Today’s find is an old-fashioned twist on a very modern trend. If you love to Instagram but are a bit nostalgic about being able to hold a photo in your hand, you (like me) might think this find is sublime! I present to you: kikki.K’s Instagram prints.

For those not familiar, kikki.K is a Swedish-inspired stationery brand. When Kristina Karlsson moved to Australia with her husband, she was surprised to be unable to find the selection of stationery and home office products she enjoyed in her homeland, Sweden. She launched her first line and not too long after opened a boutique in Melbourne. Fast-forward 12 years and you’ll find more than 70 kikki.K stores in three countries (with plans to expand ever further) plus an online marketplace that services the world. People love kikki.K. I am one of them.

Which is why I was delighted to discover their new range Instagram products, in particular, their polaroid-style Instagram prints! Totally easy to make; follow the link and click create, login to your Instagram account then drag and drop your pics until all the little cards are full. Click order! Done!

JS and I ordered a set after our honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii! Check it out:

asjspicsWe love them! Access to honey-happiness, even when the wifi is down.

The cons are that you can only print from your own Instagram account (so couldn’t for example have them printed from a friend’s adventures as a gift for them) and of course any pics you want to print must be pre-uploaded to your account.

The pros are that they’re pretty unique and more than a smidge lovely. The ordering system couldn’t be easier to use, printing and delivery is fast and your pics are printed on 270gsm card with a matt (cardboard) finish. It feels like receiving a set of postcards from your life!  They’d be perfect to include (one or two) with a thank you card, something a little unique that would surely take pride of place on the fridge.

You can create your own set for $24.95 (you get 32 prints) and pick up free from your local kikki.K store, ship in Aus for less than $3 or $9.95 for express. International shipping is $19.95 AUD.  If you’d rather create a page turning story, try their Instagram photo book instead!

*Snaps* kikki.K for a fun twist on photo keepsakes!

♥ AS

What do you like to do with your electronic photos? Tell us below! 

You’re doing life wrong: envy-inducing instagramers.

I find that occasionally (where ‘occasionally’ is 2-3 times a day, more on Mondays), it’s nice to escape from The Grind and take in a little lifestyles-of-the-rich-and-famous. A sneak-peek into the lives of the luxurious, a gander at the gifted and gorgeous.

Instagram has given us access to ‘behind closed doors’  in a way we never had it before; all of a sudden it’s in-fashion to open the windows of your life (where ‘life’ is a carefully styled and edited picture) to the world. Who needs gossip mags when you can follow all this fabulous-ness direct?

So, sweet readers, if you’re like me and love a little fantasy life-perving, you’re likely to think today’s finds are a bit sublime. I present to you: eight envy-inducing Instagramers!

Olivia Palermo

Olivia works as a socialite and It Girl (yes, really). She was moody on The City (spin-off of tv show, The Hills) where she ‘worked’ at Elle (it was a loose interpretation, mostly she did pouting) alongside Whitney Port. At Christmas just gone, Olivia got engaged to German model Johannes Huebl. The journey toward The Palermo Wedding will no doubt be a goodie. Here she is sun baking (that rock is gonna leave a wicked tan mark), touring India and you know, hanging with Valentino.

therealoliviap3     therealoliviap1     therealoliviap2
Follow along darling: @therealoliviap

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

Rosie Huntington-Whitley is 26, a Victoria’s Secret Angel and the lusty love of Jason Stantham. Rosie is also winning at life.

RosieHW2     RosieHW3     RosieHW1
Get your fix: @rosiehw

Camilla Franks 

Camilla Franks is the designer behind Camilla. Her colourful, graphic, free-flowing designs have become a fave of celebrities… including Oprah! Turns out the world of the $600 kaftan is working out well for Camilla if you judge according to her Instalife. For extra fun, she’s seemingly dating Jonny Sonic of The Potbelleez. Nothing like a rocker-bf to keep things interesting! Here she is in front of her giant self, and living it up Whitsundays-stylz.

Camillawithlove2      Camillawithlove1      Camillawithlove3
Rock out: @camillawithlove

Gisele Bündchen (Does Gisele still need a last name?)

The world’s highest paid model was surely going to make for some awesome Instaviewing. NFL quarterback star (oh, her husband), Tom Brady  and Benjamin and Vivian Brady (the wee ones) make regular appearances. Here she is leaving Brazil with Vivian (no doubt on a private jet, ain’t never seen windows like that on commercial), being a fairy goddess and hanging out with the fam in Costa Rica where they own a house, of course. 

 GiselleOfficial3     GiselleOfficial2     GiselleOfficial1
Get your Instaenvy: @giseleofficial

Poppy Delevingne

Poppy has two jobs. 1) model and like Olivia 2) a socialite. How does one get the job of socialite? And what does it involve? Poppy is happy to provide the pictorial answer. Hint: Poppy likes to party.

Poppy1     Poppy3     Poppy2
Get in on the good times: @poppydelevingne

Kate Waterhouse

Daughter of racing royalty (Gai), Kate is obviously at home with being fabulous. Her job is journalism, but her hobby appears to be jetsetting with long-time-love and new-husband Luke Ricketson. Does he look familiar? He’s a former Roosters NRL star. As my dear friend VM summed up, Kate’s done a good job of cleaning him up. Here they are in St Moritz at Christmas, Greece on their honeymoon and Italy for… I don’t know… lunch.

katewaterhouse7     katewaterhouse72     katewaterhouse73
Instacheckin: @katewaterhouse7

Alessandra Ambrosio 

Alessandra has been a Victoria Secret model for TEN YEARS. Can one evan begin to imagine being Victorias-Secret-hot for a DECADE? And as we’re coming to appreciate from these instagramers, the life of the VS Angel is a good one. Here is the Brazillian beauty on location, doing Bendel’s Christmas and in her “office”.

alessandra3      alessandra2     alessandra1
Insert green-eyes here: @alessandraambrosio

Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne has shot to stardom after launching her e-commerce store and blog Gary Pepper Vintage with $200 after throwing in her job and deferring her study. Four years later, she’s in demand around the world and takes her instagram followers with her. Boyfriend Luke Bolt is an (amazing) photographer and we, the mere-mortals, benefit from their collective talent. Recently she spent a week at Qualia where she was supposed to be shooting, but the products never rocked up. Devastating, I know. Number one on my life-lust list, Instagram is pretty much Nicole Warne’s actual job. She gets double the number of pics for being so freaking fabulous. 

garypeppergirl1    garypeppergirl5
garypeppergirl4    garypeppergirl2
garypeppergirl3    garypeppergirl6

You can’t not: @garypeppergirl


Which Instagramers’ lives do you lust after? Tell us below!