Vogue Online Shopping Night – Tonight!

There’s big deals happening today, sublime seekers, and they’re on the Internets! The twice-annual Vogue Online Shopping Night (or #VOSN as they dub themselves) is on today from 12pm to midnight!

What is this Vogue Online Shopping Night? 

It’s likely #VOSN is seeping its way into your facebook feed and/or email inbox – the event is now in it’s forth year and continuing to grow. The mission is pretty simple: bring together local and international brands for a festival of one-night-only deals.

Vogue Online Fashion Night

Oooh I love deals, tell me about the deals!

Vogue’s got the full list of retailers and all their details online here. Expect that retailers not listed will seep outa the woodwork with offers too, just not promoted under the #VOSN name, so if there’s something you’ve been lusting after, do check their website today. Many will also do the deals all day rather than just tonight. Some deals that caught my eye:

My picks!:

Christina Re Teacup Crepe Pencil Dress Chubby Stick Intense Review Shirley SweaterGinger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeves


1. Christina Re teacups in Ebony Stripes – 20% off $29.95 with code VOSN14; 2. Cue Crepe Pencil Dress – 20% off $239 with code CueVOSN20; 3. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense! First 200 orders with code VOGUE14 at Clinique will receive a free three-piece gift, free shipping and two freebies at checkout! Free, free free! ; 4. Review Shirley Jumper – 30% of $129.95 with code VOSN2014; 5. Ginger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeve – 20% of $589 with code VOSN2014

And remember! Think of the Mummas! Mothers Day is just around the corner! 

Get your comfiest pjs on, pour yourself a glass of something delightful and order some take out – happiest online shopping to you, sublime seekers! May the #VOSN deals be ever in your favour!


Get any rad deals? Tell us below!

Got to have Go-To: Zoë Foster Blake’s new skincare range reviewed!

April is shaping up to be a very exciting month, sublime seekers! The excitement kicked off on April 1, when much-famed Australian beauty expert, Zoë Foster Blake released her Australian-designed, New Zealand-made range of skincare, Go-To. After a decade of beauty devotees asking what her ‘Go-To’ products were, Foster Blake created her own, focusing on five essential products that can fit in around your luxurious favourites.

Because Zoë‘s tried everything, I like many other Fruity Beauty devotees, put the Go To range up on the pedestal before a single item was released. The verdict is in and here’s the hot tip: they are sublime finds! Each and every bloody one! HUZZAH!


Go To Skincare Sublime Finds

Brand New! The Go-To skincare range!


Tell me more!

All the prodz have very lovely packaging, super dreamy scents and arrived quickly from the Go-To team with great service! I’d expected they might be a little cheaper than they are, but after using them over the last week, I feel like they’re good value. Let’s talk through them!


Exfoliating Swipeys

Exfoliating Swipeys: 50 pads for $45.95

Exfoliating Swipeys are my introduction to the world of chemical exfoliants and what an intro it is! Each tub contains 50, single-use, lightly grooved swipes, saturated in exfoliating STUFF; naturally occurring AHA’s as well as hydrating essential oils. My skin likes them! It could be because they seem way gentler than a scrub (my previous exfoliator), it could be because they smell like orange sherbet, which is extremely lovely if I don’t say so myself.


Properly Clean

Properly Clean: 150ml (℮5.07fl.oz) for $29.95

Properly Clean is Zoë’s answer to cleaning the skin of a modern day gal (or guy! Apparently Hamish “loves the shit out of it”!)… she who is using many layers of serums and primers and pastes and goo to make herself even more pretty. The foaming cleanser is soft and gentle and lovely as well as packed with more light citrus-y scents that smell like clean! I asked the Go-To team how the cleanser goes with the Clarisonic, they said fine, I tried it out, it was fine. I don’t feel like it’s the perfect product for the Clarisonic, it’s almost a bit too light, a bit like the Clarisonic isn’t necessary to get the clean you want. I’m sticking with my regular (previous?) cleanser + Clarisonic for the morning and using Properly Clean at the end of the day.



