Mothers Day Quiz + Gift Guide!

The second Sunday of May is nearly upon us and it’s time to celebrate the wonderful Mums in our lives! Perhaps its your own Mum or Grandma, perhaps its someone whose been a great mother figure to you, perhaps its a friend and Mum you admire or perhaps its your beloved and Mum to your own little one/s!

Here’s some of my favourite Mumma’s:

My lovely mumma and me

My Mumma (and me)! Love!

More lovely mummas; my mum-in-law and step-mum

More lovely mummas; my Mum-in-Law and Step-Mum

Whoever your favourite Mummas are, they need to be celebrated… for all the reasons pointed out in a rather genius way in this 4min video, which went viral recently:

So what’s the perfect gift to get someone with the world’s toughest job?

Have I got you sorted today, sublime seekers! Not only have I got a plethora of super awesome gifts for all budgets, I have a quiz to help you figure out which gift might be the best for the Mum you’re thinking about! Without further ado, I present the Sublime Mumma Quiz! It’s easy, choose the answer that sounds most like the Mumma you’re thinking of, jot down the answers as you go! Ready? Start now!

1. If I drop in unexpectedly on Mum, she’s most likely going to be wearing:
a) yard clothes, she’s been out the back in the garden
b) an apron, whipping up a storm in the kitchen
c) organic Cotton.
d) sequins. My mum is practically Victoria Greyson from Revenge (without the inclinations for regular take downs)
e) ready-for-anything casual wear. While everyone else in the house is still in PJs.
f) workwear and glasses
g) yoga Pants

2. When I ring Mum for advice, it’s most likely about: 
a) which fertiliser I should be using on my new bushes
b) dinner party entertaining tips
c) how I can make caramel slice without the calories
d) what to wear to my next big event
e) how to find more hours in the day
f) which new electronic tablet I should be buying
g) which Les Mills exercise class is for me

3. The thing I admire most about Mum is: 
a) her incredible home-grown food
b) how beautiful her home always is
c) how well she looks after herself
d) her exceptional sense of style
e) her ability to be all things to all people
f) how her whole life she’s kept up to date with what’s happening now
g) her super toned arms

4. If I get a lecture from mum, it’s most likely going to be on:
a) watering my plants more
b) the importance of home cleanliness
c) considering going gluten free
d) the perils of wearing blue and green together
e) not visiting more
f) why apple no longer has the best mobile phone
g) the importance of daily exercise

5. My mums ultimate dream day would be: 
a) visiting beautiful botanic gardens
b) entertaining family or friends with home cooked food
c) visiting hinterland organic markets
d) shopping, all day, with Dad’s credit card
e) kids sport, visiting parties, dropping in on the in-laws
f) learning 20 new things she didn’t know she could do with her iPad
g) getting a new personal-best time in a local fun run

All done! Check out your answers to see which letter appeared most! Then! See the corresponding gift ideas below!

If you got mostly A’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide4

1. Thoughtful Gardener Hand Trowel and Fork, $79.95 from; 2. Cheetah Gumboots, $59.95 from; 3. Ansell Light Gardening Gloves, $3.96 from Bunnings; 4. Galvanised Iron Watering Can, $7.98 from Bunnings; 5. Gift of seeds box set, $39.95 from


If you got mostly B’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide

1. Mum hand made love heart cushion cover $45.95 from; 2. Kitchenaid, $749 from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Rose Tea, $28 from T2; 4. Christina Re 3-Tier Cake Stand $49.95 from David Jones; 5. David Jones Capri Short Stem Vase, $39.95


If you got mostly C’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide3

1. I Quit Sugar for Life $24.50 from Booktopia; 2. Vitamix Blender $995, from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Annual Subscription to Gluten Free Magazine “Yum” $45 for 10 digital editions; 4. 2 pack Herbal Tea $35 from T2; 5. Take her for breakfast/lunch at CocoBliss Bulimba, superfood bar


If you got mostly D’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide2

1. The Fashion Book New Edition,$48.96 from David Jones 2. Geometric Stone Cuff,$29.95 from Seed; 3. La Maison Glasshouse No. 6, Le Desir Ardent $59.95 from Hand Poured from Glasshouse Candles; 4. Oroton 1938 Tote $595; 5. Curl Secret, $140 from Target;  6. Victor and Rolf BonBon EDP from $99, from Myer; 7. The Birds Square Scarf, $69 from Mimco


If you got mostly E’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide5

1. A pamper package from Mademoiselle Beauty, prices from $90;  2. Textured Gown, $69.95 from Sussan; 3. Bath salts in Vanilla and Peach, $16.95 from; 4.  Lumie Wake Up Light, $138.04; 5. Heat Pillow, $34.95 from Sussan; 6. Breakfast in Bed! The ultimate in loveliness.


If you got mostly F’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide7

1. Apple iTunes voucher; 2. Nikon L830 DSC Red, $268 from David Jones; 3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, $399; 4. Clarisonic Mia 2, $190; 5. iPad Mini from $479; 6. Fujifilm Insta Mini8 Camera $119 from Target


If you got mostly G’s

Mothers Day Gift Guide6

1. Lululemon Cool Racerback, $59; 2. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoe, $159.99 from Rebel Sport; 3. Dick Smith Jawbone Up Wristband $119 from David Jones; 4. Determined MP3 Phone Holder, $29.99 from Lorna Jane; 5. Lululemon The Mat $69; 6. Inna Bliss Yoga Pass form $95


One last super awesome gift:

I wanted to slot in a category called “The Sentimental Mum”… but isn’t that the best thing about all Mums? That they care so much? I bought and compiled this gift for my mum a couple of years back and she cried! It’s been one of my most favourite gifts to give, and I bet your mum will love it too. Kikki.K’s Mum Memory Book, $29.95:

Memory Book Mum Kikki K Memory Book Mum Kikki K 2 Memory Book 5


Be sure to let the great Mums in your life know they’re admired, appreciated and loved next Sunday. They deserve it!


What do you love most about your Mum? Share the Mumma love!