First World Handbag Problems… Solved!

A really quick one today – for the ladies who have Mary Poppins-style handbag habits!

Do you:

  • suffer from the case of the messy handbag? Can’t ever find anything in there and constantly feel a bit untidy?
  • have more than one handbag you like to use regularly but find it difficult/annoying to switch between them because of all the STUFF you like to carry around?
  • regularly use a large bag rather than a handbag and find your stuff strewn throughout it and always difficult to locate?

I do.

I am someone who doesn’t like to leave the house without my FULL kit in my handbag; you know, all the things one might need to snuff out a zombie apocalypse. It includes lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, bandaids, hairbands, pandadol, clear nail polish, nail file, mints, gum, rescue remedy, safety pins, sewing kit, contact lens solution, spare contact lenses, nail polish remover wipes, matches, a mirror, teabags (tea snob, what can I do) mascara, moisturiser, pens, pacers, post-it notes, a usb stick, a taser, a puppy and a full sized swag for midday nap time. (I maaay have got carried away at the end there). My handbag was constantly in a state of disarray, I could never find anything, total disaster. And THEN my love affair with handbags kicked in.

Not ANOTHER handbag

One of the Smiths would suggest this conversation is a too-regular-occurance in the Smith household…

I started wanting to switch and change bags according to my outfit, but it took a mini-movers team to get my stuff from one to the other! Too hard. MAJOR first world problem. If you’re in the throws of this first world problem, you too could benefit from Borne Naked.

Say what now!? 

Borne Naked have created an awesome handbag organiser; It is a clear, durable pouch with inbuilt pockets and a zip up closure.It’s available in three sizes (small; $24.95, medium $29.95 and large $34.95)

Borne Naked Handbag Liner - in small, medium and large

Borne Naked Handbag Liner – in small, medium and large

I’ve been using the Borne Naked for three years now, I replaced my pouch about 6 months ago. It didn’t reallllly need replacing but it was pretty dirty after carrying the zombie apocalypse kit around so long, and I wanted to get the smaller edition. It is a LIFESAFER.

photo 1

Neat and complete! Apocalypse ready!

The insides of my handbags are in a much better state, I can throw all my handbag stuff straight in a gym bag without it ending up strewn everywhere, I can do a handbag switch in 10 seconds flat and have everything I need. It’s neat, clean, efficient and practical. It’s a sublime find!

Yep, I want one!

Lotsa options; the Borne Naked is stocked at Howard’s Storage World and a bunch of independent retailers as well as sold online on the Borne Naked site.

May you swap from handbag to handbag in the blink of an eye, may you enjoy the feeling of smugness that comes with being super clean and organised… and above all, may your apocalypse kit be with your in its entirety always!


What other first world problems do you think we might be able to solve here? 

She is quick and curious and playful and strong: kate spade love

Occasionally you come across a brand that doesn’t just create great products, but it embodies a spirit you really connect with. kate spade new york (ksny) is that brand for me. Being the sublime seeking lovely things that you are, you may already be familiar with the delight of kate spade. Regardless, I hope this post is helpful as I share with you my favourite ksny things and some tips and tricks for purchasing their finest delights in the most thrifty of ways! The ksny love affair kate spade new york has done an exceedingly brilliant job at not just creating products, but creating a lifestyle… and offering products that fit into that way of living. ‘Live colorfully’, ‘travel colorfully’, ‘dress colorfully’, ‘entertain colorfully’; the ksny mantra is to live your most vibrant life. The ksny woman is not defined by her relationship or her job, she does not rely upon her ability to be sexy to validate any aspect of her life.

quick and curious playful and strong

Stylish, cheeky and fun, she is confident and present. She is everything I aspire to be! Well done ksny, got me hook, line and sinker! So am I just buying into a very carefully crafted marketing ploy? Perhaps. But does it matter anyway? I don’t know! I think buying from a brand whose philosophy you believe in is wonderful! Perhaps the real answer comes in terms of the product that’s offered. kate spade are best known for their extensive range of handbags, clothing and accessories (shoes, jewellery, tech and more). Their line also extends into very lovely stationery and homewares. There is so much to love! Here are some of my very favourite ksny things: photo 1 photo 2 Always a joy to wear, have and hold. Major ksny lovin’.

