or value alone covers the freight-forwarding if a provider doesn’t ship direct. If you’re worried about sizes, read the reviews (especially good on sites like Zappos – the world’s largest online shoe retailer) to see if the product runs large or small. Anyway, lets begin!

If I could only have one pair of shoes for the rest of my life…  

I would die, this is clearly a life not worth living! Jokes aside, if I could only have one pair of shoes, it would be these babies. I have bought, and worn out, four pairs of them. They are from Witchery, this season the style name is Carla, they are $99.95 (there is an extra 20% off for Witchery members this weekend) and I cannot live without them. For me, a black patent flat is go-to for any event. They work with a casual outfit, a work outfit and thanks to patent being that bit dressier, can also scrape through in a more dressy event. The patent finish also means they wear very well and don’t get super scratched up! Witchery’s flat are a great cut (every year except last year, thank goodness it’s been fixed again!), 100% leather including the lining (so they mould to your foot and are comfy) and have the perfect amount of flexibility in the soul to make them comfy to walk (shop) in for hours on end. These shoes are so good they wholeheartedly deserve their own section in this post and are truly, sublime finds!

Witchery Cara Ballet Flat


Luckily for me and you, we aren’t limited to just one pair. Onwards we roll! (Today, the further you scroll the more exciting they get!)

Best of the rest of the basics: 

Cotton On Dancer CrossweaveWitchery Carla Ballet Flat - NeutralSeed Fashion Betty BalletCotton On Dancer NauticalJo Mercer PannellSambag Tina Navy Plain Ballet FlatsTarget Indiana Ballet Flat Black


1. Cotton On Dancer in Tan Crossweave, $16.95 (not a typo! They come in black and other patters too – at this price you can buy them all!); 2. Witchery Carla (again!) cause they come in lots of colours, including this lovely neutral, $99.95; 3. Seed Heritage Fashion Betty Ballet (in black snake and silver too), $99.95; 4. Cotton On Dancer in Nautical, $5.00 (WITH FREE SHIPPING! Use code: SHIPFREE, I *just* bought a pair!) 5. Jo Mercer Pannell, $109.95 (second pair half price this weekend!); 6. Sambag Tina Metallic Navy Ballet Flat, $180 (Sambag are the original king of flats – you’ll pay for the privilege but never be short on options); 7. Target Indiana Leather Ballet Flat, $40

On Point (my favourite shape for work):

Coach Australia Wilma Flat BlackZara Shiny Leather Velvet Slip OnPrada Point Toe Tassell Ballerina FlatWitchery Pearl Pointed FlatAldo LythgoWittner SylvaniWitchery Adrianna Point FlatZara Leather Ballerina Flats with StudsCountry Road Carrie Point Flat

1. Coach Wilma Flat, $310; 2. Zara Shiny Leather Velvet Slip On, $59.90 USDs; 3. Prada Point Toe Tassel Ballerina Flat, $775.92 via Avenue K; 4. Witchery Pearl Pointed Flat, on sale for $79.95; 5. Aldo Lythgoe $50 USDs; 6. Wittner Sylvani, $139.95; 7. Witchery Adrianna Flats, $129.95; 8. Zara Leather Ballet Flats with Studs $59.90 USDs; 9. Country Road Carrie Pointed Flat $99.95 (25% off that atm!) 10. kate spade new york Too Gabe Pointy Toe Flat, $347.68 via Avenue K

Flat does not mean boring! Statement Flats in Bold Colours: 

Country Road Claudia Ballet FlatOroton Metallic Ballet FlatSalvatore Ferragamo Ballet Flats ViennaKurt Geiger Lassie FlatNine West Speak UpMimco Fiction BalletSambag Tina Mandarin Plain Patent Ballet Flatskate spade new york gabe flats pink Banana Republic Carter Flat

1. Country Road Claudia Ballet Flat in Red $99.95 (25% off this weekend from the looks of it); 2. Oroton Elements Metallic Ballet Flats in Aqua Sea on sale for $105; 3. Salvatore Ferragamo Ballet Flats in Vienna $792.88 via Avenue K; 4. Kurt Geiger Lassie Flats, $112.36 via Avenue K; 5. Nine West Speak Up (these come in ELEVEN different finishes), $69 USDs via Zappos; 6. Mimco Fiction Ballet, on sale for $89; 7. Sambag Tina Mandarin Patent Ballet Flats, $180; 8. kate spade new york Gabe Flats (I debuted my pair of these yesterday! Major hit!) $258 USDs 9. Banana Republic Carter Flats, $118 USDs

Flats for jumping through puddles: 

(I have a serious weakness for a PVC flat! I think it’s a childhood throwback to Jellies)

Mel by Melissa Mel Pop Beige Ted Baker Escinta

1. Mel by Melissa Mel Pop IV in beige (three other colours too!), $45USDs via Zappos; 2. Ted Baker Escinta in Pink (three other colours here as well!), $85 USDs via Zappos