Exceptionoil 85ml (℮2.87fl.oz) for $49.95

Exceptionoil is a multi-purpose product, suited to dry skins, rough bits (think elbows, heels, cuticles), soothing scratches and calming flyaway hairs! Not surprisingly, it has the consistency of oil, and deserves consideration before laying the tube on the side without a lid like I did (exception-oiled floor). The tip from the Go-To team is pop it in the fridge to help it firm up. Zoë has shared she’s using Exceptionoil to ward off stretch marks during pregnancy and that one customer said she put a few drops in the bath for super soft skins! Smartie. This one smells good too! (Spoiler: they all smell good!)

Update, 9 May: it seems a few Go-To customers have had some challenges managing their Exceptionoil in extreme climates. The super high content of coconut oil and other amazingstuff (its a new word)  means it doesn’t necessarily behave as well as liked. If it’s super cold and your Exceptionoil has gone a bit hard Zoë recommends running the tube under some warm water for 20 seconds or so – don’t manhandle your tube too much, it might crack! If your exceptionoil is super hot and runny, put it in the fridge for 20mins. 


Very Useful Face Cream

Very Useful Face Cream 50ml (℮1.69fl.oz) for $39.95

Very Useful Face Cream was the product I was least excited to purchase, skimming over it in the pre-purchase sale and only picking up a tube after the full launch. I just feel overwhelmed with face creams, thick ones, light ones, day ones, night ones – so many creams! That said, I’m really glad I did the double back for this product – it comes out thick (a bit like Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream) but despite first impressions almost melts into the skin… in a totally breathable way. Very Useful Face Cream is designed with antioxidants, including Alma Berry (30 x more vitamin C than oranges) plus vitamin E and other impressive ingredients. It too has a light and lovely scent which I couldn’t quite pin down, Zoë has revealed it to be rose and fig! I’ve used it at night as well as during the day under my BB cream, it left me with super smooth skin all around. I can see my addiction to this product growing quickly!


Lips! 15g for $14.95

Last but most of all, Lips! is the jewel in the crown of Go-To goodness (as declared by me!). Fruity Beauty disciples know, Zoë is a demanding mistress when it comes to all things lips and (rightfully!) critical of products that dry lips out when promising to do otherwise! The word on the streets I’ve been walking is that the people expected the balm to be GOOD. And joy of joys… it is! Combining SEVEN oils, medical-grade lanolin, butters, beeswax and anti-oxidants, it isn’t too thick, isn’t too thin and will leave your lips feeling moisturised for hours. It’s a winner! 

You can be a winner too! 

In anticipation of it’s exquisite loveliness, I over-ordered on Lips! so I could give one away to one of you delightful, sublime seeking lovely-things that have joined me here during the first 100 days of Sublime Finds. Winning is easy! All you have to do is ‘like’ the Sublime Finds facebook page and share the link to this post on facebook before midnight! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

I’m confident you’ll agree with my sentiments on the Go-To range! Pop over to the Go-To website (where they are sold exclusively) and consider investing in one or two (or all five)!


Tried Go-To? What did you think? Tell us below! 

A Sublime Find for Womankind

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8 and also time for a little confession, sublime seekers: I am a feminist! *Cringe*, right? There’s a stigma about the word that makes you think I’m likely to a) burn my bra b) go picket for equal pay or c) become a fierce man-hater. But I’m not going to do anything of those things… I think my bras are awesome (and expensive… err), I’m paid pretty well for what I do (*gasp*) and I like boys so much I married one.

Jamila Rizvi of Mamamia wrote an article in 2012 that really got me thinking about the word ‘feminist’. I’m a feminist because I believe in equality. I also believe things are pretty bloody good for women in Australia. I believe that women do not always have the same opportunities that men enjoy in many of our workplaces. And I believe it’s not men’s ‘fault’. Nor is it women’s.

I share this view with Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Office of Facebook and the author of the book ‘Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead’. I read Lean In in the middle of last year and was surprised by the profound affect it had on me… so much so that I’m calling it a Sublime Find!

Lean In Book - Sublime FInds

What’s this book all about?

