Go nuts for gonuts!

Today’s find is one so good, I almost didn’t want to share it for fear of inciting a frenzy. It’s the best food I’ve ever tasted: it’s the gonut.

What’s a gonut? 

Part croissant, part donut, this delight extrodinare has been made famous by Dominique Ansel of the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New Your City who trademarked the name ‘cronut’ in mid-2013. New Yorkers have gone *crazy* for Ansel’s cronuts! Customers queue from 5am to get their hands on a $5 cronut at opening time. After Ansel and his team could not keep up with the demand, a black market formed for these delectable delights, with cronuts selling for EIGHT TIMES their original price at $40 each! The bakery weren’t going to miss out on people willing to pay top dollar, and now offer cronuts delivered to customers in New York, New Jersey and LA… wait for it… for the price of $100 a cronut. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS PER PASTRY. (No discount for buying in bulk either! It’s 2 for $200, 5 for $500 and 10 for $1000!)

Here’s the awesome news! 

Brisbanites can get a piece of the deliciousness without the trip to New York, without the 3 hour queue and without the black-market price tag! Flour & Chocolate at 621 Wynnum Rd, Morningside have their own take on the croissant-donut, named the gonut. While I haven’t personally tried Ansel’s cronut (the whole madness seemed a lot to take on during holidays… apparently people are known to cry if they line up and miss out!), I’ve had the pleasure of trying Flour & Chocolate’s gonuts and I reckon they have to be every bit as good. Their flavours regularly include salted caramel, chocolate ganache, cinnamon sugar and feature special flavours like orange sugar and raspberry fondant! But note! You can’t get gonuts every day! Gonuts are usually baked on Thursday; Lachlan and Kylie regularly update their facebook page to share what’s cooking, so have a peek there to be sure. Check out some of the gonut pics they’ve shared: 

Gonuts (Salted Caramel)

Salted Caramel *drool*


Custard and Rasberry Jam + Chocolate Ganache

Gonut - Peanut Chocolate Ganache

Peanut chocolate ganache!

If you’re not ready to have your MIND BLOWN by the gonut, try one of Flour & Chocolate’s other terrific treats:


Bagels! (Usually Fridays)

Flourless Brownies

Brisbane’s best brownies (most are flourless! GF-ers delight! My fave is the white choc and macadamia blondie!)


Exquisite croissants.

Donut - Rocky Road

Mind blowing donuts – these ones are rocky road!

Sublime seekers, if you love pastries, or donuts (or a great start-up with genuinely friendly staff and quality goods) and you’re not counting calories this week, you owe it to yourself to swing by Flour & Chocolate and get yourself a gonut. It may just be the highlight of your week (month? Year!?). 

♥ AS

Have you tried the gonut?  Or the cronut? Is there any food you’d line up two hours/buy on the black market/pay 20x it’s price for?