10 Things I looooove about kate spade! 

There is a great deal more than 10 things to love about ksny, but I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best! 1. Their exquisite packaging! Kate Spade packaging 2. Their insanely gorgeous stores and shopfronts, I challenge any sublime seeker to walk past without going in! ksny store madison kate spade 2 article-2034280-0D7B2CCD00000578-842_306x290 Kate-Spade-Highland-Village-March-2014_140211 KS Window 3. Deborah Lloyd, creative director, is a fellow pear shape, and I feel that sista’s really got the back of all us pears out there with their awesome selection of fit-and-flare dresses! I haven’t found a brand whose dresses fit me as well as ksny yet! Hallelujah!

The Very Genius Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd, you so fine!

4. Their wide spread devotion the the handwritten note and supremely beautiful stationery ksny stationery

kate spade stationery

5. The *incredible* 75% off sales they do!! These sales happen but a few times a year and are like Christmas came early when the email is in the inbox! I live in a house with two boys who are FULLY alert and functioning within moments of waking up in the morning, where I snooze half a dozen times then shuffle around the house groaning for the next hour. Not on a 75% off morning! Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sublime seekers!

ksny surprise sale! 6. Their ridiculously gorgeous clothing and campaigns… with models of many nationalities… that all look HAPPY! kate-spade-new-york-spring-summer-2012-ad-campaign2


bryce fall ks look 12

ks look 13

ksny happy models

  7. Their extreme love of the bow, you’ll find bows featuring (and hidden!) in all sorts of their designs

ksny well placed bow

All these items are available from now! (The black bow on the top right is a USB stick!!)


8. Their commitment to fun and frivolity… the ksny gal knows how to have a good time and doesn’t take herself too seriously

manipedi ive never been a millionare but I know I'd be darling at it baconeggandcheeseplease

9. Bright pops of colour that feature in so much of their product


10. That kate spade knows what they love too! In 2012 ksny published the “things we love” book to celebrate 20 years of kate spade. Not surprisingly it is FILLED with exceptional loveliness!

kate spade Things We Love book

I want more ksny in my life! 

Right!? In exquisitely exciting news, kate spade is due to open their first ever outlet in Australia; Melbourne’s new super fancy Emporium shopping precinct will be home to the store from July! emporium melbourne So freaking excited and I’m not even a Melbournite! In even more super awesome news, kate spade have JUST started shipping direct to Australia for a flat rate of $35! The shipping is fast, think at your door in 4 days. While $35 can’t quite be described a cheap shipping, a bit of poking around will quickly identify that we pay a premium to Australian stockists of kate spade products (handbags, accessories, stationery and homewards only) down under. David Jones is the primary stockist and charging close to double what you’d pay in the states!

The lovely Grace Avenue 8x10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones

The lovely Grace Avenue 8×10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones. How good is that $35 shipping looking now?

In recent trip to Singapore (home to three ksny stores), I was devastated to find the price difference on clothing to be at times more than double US prices. Unfortunately the residents of Singapore can’t shop from because they have outlets in their country – will only ship to the following countries: KSNY shipping But hang on, does that mean won’t ship to Australia anymore after the store opens?  I don’t know for sure sublime seekers, but I suspect so, and this is kinda my point. There’s a joyous mini-window to access the ksny goodness direct to your door. It’s not the end of the world, cause even if the direct shipping stops, you’ll of course still be able to freight forward, but one should expect the ksny direct-shipping will stop when the store opens. Other ksny shopping tips! It’s difficult in Australia to see sale items on However, if you’re hunting for a bargain (who isn’t!?) check out some other American online stockists of ksny; Zappos, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Piperlime and Amazon are a few of the good ones. These online stores will show you the ksny sale items! Again, they may not ship direct, but the difference of the sale price will cover your freight forwarding. Finally, there is a LOT of brand new with tags ksny stuff on eBay (that’s worldwide eBay, not If you can win your auction, you’re sure to snag a bargain there and possibly get your hands on some out-of-season stuff you won’t find anywhere else. If I could chose only one brand to buy from for the rest of my life, it would be kate spade! Fun, feminine, bright, beautiful and a little bit luxurious, I am certain it’s worth saving up for! ♥ AS Bought a kate spade product you love? Tell us about it below!