The Funnest Flats that ever there was: 

kate spade Racer Flats kate spade Go Taxi Flats Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerina Flats Gunmetal Marc by Marc Jacobs d'Orsay Mouse FlatsCharlotte Olympia Kiss Me Kitty Velvet SlipperAlice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointed FlatCoach marah Platinum GlitterMimco Smoking Gun SlipperMel by Melissa BluberryC.Wonder Flamingo Suede Smoking Slipper

1. kate spade new york Racer Flats, $278 USDs; 2. kate spade new york Go Taxi Flats, $278 USDs; 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerina Flats, $160.99 USDs via Zappos; 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs d’Orsay Mouse Ballerina Flats in Gold, $310.58 via Avenue K; 5. Charlotte Olympia Kiss Me Kitty Velvet Slipper $869.20 via Avenue K 6. Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointy Flat, $368.88 via Avenue K; 7. Coach Marah Platinum Glitter (omg I HAVE TO have these!), $112.99 USDs via Zappos 8. Mimco Smoking Gun Slipper in Lobster Red, $149.95 (must have these too, holy whiz); 9. Mel by Melissa Blueberry, $49.95 via Wanted Shoes; 10. Flamingo Suede Smoking Slipper by C.Wonder; $138 USDs (extra 25% off atm!)

There’s no reason you can’t feel fancy in flats! Here are some for after-dark, more formal occasions:

Country Road Carrie Metallic Flat Zara Ballerina Flats with Crystals Christian Louboutin Body Strass Pointed Toe Ballerina Flats Zara Shiny Ballerina FlatsGiorgio Armani Embellished Pointed Flats

1. Country Road Carrie Metallic Flat – I bought these a couple of weeks ago and LOVE them, $99.95 (looks to be 25% off that price atm! 2. Zara Ballerina Flats with Crystals, $59.90 USDs; 3. Christian Louboutin Body Strass Pointed Toe Ballerina Flats, $1244.44 via Avenue K; 4. Zara Shiny Ballerina Flats, $79.90 USDs; 5. Giorgio Armani Embellished Pointed Flats; $895 via Maryons

Some tips! 

  • Don’t be afraid to let your shoe make your outfit! I’m a big fan of block colours or black with a FABULOUS shoe to set your outfit off!
  • If you’re buying a suede shoe, you must, must waterproof it before you wear it. It’s the only way to get good milage out of them.
  • If you’re buying a metallic shoe, never use a cleaning product on it, even a clear one, that isn’t designed specifically for metallic. It will very possibly strip the colour.
  • Flats (especially staples) are an AWESOME excuse for shoe clips! Shoe clips are an especially great way to make a flat feel a little fancy for a special event!

Flats don’t have to mean boring or ‘sensible’ (someone called me ‘so sensible’ in flats once and I wanted to stab them, who wants to be described as ‘sensible’!?!). Be kind to those lovely feets of yours by keeping them out of heels a bit more often AND be super stylish at the same time… go on I dare you!

♥ AS

Where’s your go-to location for fabulous flats? Got a flat pun in your head? Share with the other sublime seeking flat-lovers out there! 

Beating Blisters: the Sublime Guide

My fellow shoe-lovin’ gals know, the occasional blister is a reality of commitment to the fabulous-shoe cause.

I got hit with two doozies last weekend during my Saturday morning cardio session (read: shopping). Those following along closely may recall my reference to a blister in the recent post about the power of gratitude. What I DIDN’T mention was that these were no ordinary blisters, they were the world’s biggest ever blisters resulting in my mum declaring ‘holy blisters batman!’ when I showed her this pic (look away now to avoid the horror!):

Blister Disaster

Horrifying blister on my heel. Horrifyingly bad photography of my heel.

So what’s a dame to do? (Can I keep saying dame now there’s going to be real life Dames again? What is that about anyway? Though if anyone is going to be a reeeal Dame I do think Quinten Bryce is a great pick, cause that dame can sure rock a non-black lady suit! Anyway, I digress!).

I looked up a bunch of info (read: first page of results on google) about treating blisters which soon had me sterilizing makeshift needles (read: dousing safety pins from the drycleaning with Smirnoff) to sort my blister shizzle out.

But none of the ‘treatment’ plans told me the ONE thing I REALLY needed to sort out my blister problem and get back into my pumps ASAP… which is… a good pair of slingbacks!

What’s that now? Slingbacks?