Sheryl does several things in the book. She talks about the gap between men and women at work and she explains why the gap is there (after reading the book I studied gender diversity as part of my Master’s degree and was convinced of Sheryl’s genius summation of the issues around gender equality). She talks about women and likeability as well as women’s relationship with other women in the workplace (including this little gem of a quote; “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”). She takes it one step further though, and tells us what we can do on a personal level to start creating change. I’ll give you a hint: it involves letting your man-friend hang out the washing.

But the best thing that Sheryl does in Lean In is an incredible call-to-action, which starts in the very first chapter where she asks this question:

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

She says this question is posted on the walls of Facebook’s offices and goes on to share that her answer was write Lean In. I couldn’t help but ask myself the same question.  My own answer was confronting (because I AM afraid, Sheryl, I am positively scaredy-cat-ish) but ultimately led me down the path of starting this blog and I expect will carry me on towards several other new and exciting/terrifying experiences.

Sheryl talks about learning to ‘sit at the table’ and more actively insert yourself into the field of vision. She talks about asking for what you want, and how to do it. She talks about crying at work, about finding a way to be comfortably feminine in a male-dominated field and about being realistic about balancing work and family. She advises ‘don’t leave before you leave’ by mentally veering away from professional experiences for reasons outside of work and she talks about the importance of leaning in to opportunity.

And this is the bit of the book that resonated most with me. I believe wholeheartedly in being actively involved in all parts of life, not a bystander. I think life can be richer, more interesting and ultimately more rewarding when you take control of a situation rather than letting it happen to you. I think you stand to achieve more when you take time to consider what you want, then make it happen. I don’t think this call to action is just for women who work, I think it’s for all women, all people. Lean in to your life. It is simply too short to have it pass you by.

I want to Lean In! Where can I get the book?

You’ll find it at all major book retailers (online or instore), you should pick up a copy for around $30. I bought my copy on the kindle e-store to read on my iPad for just under $10. After reading the book, I bought 4 copies for the Glamazons (my closest girlyfriends), I know I’ll share it with others too (boys and girls) and of course, sublime-seekers, I want to make sure you’re all over it a well!

At 200-odd pages, it’s not a long read and Sheryl’s style is engaging and easy to follow. Even if it’s not the sort of thing you’d usually read (especially if it’s not the sort of thing you’d usually read!) I’d recommend giving it a go. It might just change your life, like it did mine!


Have you read Lean In? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Tell us below! 

Discovering Eat Street Markets

The crowds would suggest that many of you sublime-seeking Brisbanites are already all over this bustling, new addition to our local food scene. The empty wharves, riverfront at Hamilton, have been converted into an industrial-style village with 60 shipping containers reconfigured as mini-restaurants! It’s like nothing Brisbane has seen before… it’s Eat Street Markets!

Eat Street Markets Sign

The outdoor marketplace is the brainchild of Brisbane identities Peter Hackworth, John Stainton and Jacki Macdonald who took their inspiration from Asian markets. Since opening in November 2013, Eat Street has grown both in size and popularity! On my first visit with the girls last weekend it was so incredibly packed, KW likened it to the EKKA on People’s Day. But even though we had longer-than-normal waits and took to having a picnic on the astroturf rather than hunt around for in-demand seating, it felt like Brisbane was alive. A bit like Southbank during the Brisbane Festival! People from all walks of life out and about in our fabulous city on a warm summer’s night, enjoying some great food and company.

I returned with JS on Friday night, much earlier (5pm) in the hope of skipping the crowds – this was a good strategy! 2 hours from dusk, it was a completely different vibe to Eat Street at night… plenty of space, virtually no queues and every bit as delicious.

Eat Street Markets Eat Street Music Lawn Eat Street Seating

Tell me about the food! 

As you might expect, with so many vendors there are LOTS of options in terms of cuisine. Korean, Malaysian, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Indonesian, Chinese, Greek, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, snacks, meals, desserts, fresh food… I absolutely cannot do justice to the variety available. And it’s cheap! Expect to pay about $10 a plate.

There are many, many foodie gems to discover. Here are some we enjoyed + some getting lots of attention:

Korean Slider

I had a delicious Holy Cow slider from Koma Sliders

Mexican - Burrito unpacked

JS asked for a burrito in a bowl from Chilli Brothers Mexican. I tried the Nachos last weekend – definitely 2 from 2, these guys are awesome!