Mothers Day Quiz + Gift Guide!

The second Sunday of May is nearly upon us and it’s time to celebrate the wonderful Mums in our lives! Perhaps its your own Mum or Grandma, perhaps its someone whose been a great mother figure to you, perhaps its a friend and Mum you admire or perhaps its your beloved and Mum to your own little one/s!

Here’s some of my favourite Mumma’s:

My lovely mumma and me

My Mumma (and me)! Love!

More lovely mummas; my mum-in-law and step-mum

More lovely mummas; my Mum-in-Law and Step-Mum

Whoever your favourite Mummas are, they need to be celebrated… for all the reasons pointed out in a rather genius way in this 4min video, which went viral recently:

So what’s the perfect gift to get someone with the world’s toughest job?

Have I got you sorted today, sublime seekers! Not only have I got a plethora of super awesome gifts for all budgets, I have a quiz to help you figure out which gift might be the best for the Mum you’re thinking about! Without further ado, I present the Sublime Mumma Quiz! It’s easy, choose the answer that sounds most like the Mumma you’re thinking of, jot down the answers as you go! Ready? Start now!

1. If I drop in unexpectedly on Mum, she’s most likely going to be wearing:
a) yard clothes, she’s been out the back in the garden
b) an apron, whipping up a storm in the kitchen
c) organic Cotton.
d) sequins. My mum is practically Victoria Greyson from Revenge (without the inclinations for regular take downs)
e) ready-for-anything casual wear. While everyone else in the house is still in PJs.
f) workwear and glasses
g) yoga Pants

2. When I ring Mum for advice, it’s most likely about: 
a) which fertiliser I should be using on my new bushes
b) dinner party entertaining tips
c) how I can make caramel slice without the calories
d) what to wear to my next big event
e) how to find more hours in the day
f) which new electronic tablet I should be buying
g) which Les Mills exercise class is for me

3. The thing I admire most about Mum is: 
a) her incredible home-grown food
b) how beautiful her home always is
c) how well she looks after herself
d) her exceptional sense of style
e) her ability to be all things to all people
f) how her whole life she’s kept up to date with what’s happening now
g) her super toned arms

4. If I get a lecture from mum, it’s most likely going to be on:
a) watering my plants more
b) the importance of home cleanliness
c) considering going gluten free
d) the perils of wearing blue and green together
e) not visiting more
f) why apple no longer has the best mobile phone
g) the importance of daily exercise

5. My mums ultimate dream day would be: 
a) visiting beautiful botanic gardens
b) entertaining family or friends with home cooked food
c) visiting hinterland organic markets
d) shopping, all day, with Dad’s credit card
e) kids sport, visiting parties, dropping in on the in-laws
f) learning 20 new things she didn’t know she could do with her iPad
g) getting a new personal-best time in a local fun run

All done! Check out your answers to see which letter appeared most! Then! See the corresponding gift ideas below!

If you got mostly A’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide4

1. Thoughtful Gardener Hand Trowel and Fork, $79.95 from; 2. Cheetah Gumboots, $59.95 from; 3. Ansell Light Gardening Gloves, $3.96 from Bunnings; 4. Galvanised Iron Watering Can, $7.98 from Bunnings; 5. Gift of seeds box set, $39.95 from


If you got mostly B’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide

1. Mum hand made love heart cushion cover $45.95 from; 2. Kitchenaid, $749 from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Rose Tea, $28 from T2; 4. Christina Re 3-Tier Cake Stand $49.95 from David Jones; 5. David Jones Capri Short Stem Vase, $39.95


If you got mostly C’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide3

1. I Quit Sugar for Life $24.50 from Booktopia; 2. Vitamix Blender $995, from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Annual Subscription to Gluten Free Magazine “Yum” $45 for 10 digital editions; 4. 2 pack Herbal Tea $35 from T2; 5. Take her for breakfast/lunch at CocoBliss Bulimba, superfood bar