Yes, sublime seekers. I’m declaring the slingback the secret to my blister recovery! “Oh but you can wear thongs or sandals”. Yeah, not in winter. Often, not at work. Not with stockings. And probably not with your new non-black work suit. (Two plugs in one post, too much?) You want a cute, work-appropriate shoe, with no back, to steer clear of your poor recovering heels. I’m calling the slingback the must-have shoe for every shoe-addict who has a tendency to put looks above comfort in the footwear department (read: every woman). Here’s mine:

AS Slingbacks

And here are some options for you that won’t have you feeling like you’re 80 (not that there’s anything wrong with being 80! Those dames are ahead of the curve!):

Kate Spade New York Plaza
 Kate Spade New York Plaza, via Piperlime $376.60

Joanne Mercer Nicki
 Nicki by Jo Mercer, via The Iconic $139.95

Nina Armando
Helena, via The Iconic $199

Betts Monet
 Monet, at Betts $139.99

Valentino Rockstud Patent Multistrap Point Slingback
LUXE: Valentino Rockstud Patent Multistrap Point Slingback, at David Jones $1,029

Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Point Toe Slingback
LUXE: Charlotte Olympia Monroe Suede Point Toe Slingback, at David Jones $1,029

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Studded SlingbackBordering on ridiculous but still so cute: Marc by Marc Jacobs Studded Metallic Leather Slingback Mouse Flats, via Saks $284.73

Do it, sublime seekers, do it now! Don’t wait til you really need it but have to put a shoe on to get to the shoe store to get a shoe to wear when you can’t wear your shoes. Following? Slingbacks, now.


Can you think of any other medical problems shoes could possibly be the answer to? Thinking caps on, gang!

Get new shoes without getting new shoes!

Problem! You *need* new shoes but you:
a) can’t afford it
b) can’t justify it
c) have run out of shoe storage room
d) will jeopardise your marriage if you bring home another pair of shoes
e) all of the above

Sublime seekers, I feel your pain! But you’ll love me today, because I have a particularly sublime find for you! Allow me to present to you the best way to reinvent your shoe wardrobe without the big budget: shoe clips! I will now demonstrate!

Before…. my standard-issue black flats:

Black Flat Before

After! Whaaaaa!? There’s a party on my feet!: 

Black Flat After

Tell me more!

Shoe clips are exactly what they sound like, a little clip for your shoe to make it ready-made-fabulous! They are nearly exactly like clip on earrings, but (good shoe clips) are designed to be comfortable to wear and not damage your shoes. Commonly worn at the front of the shoe, shoe clips can also be worn on the heel, or the side of the shoe! (This blogger has been known to pretend they’re not shoe clips at all, and throw one in my hair). In addition to being the answer to the need-but-can’t-have-new-shoes issue, shoe clips are also the answer to LOTS of styling problems! Rockin’ an LBD but what to spice it up a bit? Shoe clip! Trying to bring the colours in an outfit together? Shoe clip! Special occasion and want an awesome statement shoe? Shoe clip! Many fabulous uses, and all at a fraction of the price of a new pair of shoes.

Gimme, gimme, where do I get them?

A quick google will tell you that there’s lots of places to source shoe clips. Here’s a little sample to get you salivating:

Emmersen Ruby Slippers Shoe Clip

Australian supplier Emmersen sells the Ruby Slippers Shoe Clips for $33

Spare Soles Jewel Smoke Shoe Clip

Spare Soles are also Australian, their Jewel Smoke Shoe Clips are $17.95

Not surprisingly, Etsy have a GAZZILION shoe clips. These are some of my faves (all ship to Aus!):

LexyLuxDesign Red glitter heart shoe clip

LexyLuxDesign’s Red Glitter Heart Shoe Clip $10.12 USD.

Chuletindesigns Hot Pink Satin Ribbon Bow Shoe Clips

Chuletindesign’s Hot Pink Satin Ribbon Bow Shoe Clips $15 USD (these come in 21 colours!)

RisaRuthDesigns Blooming Orgid Shoe Clips

RisaRuthDesigns’ Blooming Orchid Shoe Clips $24 USD (also lots of colours available)

Lucyohlucy Baley Blue Peacock Feather Shoe Clips

Lucyohlucy’s BALEY Blue Peacock Feather Shoe Clips $27.50 USD

Dressing for a theme? Here’s some great shoe clip options!

sophisticata Christmas Red & Kelly Green Shoe Clips

sophisticata’s Christmas Red & KELLY Green Shoe Clips $35 USD

RisaRuthDesigns Orange Spide Shoe Clips

RisaRuthDesigns’ Orange Spider Shoe Clips $24 USD

MystitchandKitsch Rockabilly Burlesque Nautical Stripe Shoe Bow

Hello Sailor! MyStitchandKitsch’s Rockabilly Burlesque Nautical Stripe Shoe Bow Clips with Red Anchor $15.16USD

For the occasions when OVER THE TOP is the exact right amount:

Dress2ImpressEtsy Curled Peacock Feathers

Dress2ImpressEtsy’s Curled Peacock Feathers and Crystal Brooch Blue Green Navy Shoe Clips  $61 USD

And because there is nothing you can’t find on the internet…

LaterOperator Circus Baby Shoeclips

LaterOperator’s Circus Baby Shoe Clips $25 USD

How great are shoe clips?! They really make sense of investing in good quality, classic shoes. If you’ve got great basics, you can do all the bedazzling you like with a few pairs of shoe clips here and there! Happy shoe-clipping!

♥ AS

Have you rocked some shoe clips before? What occasion could you really see shoe clips working? Tell us below!