JS (with his bottomless stomach) also tried a yummy sausage dish and some meatballs from Wholesomeness who sell exclusively gf, df meals. Next time he wants to try the Char Grilled Rib Fillet with Chimichurri sauce (above pic shared on Eat Street Markets fb page).

I heart brownies love heart brownie

A scrumptous gf brownie from iheartbrownies.

Dutch Poffertjes

Couldn’t pass up these delicious Dutch poffertjes!

Miss Julie's desserts

KW & JF tried Miss Julie’s amazing desserts last week. The above pic was shared on the Eat Street Markets fb page.

Chitty Banh Banh

Getting lots of heat is Chitty Banh Banh, run by Jake and Elle Harrison, runners up on My Kitchen Rules 2013! Their Vietnamese street food stall is a hotspot! (pic from their fb page)

Man Made Mocktails

I’m itching to try the Man Made Mocktails, $6 right by the entrance (pic from the Man Made Mocktails fb page).

Gluten Free Donuts

The people are cray-cray for gluten free donuts. Read more on the Gluten Off fb page.

Malaysian Curry Eat Street

Can’t wait to try this Malaysian Curry (pic from Eat Street Markets fb page). LOTS of people buying it on Friday.

Also feeling very curious about the Magic Mushroom Man’s stall, the Japanese pizza and Yoghurt Republic. So many things to try!

Is it just food? 

No! There’s also a bunch of gift-y stalls! Everything from home made soaps, to outdoor rugs, cute summer dresses, clocks made out of old records, around every corner is something different and unexpected!

Fresh Flower Stand Eat Street Markets

Here’s the fresh flowers stall on Friday.

There’s also organic fruit and veg, preserves and even cryovac’d meat available to purchase.

What about entertainment?

There seems to be plenty of live music and more – a squizz through the Eat Street Markets fb page reveals movie nights, Brazillian dancing and more. The facebook page is updated very regularly, it’s certainly the go-to spot to keep up with the happenings! There’s more info again at www.eatstreetmarkets.com.

I’m doing it! When and where?

The markets are open 4pm – 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Parking is available right next door to the markets, or on the street. Expect to park and walk. If you’re catching the CityCat, head to the Hamilton CityCat Terminal and walk up.

Eat Street Map

Not to be missed, Brisbanites, Eat Street Markets is certainly a Sublime Find! If you haven’t eat-streeted yet, you won’t regret giving this unique experience a try. See ya there! 


Have you been to Eat Street? What can you recommend? 

Dry Shampoo Reviewed!

Those who know me well, know I’m a HUGE fan of dry shampoo. So much so that I founded the “Dry Shampoo changed my LIFE!” facebook group and have been known to whip out a round of dry shampoos for everyone on girls night if I’ve seen a new brand on special at Priceline.  I have neverrrrr been a morning person and I’m not ashamed to say that I choose another 15 mins in bed over getting up to wash & dry my hair before work at least once a week. Dry shampoo has made this possible! All hail dry shampoo!

Back in the day, the only brand a sleepy dame could easily get their hands on was French product, Klorane. Fast-forward five years and there a BUNCH of options available on the market. Are all dry shampoos created equal? They are not, sublime seekers. But! I’ve road-tested ELEVEN of the most readily available and today I’m sharing the results with you!

The Criteria

My rigerous testing has revealed that dry shampoos have six points of difference:

  • Price
  • Oomph (a technical term) – sometimes an aerosol has a huge amount of volume come out (excellent oomph), other times it feels like you’re spraying for aaaages (bad oomph)
  • Scent
  • Landing (how does it look/feel when its first sprayed on your hair?)
  • (Post-dry-shampoo) Look & feel – how does your hair look after you’ve brushed the dry shampoo out? What’s it like to touch?
  • The 2-day test – could you use this dry shampoo two days in a row? 

Without further ado… to the findings! You dirty-haired dames!