If you got mostly D’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide2

1. The Fashion Book New Edition,$48.96 from David Jones 2. Geometric Stone Cuff,$29.95 from Seed; 3. La Maison Glasshouse No. 6, Le Desir Ardent $59.95 from Hand Poured from Glasshouse Candles; 4. Oroton 1938 Tote $595; 5. Curl Secret, $140 from Target;  6. Victor and Rolf BonBon EDP from $99, from Myer; 7. The Birds Square Scarf, $69 from Mimco


If you got mostly E’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide5

1. A pamper package from Mademoiselle Beauty, prices from $90;  2. Textured Gown, $69.95 from Sussan; 3. Bath salts in Vanilla and Peach, $16.95 from; 4.  Lumie Wake Up Light, $138.04; 5. Heat Pillow, $34.95 from Sussan; 6. Breakfast in Bed! The ultimate in loveliness.


If you got mostly F’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide7

1. Apple iTunes voucher; 2. Nikon L830 DSC Red, $268 from David Jones; 3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, $399; 4. Clarisonic Mia 2, $190; 5. iPad Mini from $479; 6. Fujifilm Insta Mini8 Camera $119 from Target


If you got mostly G’s

Mothers Day Gift Guide6

1. Lululemon Cool Racerback, $59; 2. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoe, $159.99 from Rebel Sport; 3. Dick Smith Jawbone Up Wristband $119 from David Jones; 4. Determined MP3 Phone Holder, $29.99 from Lorna Jane; 5. Lululemon The Mat $69; 6. Inna Bliss Yoga Pass form $95


One last super awesome gift:

I wanted to slot in a category called “The Sentimental Mum”… but isn’t that the best thing about all Mums? That they care so much? I bought and compiled this gift for my mum a couple of years back and she cried! It’s been one of my most favourite gifts to give, and I bet your mum will love it too. Kikki.K’s Mum Memory Book, $29.95:

Memory Book Mum Kikki K Memory Book Mum Kikki K 2 Memory Book 5


Be sure to let the great Mums in your life know they’re admired, appreciated and loved next Sunday. They deserve it!


What do you love most about your Mum? Share the Mumma love!

Vogue Online Shopping Night – Tonight!

There’s big deals happening today, sublime seekers, and they’re on the Internets! The twice-annual Vogue Online Shopping Night (or #VOSN as they dub themselves) is on today from 12pm to midnight!

What is this Vogue Online Shopping Night? 

It’s likely #VOSN is seeping its way into your facebook feed and/or email inbox – the event is now in it’s forth year and continuing to grow. The mission is pretty simple: bring together local and international brands for a festival of one-night-only deals.

Vogue Online Fashion Night

Oooh I love deals, tell me about the deals!

Vogue’s got the full list of retailers and all their details online here. Expect that retailers not listed will seep outa the woodwork with offers too, just not promoted under the #VOSN name, so if there’s something you’ve been lusting after, do check their website today. Many will also do the deals all day rather than just tonight. Some deals that caught my eye:

My picks!:

Christina Re Teacup Crepe Pencil Dress Chubby Stick Intense Review Shirley SweaterGinger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeves


1. Christina Re teacups in Ebony Stripes – 20% off $29.95 with code VOSN14; 2. Cue Crepe Pencil Dress – 20% off $239 with code CueVOSN20; 3. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense! First 200 orders with code VOGUE14 at Clinique will receive a free three-piece gift, free shipping and two freebies at checkout! Free, free free! ; 4. Review Shirley Jumper – 30% of $129.95 with code VOSN2014; 5. Ginger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeve – 20% of $589 with code VOSN2014

And remember! Think of the Mummas! Mothers Day is just around the corner! 

Get your comfiest pjs on, pour yourself a glass of something delightful and order some take out – happiest online shopping to you, sublime seekers! May the #VOSN deals be ever in your favour!


Get any rad deals? Tell us below!

