Dry Shampoo Reviewed!

Those who know me well, know I’m a HUGE fan of dry shampoo. So much so that I founded the “Dry Shampoo changed my LIFE!” facebook group and have been known to whip out a round of dry shampoos for everyone on girls night if I’ve seen a new brand on special at Priceline.  I have neverrrrr been a morning person and I’m not ashamed to say that I choose another 15 mins in bed over getting up to wash & dry my hair before work at least once a week. Dry shampoo has made this possible! All hail dry shampoo!

Back in the day, the only brand a sleepy dame could easily get their hands on was French product, Klorane. Fast-forward five years and there a BUNCH of options available on the market. Are all dry shampoos created equal? They are not, sublime seekers. But! I’ve road-tested ELEVEN of the most readily available and today I’m sharing the results with you!

The Criteria

My rigerous testing has revealed that dry shampoos have six points of difference:

  • Price
  • Oomph (a technical term) – sometimes an aerosol has a huge amount of volume come out (excellent oomph), other times it feels like you’re spraying for aaaages (bad oomph)
  • Scent
  • Landing (how does it look/feel when its first sprayed on your hair?)
  • (Post-dry-shampoo) Look & feel – how does your hair look after you’ve brushed the dry shampoo out? What’s it like to touch?
  • The 2-day test – could you use this dry shampoo two days in a row? 

Without further ado… to the findings! You dirty-haired dames!

V05 Plump It Up

VO5 Dry Shampoo

Value: $7.99 for 200ml (3.9c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: Don’t love it. A tiny bit… glen 20. Doesn’t linger though.
Landing: white/talcy (as in talcum powdery) consistency
Look & feel:  hair looks and feels pretty natural. Perhaps a teeny dusty to touch.
Day-2?: Yes. Hit snooze two days in a row.
Verdict: 7.5/10 Great value and good finish! Lost marks only for scent and feel.

Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Value: 250ml (the biggest of the bunch!) for $10 (4c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: nice, clean
Landing: looks clear and wet when first sprayed on
Look & feel: hair looks dull and feels tacky afterwards. Really sticks on the hair in a way that could be good for styling, but bad for… touching. Or looking at. Erk.
Day-2?: Nope, too straw-like to do twice.
Verdict: 5/10 If you’re styling for a teeny bit of volume, this is probably reasonable value. If not, you might be disappointed with how your hair feels afterwards.


photo 3

Value: $7.99 for 70ml (8.76c per ml)
Oomph: good
Scent: smells a bit chemical-y like hair spray
Landing: white and wet
Look & feel: Hair looks a little bit dull and resists sitting really naturally.
Day-2?: Maybe. If you were desperate.
Verdict: 5/10. It’ll do the job, but there’s better products out there, especially for the price.

Bastiste – light & blonde 

photo 2

Value: $12.95 for 200ml (6.475c per ml)
Oomph: pretty good
Scent: talcy and sweet smell, I like it
Landing: mostly talcy and a little yellow (not offensive yellow, just blonde-powder yellow)
Look & feel: Pretty good look and movement. Hair feels a tiny bit powdery to touch, but mostly good. Not too dull or shiny.
Day-2?: Yes
Verdict: 7.5/10 – a solid contender. Good value for money. If you’re red-headed, there’s a version for you too! Plus Brunettes, you don’t miss out.

Garnier Fuctis Pure Volume

Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo

Value: $8.99 for 150ml (5.99c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. I felt like I was spraying and spraying and getting not much.
Scent: not offensive, very slightly fruity
Landing: clear and wet
Look & feel: hair is soft and shiny. But shiny like oily. Oily like it’s not doing much. ‘Pure Volume’ is a blatant lie.
Day-2?: Nope. Didn’t do much on Day 1, don’t bother on Day 2.
Verdict: 4/10. If you’ve got only verrrrry slightly oily hair, maybe it’s ok.

Polished London Bonny Blonde 

Polished London - Bonny Blonde Dry Shampoo

Value: 150ml for $3.99! Outstanding! (2.66c per ml)
Oomph: LOTS.
Scent: unoffensive scent
Landing: very verrry slightly yellow but mostly clear… kinda like… nothing
Look & feel: I sprayed and sprayed and brushed and brushed and feel CERTAIN my hair was not any cleaner. At all. What is in the can? Dust? Dust would make my hair cleaner, surely.
Day-2?: No. Didn’t work on Day 1. 😦
Verdict: 2/10 I was so excited when I saw the price and SO disappointed when I tried it. Save your $4 for a coffee.