V05 Plump It Up

VO5 Dry Shampoo

Value: $7.99 for 200ml (3.9c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: Don’t love it. A tiny bit… glen 20. Doesn’t linger though.
Landing: white/talcy (as in talcum powdery) consistency
Look & feel:  hair looks and feels pretty natural. Perhaps a teeny dusty to touch.
Day-2?: Yes. Hit snooze two days in a row.
Verdict: 7.5/10 Great value and good finish! Lost marks only for scent and feel.

Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Value: 250ml (the biggest of the bunch!) for $10 (4c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: nice, clean
Landing: looks clear and wet when first sprayed on
Look & feel: hair looks dull and feels tacky afterwards. Really sticks on the hair in a way that could be good for styling, but bad for… touching. Or looking at. Erk.
Day-2?: Nope, too straw-like to do twice.
Verdict: 5/10 If you’re styling for a teeny bit of volume, this is probably reasonable value. If not, you might be disappointed with how your hair feels afterwards.


photo 3

Value: $7.99 for 70ml (8.76c per ml)
Oomph: good
Scent: smells a bit chemical-y like hair spray
Landing: white and wet
Look & feel: Hair looks a little bit dull and resists sitting really naturally.
Day-2?: Maybe. If you were desperate.
Verdict: 5/10. It’ll do the job, but there’s better products out there, especially for the price.

Bastiste – light & blonde 

photo 2

Value: $12.95 for 200ml (6.475c per ml)
Oomph: pretty good
Scent: talcy and sweet smell, I like it
Landing: mostly talcy and a little yellow (not offensive yellow, just blonde-powder yellow)
Look & feel: Pretty good look and movement. Hair feels a tiny bit powdery to touch, but mostly good. Not too dull or shiny.
Day-2?: Yes
Verdict: 7.5/10 – a solid contender. Good value for money. If you’re red-headed, there’s a version for you too! Plus Brunettes, you don’t miss out.

Garnier Fuctis Pure Volume

Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo

Value: $8.99 for 150ml (5.99c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. I felt like I was spraying and spraying and getting not much.
Scent: not offensive, very slightly fruity
Landing: clear and wet
Look & feel: hair is soft and shiny. But shiny like oily. Oily like it’s not doing much. ‘Pure Volume’ is a blatant lie.
Day-2?: Nope. Didn’t do much on Day 1, don’t bother on Day 2.
Verdict: 4/10. If you’ve got only verrrrry slightly oily hair, maybe it’s ok.

Polished London Bonny Blonde 

Polished London - Bonny Blonde Dry Shampoo

Value: 150ml for $3.99! Outstanding! (2.66c per ml)
Oomph: LOTS.
Scent: unoffensive scent
Landing: very verrry slightly yellow but mostly clear… kinda like… nothing
Look & feel: I sprayed and sprayed and brushed and brushed and feel CERTAIN my hair was not any cleaner. At all. What is in the can? Dust? Dust would make my hair cleaner, surely.
Day-2?: No. Didn’t work on Day 1. 😦
Verdict: 2/10 I was so excited when I saw the price and SO disappointed when I tried it. Save your $4 for a coffee.

Fudge Dry Shampoo 

photo 1

Value: 150ml for $13.29 (8.86c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. Not much coming outa the can.
Scent: Like coconut and stale bread. Highly offensive. I swear the smell of this gave me a headache. On the plus side, an incentive to *actually* wash your hair immediately.
Landing: wet and clear
Look & feel: hair looked a bit dull and was a big stiff and unnatural to touch afterwards, like a coating that wouldn’t come off.
Day-2?: No. Even if you liked the smell, the consistency of your hair afterwards could only go 1 day.
Verdict: 3/10 it’ll get you through a day. If you’ve got a cold and can’t smell it.

Eleven – Give Me Clean Hair

Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo

Value: 130ml for $22.95 (shite value, it was an up-sell at the hairdresser’s… 17.4c per ml)
Oomph: not much at all.
Scent: smells very slightly chemical-y. Not overpowering.
Landing: talcy and wet
Look & feel: hair looks and feels ok, after LOTS of spraying and LOTS of brushing. Doesn’t do much if hair is really oily.
Day-2?: You could. Maybe. Not if you’d been at all hot or sweaty on day 1.
Verdict: 4/10. I kinda still wanted to be given clean hair after using it. Worst value of the bunch, say no to the up-sell!