The Great Impact of Gratitude

I read a great article on Quit the Cubicle last week about gratitude. It reminded me how powerful a gratitude journal can be in managing stress, acknowledging achievements/what’s going well and appreciating the small things in life!

In my world, even gratitude is a shopportunity* so I got to hunting for an appropriate medium to recommence my gratitude journaling! And I found some sublime finds! Which of course, must be shared with you, my lovely sublime seekers!

Back it up – what’s this gratitude journal business? 

A gratitude journal is a place to record the things for which you’re grateful, every day. It only needs to be a few short sentences!

What’s the point?

I’m so glad you asked! Studies have shown that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and increase our happiness and well being in doing so! Even better, grateful thinking (especially the expression of it to others) is associated with increased levels of energy, optimism, and empathy!

Thankful people are happy

Sounds like all the benefits of exercise without exercise! Show me the finds! 

Of course, you can write your gratitude down anywhere, you don’t need a specially designed book. But! If you LIKE those sorts of things, you’ll love these!

As you might expect, Kikki-K have some beautiful products:

Gratitude Journal - Kikki-K Gratitude Journal 2 - Kikki K Gratitude Journal 3 - Kikki K
Gratitude Journal (in kikki.K’s Inspire collection), $39.95. It’s got some lovely, thought provoking activities included too!

Thankful Journal - Kikki K Thankful Journal 2 - Kikki K Thankful Journal 3 - Kikki K
Thankful Journal (kikki.K’s Uppsala collection) $16.95. This ones a bit smaller than the first, but has these lovely cards in the back you can fill out and tear out to share your gratitude with others!

Gratitude Journal - Things I am Grateful Iloveitall
Iloveitall on Etsy has created a gorgeous handmade journal! She’s selling them for April-December 2014 for $35 USDs and has very awesome reviews! Ships quick, worldwide!

I decided to go for an app so I can take it everywhere and add to it when I’ve got some downtime! There’s lots of apps out there as you might expect, here’s the one I chose:

Gratitude 365 App 1 Gratitude 365 App 2 Gratitude 365 App 3

It’s the 356 Journal app for $1.99. I love it’s clean design and the way you can attach a picture which pops up in the list and calendar views! It’s super easy to use and you can add a passcode if you like.

Another option is creating a gratitude jar! The concept works exactly the same way, but instead of storing the things you’re thankful for in your journal or phone, you write them on a bit of paper and put them in the jar! A great way to share gratitude in your household is by creating a communal gratitude jar! Check out this one:

Gratitude Jar from getawaytodaydotcom

Jennifer from Get Away Today has shared her all the goss to DIY!

However you do it, there’s real benefit in taking time to give thanks. In the spirit of sharing, here’s my list for yesterday! I’m grateful for: 

  • the very lovely Archie Boo, who despite me coming home every day for nearly two years, still cries with excitement when I do
  • the kind lady at the dry cleaners, who made me feel good despite me abandoning my dry cleaning there for two months! “We’ve got some stuff we’ve had here for two years!”
  • technology that enables me to stay close to my friends, even when we can’t be together (I’m looking at you, Viber)
  • the park I got at Westfield this morning, which was so good that I was immediately excited for the person who would get it when I was leaving and be equally thrilled by it’s excellent proximity to both the entry to the shops and the exit to the carpark! (I saw the look on her face when I was reversing, it was everything I hoped for and more!)
  • this particularly sparkly pair of shoes, which brightened my day immensely (even if they did leave me with a blister on their maiden voyage!)

NineWest Sparkle Loafer - Sublime Finds

Get gratitudin’, sublime seekers! You’ll feel all the better for it!


* this is a little joke! I’m being ironic. Kind of. Meanwhile, isn’t shopportunity a fun word!?

What are you grateful for? Share with us below! 

Finds to help you feel BRAVE.

What was the last thing that made you feel uber nervous? Perhaps it was giving a presentation or a speech? Maybe it was asking for a pay rise? It could have been an exam or a high-pressure work situation? Perhaps it was a job interview, making an offer on a house or ending a relationship you knew wasn’t working? We each find different things nerve-wracking, but I reckon the sensation of squishy-insides is the same the world over. 