Fudge Dry Shampoo 

photo 1

Value: 150ml for $13.29 (8.86c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. Not much coming outa the can.
Scent: Like coconut and stale bread. Highly offensive. I swear the smell of this gave me a headache. On the plus side, an incentive to *actually* wash your hair immediately.
Landing: wet and clear
Look & feel: hair looked a bit dull and was a big stiff and unnatural to touch afterwards, like a coating that wouldn’t come off.
Day-2?: No. Even if you liked the smell, the consistency of your hair afterwards could only go 1 day.
Verdict: 3/10 it’ll get you through a day. If you’ve got a cold and can’t smell it.

Eleven – Give Me Clean Hair

Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo

Value: 130ml for $22.95 (shite value, it was an up-sell at the hairdresser’s… 17.4c per ml)
Oomph: not much at all.
Scent: smells very slightly chemical-y. Not overpowering.
Landing: talcy and wet
Look & feel: hair looks and feels ok, after LOTS of spraying and LOTS of brushing. Doesn’t do much if hair is really oily.
Day-2?: You could. Maybe. Not if you’d been at all hot or sweaty on day 1.
Verdict: 4/10. I kinda still wanted to be given clean hair after using it. Worst value of the bunch, say no to the up-sell!

Lee Stafford 

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $16.99 (8.49c per ml – it’s the travel size in the pic)
Oomph: Lots
Scent: This is my favourite smell, it’s kinda sweet but not overpowering
Landing: little talcy and white. There are also brown and black-haired versions in the range, which I presume present dark rather than white when sprayed on.
Look & feel: It’s easy to brush out and leaves hair pretty clean and easy to work with. Overall = good!
Day-2?: Yes!
Verdict: 9/10 – I really like this dry shampoo! If you’re a dark-haired dame, consider having a run at the coloured versions.

Bastiste XXL Volume 

Bastiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $12.99 (6.49c per ml)
Oomph: Medium, does the job. Wouldn’t want more.
Scent: Sweet, pretty strong
Landing: bit white and talcy
Look & feel: Hair is really straw-like afterwards & a little dull. Certainly won’t leave your hair oily. If you’re styling for mega volume, maybe ok. But not soft and natural. Definitely only use at the roots!
Day 2?: A firm no. Hair would be very difficult work with, certainly couldn’t wear out.
Verdict: 6/10 IF you’re styling your hair for volume. If not, give it a miss.


photo 5-1

Value: 150ml for $12.99 (8.66c per ml)
Oomph: Awesome. It’ll move your hair around without you having to.
Scent: Pretty much nothing. It’s not offensive.
Landing: white & talcy
Look and feel: It works! Your hair is ever-so-slightly dried out afterwards, but isn’t that what we’re going for? Clean, workable, moveable hair. Winning.
Day 2?: Yes. And day 3. (Don’t judge!)
Verdict: 9.5/10 For blonde haired lasses, the original is the best. If you really struggle with the powder-finish discolouring your dark locks, consider another brand. Or get your fingers into the roots where the talc-y-ness isn’t moving. Klorane have now released a dry shampoo specifically for oily hair too!

So much info! Just tell me what to buy! 

  • You’re safe to hit snooze if you buy Klorane, Lee Stafford, Bastiste (in your hair colour only, I hear the scented versions can really linger all day) or Vo5.
  • If you’ve got dark hair and you’ve found some brands leave your roots looking a little… grey… hit up Lee Stafford or Bastiste in your colour. Or get your fingertips into the roots to get rid of the excess powder!
  • If you’re styling for a little volume, do Klorane, for a lot of volume, do Bastiste XXL.
  • If you’re trying to recover from a visit to the gym, Klorane (maybe even in the Oily Version?) or Lee Stafford (perhaps only after yoga.. that’s regular yoga with a nap, not hot yoga).
  • If you’re looking for something for your handbag, Klorane and Lee Stafford both have 50ml versions.
  • Prepare to be comparatively underwhelmed by other brands.
  • ALL of the above (except Eleven’s Give Me Clean Hair) are available at Priceline! Lots elsewhere too.

Shop smart for extra sleep sublime-seekers! And may no-one ever be able to tell it was 5 days since you washed your hair!


Which brand of dry shampoo do you use? Leave a comment below! 

The secret’s out: VS Curl Secret review!

Straight-haired dames who never quite got the hang of the GHD curl… rejoice! Our curly-haired prayers have been answered! After spending A MONTH on the waiting list, finally in my hot little hands is Vidal Sassoon’s latest and greatest styling tool: the Curl Secret. 48 hours in I’m singing its praises and declaring it to be a super sublime find!