Lee Stafford 

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $16.99 (8.49c per ml – it’s the travel size in the pic)
Oomph: Lots
Scent: This is my favourite smell, it’s kinda sweet but not overpowering
Landing: little talcy and white. There are also brown and black-haired versions in the range, which I presume present dark rather than white when sprayed on.
Look & feel: It’s easy to brush out and leaves hair pretty clean and easy to work with. Overall = good!
Day-2?: Yes!
Verdict: 9/10 – I really like this dry shampoo! If you’re a dark-haired dame, consider having a run at the coloured versions.

Bastiste XXL Volume 

Bastiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $12.99 (6.49c per ml)
Oomph: Medium, does the job. Wouldn’t want more.
Scent: Sweet, pretty strong
Landing: bit white and talcy
Look & feel: Hair is really straw-like afterwards & a little dull. Certainly won’t leave your hair oily. If you’re styling for mega volume, maybe ok. But not soft and natural. Definitely only use at the roots!
Day 2?: A firm no. Hair would be very difficult work with, certainly couldn’t wear out.
Verdict: 6/10 IF you’re styling your hair for volume. If not, give it a miss.


photo 5-1

Value: 150ml for $12.99 (8.66c per ml)
Oomph: Awesome. It’ll move your hair around without you having to.
Scent: Pretty much nothing. It’s not offensive.
Landing: white & talcy
Look and feel: It works! Your hair is ever-so-slightly dried out afterwards, but isn’t that what we’re going for? Clean, workable, moveable hair. Winning.
Day 2?: Yes. And day 3. (Don’t judge!)
Verdict: 9.5/10 For blonde haired lasses, the original is the best. If you really struggle with the powder-finish discolouring your dark locks, consider another brand. Or get your fingers into the roots where the talc-y-ness isn’t moving. Klorane have now released a dry shampoo specifically for oily hair too!

So much info! Just tell me what to buy! 

  • You’re safe to hit snooze if you buy Klorane, Lee Stafford, Bastiste (in your hair colour only, I hear the scented versions can really linger all day) or Vo5.
  • If you’ve got dark hair and you’ve found some brands leave your roots looking a little… grey… hit up Lee Stafford or Bastiste in your colour. Or get your fingertips into the roots to get rid of the excess powder!
  • If you’re styling for a little volume, do Klorane, for a lot of volume, do Bastiste XXL.
  • If you’re trying to recover from a visit to the gym, Klorane (maybe even in the Oily Version?) or Lee Stafford (perhaps only after yoga.. that’s regular yoga with a nap, not hot yoga).
  • If you’re looking for something for your handbag, Klorane and Lee Stafford both have 50ml versions.
  • Prepare to be comparatively underwhelmed by other brands.
  • ALL of the above (except Eleven’s Give Me Clean Hair) are available at Priceline! Lots elsewhere too.

Shop smart for extra sleep sublime-seekers! And may no-one ever be able to tell it was 5 days since you washed your hair!


Which brand of dry shampoo do you use? Leave a comment below! 

Your loyalty rewarded! Or is it?

Lovely readers, today we unpack the facts around Australian customer loyalty programs, and figure out where the real rewards lie. Some are sublime finds! And some (as JS would say) “are what we call the honey-pot”.

Obviously, retailers implement loyalty programs for a reason. The data is solid; customers in loyalty programs shop more. A 2012 research report into Australian customer loyalty programs told us this:

  1. 80% of us will buy more from a company whose loyalty program we are a part of.
  2. 88% of us (93% of women!) belong to a loyalty program or programs.
  3. But less than half of us (45%) will feel loyal to the company because of it.
  4. And less than half of us (45% again) present our loyalty card or collect the benefits when making a purchase.
  5. On average, men are members of 3.3 programs and women 4.7. But men are more loyal than women!
  6. 11% of people are members of more than 10 loyalty programs. (100% of authors of this blog are members of more than 10 loyalty programs).

So who’s got the deals? There are plenty of stores who are verrrry happy to take your details and monitor your shopping habits but do not offer a clear rewards program in return (*ahem* Cue *ahem*). The best of the rest are below!

