First World Handbag Problems… Solved!

A really quick one today – for the ladies who have Mary Poppins-style handbag habits!

Do you:

  • suffer from the case of the messy handbag? Can’t ever find anything in there and constantly feel a bit untidy?
  • have more than one handbag you like to use regularly but find it difficult/annoying to switch between them because of all the STUFF you like to carry around?
  • regularly use a large bag rather than a handbag and find your stuff strewn throughout it and always difficult to locate?

I do.

I am someone who doesn’t like to leave the house without my FULL kit in my handbag; you know, all the things one might need to snuff out a zombie apocalypse. It includes lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, bandaids, hairbands, pandadol, clear nail polish, nail file, mints, gum, rescue remedy, safety pins, sewing kit, contact lens solution, spare contact lenses, nail polish remover wipes, matches, a mirror, teabags (tea snob, what can I do) mascara, moisturiser, pens, pacers, post-it notes, a usb stick, a taser, a puppy and a full sized swag for midday nap time. (I maaay have got carried away at the end there). My handbag was constantly in a state of disarray, I could never find anything, total disaster. And THEN my love affair with handbags kicked in.

Not ANOTHER handbag

One of the Smiths would suggest this conversation is a too-regular-occurance in the Smith household…

I started wanting to switch and change bags according to my outfit, but it took a mini-movers team to get my stuff from one to the other! Too hard. MAJOR first world problem. If you’re in the throws of this first world problem, you too could benefit from Borne Naked.

Say what now!? 

Borne Naked have created an awesome handbag organiser; It is a clear, durable pouch with inbuilt pockets and a zip up closure.It’s available in three sizes (small; $24.95, medium $29.95 and large $34.95)

Borne Naked Handbag Liner - in small, medium and large

Borne Naked Handbag Liner – in small, medium and large

I’ve been using the Borne Naked for three years now, I replaced my pouch about 6 months ago. It didn’t reallllly need replacing but it was pretty dirty after carrying the zombie apocalypse kit around so long, and I wanted to get the smaller edition. It is a LIFESAFER.

photo 1

Neat and complete! Apocalypse ready!

The insides of my handbags are in a much better state, I can throw all my handbag stuff straight in a gym bag without it ending up strewn everywhere, I can do a handbag switch in 10 seconds flat and have everything I need. It’s neat, clean, efficient and practical. It’s a sublime find!

Yep, I want one!

Lotsa options; the Borne Naked is stocked at Howard’s Storage World and a bunch of independent retailers as well as sold online on the Borne Naked site.

May you swap from handbag to handbag in the blink of an eye, may you enjoy the feeling of smugness that comes with being super clean and organised… and above all, may your apocalypse kit be with your in its entirety always!


What other first world problems do you think we might be able to solve here?