Curl Secret

Back up, what’s the Curl Secret? 

The Curl Secret is a heat-based hair styling tool that turns straight hair into curly hair in a matter of seconds, by automatically drawing in hair to curl it, heating the curl through, then releasing it. It is a major step forward in the world of hair-curling as it’s the first tool that doesn’t require you to twist your hair around the tool/roller, or twist your wrist in circles around your hair (GHD stylz). Its brushless, has a double heating system to create your curl faster and uses a series of beeps to let you know when your curl is ready so you don’t overcook it!

Check it out in this 37 second video:

The Curl Secret has three settings according according to how tight you’d like your curl to be (loose, medium or spiral), and two settings that relate to how hot the curl chamber gets (easy-to-curl/fine hair or hard-to-curl/thick hair). I found that the amount of hair you asked the curl secret to curl in one go has a big impact on the curl you got back (more hair = looser curl).  

But does it really work? 

YES. For the benefit of this review I captured my first Curl Secret experience in pics!

1) I washed my hair, put a bit of mousse through it and blow-dried it straight. Mousse was a bit heavier than is ideal but I’m yet to source another product. Observe: straight, underwhelming hair + underwhelmed expression (try not to observe my super-flushed post-blow-dry face).

photo 1

2) I presented my hair to the Curl Secret, it slurped it in then… voilà! Curls! It took about half an hour to do my whole head as the curl chamber (it’s a thing, I swear) can only take little pieces of hair at a time. Observe: post curling Shirley-Temple-esque locks!

photo 2

3) The curls need a bit of shaking out to look natural so that’s what I did before heading out today. I was nervous about the curls falling out (though I didn’t need to be!), so I did a little half-up, half-down do. Observe: styled curls!

photo 3

4) Nine warm, coastal hours later the curls had dropped a little but have left in their wake some kinda sexy bed-hair (I mean this figuratively, I’ve never quite understood who actually has hair that looks like this out of bed?!). Observe: 9-hour-later hair and how I wish my hair looked like out of bed:

photo 5

I’m worried my hair might get stuck in it! Will my hair get stuck in it? 

I want to say no. Before getting the curl secret (in a rather cavalier manner) I declared “surely not”! I continued to believe it wouldn’t when I first started very cautiously trying it out. But then I got a bit lax with my approach and my hair did get stuck in there… three times. *major wince*

The Curl Secret comes with a set of instructions. It includes things like; make sure your hair is straight and doesn’t have lots of flyways, make sure there are no knots in your hair, hold your hair before it gets suckered into the curl chamber. I (foolishly) interpreted some of these as general recommendations rather than specific instructions.

The first time my hair got caught it had a teeny tiny knot I hadn’t noticed in the strand I was feeding in, my hair was tacky from the mousse and it all went wrong. The second time I had the curl secret at an awkward angle and wasn’t holding my hair straight. The third time I didn’t clamp down on the curl properly and it twisted my hair instead of sucking it in. I know it sounds scary. It was scary.

But my struggles will not be in vain! You will benefit from my learning! Here’s what you won’t read on the box… some tips on how to get your hair out if it gets stuck:

  • Don’t panic (I tried panicking, it didn’t help).
  • Turn the Curl Secret off. Your hair is trapped in a super hot thing, you want that hot thing to become less hot as quickly as possible. And you maaay have to stick your fingers in there!
  • Stop and look. Where is your hair really caught? Time spent planning is seldom wasted.
  • Gently, gently unhook it. A little bit of tugging, a little bit of unhooking and your hair should come free without too much hassle.

It’s important to note: none of these omg-my-hair-is-trapped incidents would have happened if I’d followed the instructions properly. It was user error. Keep your head in the game and you’ll have pretty locks sans the hair-caught drama.  It really is very very easy to get very lovely looking curls. And there’s pretty much no chance of burning yourself like you might with a GHD. Winning!

I want one! How much and where from? 

The RRP is $172.95, but you should be able to pick one up for $150ish at one of the Australian stockists: Shaver Shop, Priceline, Big W, Myer, David Jones, Target, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, ry.com.au. I’ve added links to those online stores who look like they’ve got stock – lots of places are sold out. The Shaver Shop were taking orders for their next shipment in mid-Feb!

And you don’t want to wait ’til Feb, sublime seekers. If you’ve been lusting after curls and never found the right gear to get the look you want – give the Curl Secret a go, follow the instructions and be delighted with the results!


Tried the Curl Secret? Want to try it? Tell us below!