Straightforward Loyalty (easy to understand, sublime finds!): 

  • Saba gives their VIPs 10% off full-price purchases (10% reward) logo-main
  • Sportscraft offers VIPs 10% off every time you shop (10% reward)
  • No vouchers here, but those in the Ikea ‘family’ enjoy reduced prices on select products, free insurance to cover your journey home, super deals in the Ikea restaurant and the regular 90 day warranty extended to 12 months.
Sublime-ish honey-pots (easy to understand, rewards for returning):
  • Boost Juice gives Vibe Club members one point for each Boost purchased. When you’ve got 10 points you get a free Boost! + a freebie on your birthday
  • AdornemeCinebuzz offers a movie of the week for $10 and a points system that preeeettty much gives you a movie free after every ten you attend (10% reward).
  • Sussan rewards VIPs with a $50 voucher for every $500 spent in store (10% reward)
  • Adorne offers 1 point for each dollar spent, $10 voucher after you’ve racked up $100 (10% reward)
  • GuzmanYGomez offers GOMEX members 1 point for every $1 spent, 150 points earns you a $10 voucher (6.6% reward)GOMEX
  • David Lawrence offers 1 point for every $1 you spend, 1000 points gets you a $50 gift card (5% reward)
  • Kikki-K offers a 10% discount to students
  • The FlyBuys program offers 1 point for every $1 spent with the opportunity to cash in your points on a range of rewards

More spend = more rewards (honey-pot!):

Wittner Wittner
Wittner offers members of their VIP Soul Club one point for every $5 spent in store. If you rack up 45 points ($225) in a year you’ll earn 10% off all purchases. 200 points ($1000) gets you 15% off purchases and a $15 birthday voucher, 300 points ( $1500) attracts 20% off and a $20 gift voucher.

Review’s loyalty program rewards customers for their purchases that month with a voucher valid for the following month. Spend between $29 and $149 attract a $15 voucher, Over $250 gets a $25 voucher, over $500 gets a $50 voucher and over $1000 gets a $100 voucher. As a Review loyal you’ll also get a $20 voucher for your birthday, 25% off Looksmart Alterations and invites to exclusive events (with cupcakes!).

The MIMCOLLECTIVE (snappy name, Mimco!) rewards in-one-transaction purchases of $200-$499 with a $20 voucher, purchase of $500-$699 with a $50 voucher and purchases over $700 with a $100 voucher. Should you become a Mimcollective you will also enjoy one complimentary leather care with a handbag purchase, an extra 5% off during the start of major sales and a $30 voucher on your birthday!

Witchery rewards it’s loyalty members with a $20 voucher on their birthday and shopping credits loaded to their witchery card according to the amount spent in store (in one transaction). Rewards are $15 for $150 (10% reward), $30 for $250 (12%) and $100 for $500 (20%, dang!). Rewards expire after 30 days and can’t be earned on lay-bys.

Priceline Priceline
Priceline’s Sister Club rewards “sisters” (bleugh and what about the bros?) with a $3 voucher for every $100 (3%) spent in the preceding quarter and a $8 voucher for every $200 spent (4%). Despite it’s babysitters-club-esque name, this rewards program feels worth it. You don’t have to break the budget to be rewarded, and even though the rewards are modest, it’s always enough to buy SOMETHING in Priceline. Source prescriptions and medicines at a Priceline pharmacy and the rewards can really stock up!

Myer MyerOne
Perhaps the most popular rewards program out, Myer One members are rewarded with 2 points for every $1 spent in Myer. 2000 points earns you a $20 gift card (2% reward), delivered each quarter. Members receive Myer’s Emporium magazine free with their purchase (just ask for your copy at the counter). Those with Silver or Gold Membership ($1500 and $6000 annual spend respectively) also receive a birthday voucher and invites to exclusive events (some with canapés! And champagne!).

The upshot: There is money to be saved with alllll of the above loyalty programs. But! Some are easier to access than others. Shop smart, sublime seekers and may your loyalty be rewarded!


What loyalty programs do you get the most benefit out of? What stores do you wish would come to the party with a rewards program?