I had a one of my own last week. In the days prior my belly would fill with butterflies whenever I thought about it. I was dreaming about it at night then waking up thinking about it in the morning (or at 3am). Nervy nervousness all around! But! There’s only so long one can feel nervous before one must suck it up and get it done. I rolled out my kit of things that help me to feel brave, had the conversation… and got the result I wanted! Change is on the horizon, sublime seekers! But in the mean time, I’m sharing my bravery-inducing finds with you!

1. Rescue Remedy

Bach’s 38 flower remedies have been around for more than 80 years, each derived from wildflower to act as a safe, natural way to restore balance between mind and body and cast out negative emotions. Rescue Remedy contains 5 of their flower remedies which help you manage nerves or shock and get you focused on the task at hand. Now on an ordinary day I’d scoff at someone trying to sell me wildflowers to sort out my problems, but I was put onto Rescue Remedy about 8 years ago and now I won’t leave the house without it. Ever. Perhaps it’s the magical wildflowers, perhaps the effect is psychosomatic… whatever the case, it makes a difference. I’m a fan of the spray, a quick squirt (or four, depending on the circumstances) on the tongue (or under, if things are curly) is like a little shot of courage. There are also drops and lollies and apparently it can work wonders with your pets too!

Rescue Remedy Spray Rescue Remedy Pastilles Rescue Remedy Drops

1. Rescue Remedy Spray $23.99 2. Rescue Remedy Pastilles $9.69 3. Rescue Remedy Drops $23.99 all from the Chemist Warehouse (or your local Chemist, they’re stocked widely).

2. Red Underwear and/or lipstick 

In a team pep-talk prior to my nerve-inducing conversation, VM gave me this advice “wear red underwear, it’s supposed to make you feel more powerful!” I attempted to take her advice and discovered my red underwear is all Christmas-themed! Decided that may hinder rather than help (does anyone else have a collection of Christmas themed clothing/underwear? Such is my intense love of Christmas!). But I looked into this suggestion and as normal, VM is onto it. Psychologically, red is a warm and positive colour that exudes strength and power and and promotes ambition and leadership!

L’Oreal have also revealed that when surveyed on whether or not red lipstick makes women more confident, a whopping 75% answered yes! A bold lip goes a long way towards making you feel like you’ve claimed your place in the world!

Either way, you’re onto a winner with red. Hit it up:

 Pleasure State VIP Eternelle Balcony Bra Bras N Things Smooth Comfort Brief Lady Rider Red Suspender Set Honey Birdette - Sublime Finds

1. Pleasure State VIP “Eternelle” Balcony Bra at Myer $79.95; 2. Smooth Comfort Boyleg by Bras N Things $19.99; 3. Lady Rider Red Suspender Set by Honey Birdette (ain’t nobody messing with this b*tch!) $174.95

And for lips – there’s a squillion options, here are some classics:

MAC Russian Red Rouge Coco Gabrielle

1. MAC Russian Red $36; 2. Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle (Channel the Chanel goddess herself!) $45 at your closest Chanel counter.

3. A (bloody good) plan

This particular part of the five-step-plan is a little harder to buy, but could be the cornerstone to success!

If your nerves are the result of an impending decision, a good old fashioned pro’s and con’s list can be a major help. If you’re at a fork in the road, I find jotting down each likely scenario helpful to clarify my options.

If my butterfly-inducing event involves me needing to speak, I never go at it without writing out exactly what I want to say, word for word. Even if I don’t refer to the page once during my actual conversation/speech, just the act of writing out what I want to say helps cement the words in my head. AND has the added benefit of saving you in a stage-fright scenario. Part 2 of this is finding a good friend to practice with and give you some feedback. I ran my words past three loved ones before the real deal last week, tweaking things a little each time. It made a HUGE difference!

4. A little bit of leopard print

I don’t have any science to back this one up, but I know if I’ve got a peep of leopard print showing it feels like a little bit of ROAR; confident without taking myself too seriously! I bought the Kate Spade Rissa dress in November and decided in the change room that it’d be a dress I’d wear on occasions when I need to get shizzle done. Check out this chick in my dress, she’s gonna get what she wants, right?

Kate Spade Rissa Dress - Leopard Print - Sublime Finds

Some other leopard print finds that you might work into your all-conquering outfit:

Seed Leopard Spot Scarf - Sublime Finds Witchery Adrianna Point Flats - Clothes to feel brave in - Sublime Finds Seed Ocelot Peak Cap - Sublime Finds Mimco Studio Casablanca Wrist - Sublime Finds Mimco Studio Casablanca Wrist Inscription - Sublime FindsAnimal Jacquard Pencil Skirt by Cue - Sublime Finds

1. Leopard Spot Scarf by Seed Heritage $49.95; 2. Adrianna Point Flats by Witchery $129.95; 3. Ocelot Peak Cap by Seed Heritage $39.95; 4 & 5. Studio Wrist by Mimco (how gorgeous is the inscription on the inside of the crystal!? This is going on my birthday wish list!) $99.95; 6. Animal Jacquard Pencil Skirt by Cue (and a midi skirt at that! So hot right now!) $189

If leopard print ain’t your thang, choose the outfit that YOU feel confident in. Don’t muck around here, there’s nothing worse that feeling like you look like a dingus when you need to so something important.

5. A YES YOU CAN song!

I’m a huge fan of a big power ballad to get fired up! Alicia Keys’ ‘Superwoman’ is my song of choice, I have and will listen to it on repeat before my moment in the spotlight. 4 minutes of I! Am! Superrrr! Wooooman!

Errr… after watching this and reading the lyrics a little more closely, I suspect I’m not quite the ‘superwoman’ that Alicia had in mind when writing the song … next time I might borrow one of AW’s favourites; Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’.

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire!
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!
Louder, louder than a lion!

Yeah yeah! You can do it! Either track will set you back $2.19 in the Aussie iTunes store.  (I’d love to hear if you’ve got a YES YOU CAN song and what it is, tell me in the comments below!)

That’s a wrap sublime seekers, go forth and summon your most courageous self to achieve your dreeeams!


What are your tips to make yourself feel brave? Do you have a go-to power ballad? Share your secrets with your fellow sublime seekers below! 


Today’s find is an old-fashioned twist on a very modern trend. If you love to Instagram but are a bit nostalgic about being able to hold a photo in your hand, you (like me) might think this find is sublime! I present to you: kikki.K’s Instagram prints.

For those not familiar, kikki.K is a Swedish-inspired stationery brand. When Kristina Karlsson moved to Australia with her husband, she was surprised to be unable to find the selection of stationery and home office products she enjoyed in her homeland, Sweden. She launched her first line and not too long after opened a boutique in Melbourne. Fast-forward 12 years and you’ll find more than 70 kikki.K stores in three countries (with plans to expand ever further) plus an online marketplace that services the world. People love kikki.K. I am one of them.

Which is why I was delighted to discover their new range Instagram products, in particular, their polaroid-style Instagram prints! Totally easy to make; follow the link and click create, login to your Instagram account then drag and drop your pics until all the little cards are full. Click order! Done!

JS and I ordered a set after our honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii! Check it out:

asjspicsWe love them! Access to honey-happiness, even when the wifi is down.

The cons are that you can only print from your own Instagram account (so couldn’t for example have them printed from a friend’s adventures as a gift for them) and of course any pics you want to print must be pre-uploaded to your account.

The pros are that they’re pretty unique and more than a smidge lovely. The ordering system couldn’t be easier to use, printing and delivery is fast and your pics are printed on 270gsm card with a matt (cardboard) finish. It feels like receiving a set of postcards from your life!  They’d be perfect to include (one or two) with a thank you card, something a little unique that would surely take pride of place on the fridge.

You can create your own set for $24.95 (you get 32 prints) and pick up free from your local kikki.K store, ship in Aus for less than $3 or $9.95 for express. International shipping is $19.95 AUD.  If you’d rather create a page turning story, try their Instagram photo book instead!

*Snaps* kikki.K for a fun twist on photo keepsakes!

♥ AS

What do you like to do with your electronic photos? Tell us below!