Bioderma Crealine H20: the best makeup remover EVER.

There’s a beauty secret the rest of the world has been keeping from us, that has only just been Chinese-whispered in our direction. It looks like water and has the consistency of water, it’s fragrance-free, alcohol-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic… And the most gentle and effective makeup remover I’ve ever seen or used. It’s the Bioderma Crealine H20 cleanser and make up remover… it’s an EXTREMELY sublime find and it’s now available in Australia!!

Bioderma Crealine

Back up, you just described water. Is it water?

Kinda! It’s a micellar water!

Huh? You lost me.

Micelles are molecular microstructures that allow impurities, dirt and excess sebum to be removed without the need to rinse off your skin. Suspended in water, they only disband when in contact with the skin. The are made of two parts, one is a hydrophilic component that likes water, the second is a hydrophobic component that attracts oil.


The Micelle!

Science?? Huh?

As we know oil and water usually separate, so micelles are super special because they enable oil to be suspended in water. The fact that micelles have both oil and water loving components means that they can lift makeup from skin easily! The oil-loving bits are in the middle of the micelle and therefore suck the dirt away from your skin. It won’t need washing off and won’t dry your skin out!

Holy cats! Now I’m with you! This sounds amazing! 

It IS sublime seekers!

Micelle water first became a thing in Paris where locals sought the opportunity to avoid the bad effects of the city’s famously hard water had on their skin. Micelle waters (specifically Bioderma’s) became a staple among models who were walking 7 or 8 shows in a day, with different make up for each. Bioderma’s alcohol-free, soap-free product offered a solution that was quick, easy to use without a sink and importantly, kind to even the most sensitive of skins.

Ruby Aldridge

Some people, including Brisbane’s hair and makeup maven, Jo Twidale, wouldn’t exclusively use it as a makeup remover, but rather as an ‘eraser’ to delicately and effectively shift makeup when a look needs to be adjusted. The top of Bioderma’s cap is conveniently the perfect shape and size for a q-tip; the perfect tool to fix a winged eyeliner look gone awry.

If you’re using Bioderma’s Crealine H20 to remove makeup on your whole face (it’s safe for the eye region) soak a makeup remover pad to about 70% capacity and gently wipe over your face. Depending how much makeup you have on, you may need a second pad. I am utterly AMAZED how effective AND gentle it is. I wish I could take back so many years of using makeup remover wipes and other products… or no products, you know, back when I was a dirt face.

Where can I get it? 

Bioderma is a French product, and until recently was very difficult to get the world over. Jo recalls asking friends to stock up on the product to smuggle back to Australia. No more, sublime seekers! A little while back became the exclusive Australian stockist… and now it’s hit the shelves of Priceline!

A 250ml bottle will set you back $29.95 at Priceline (or $23.99 when this post was published… it’s 20% off!). The price point felt expensive to me when I first bought it, but I think that’s mainly because I felt like I was buying a bottle of water. Having used it for about 6 months (and still being on my first bottle) I would not hesitate to purchase again. In fact, I wouldn’t not purchase again, it’s a buy-again-before-you-run-out kinda product.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 3.55.11 PM

Run, don’t walk! 20% off at Priceline (making it $23.99) for a limited time!

And so I recommend it highly and give it the sublime find stamp of approval! Do yourself a favour and grab a bottle while it’s on sale now!


Have you used it? Tell us below! 

Chubby never looked so good!

Short, sweet and good news today, gang! I was cruising over at The Style Insider recently and came across a VERY welcome discovery! Clinique have released a new range of their now-famous chubby sticks… in INTENSE colours!

The Chubby stick originally rose to fame for it’s innovative lipstick design, delivering their new product in a crayon-like shape dubbed the ‘chubby stick’. Packed with shea butter and marketed as a ‘moisturising lip balm’, Clinique’s original range of colours were quite sheer. But not this latest batch… the new colours pack a punch! Available in eight mostly-great shades, there’s a bold lip for everybody:

cliniquechubbystickintense swatches

After hearing the intense news (see what I did there?), I wasted no time on hotfooting it to my closest Clinique counter to smear chubby stick all over the back off my left hand in exaggerated testing of every colour. They did not disappoint! I settled on Plushest Punch as my pick! Here’s a peek:

Chubby Stick Sublime Finds

I’ll be honest; I’ve always felt a teeny bit clumsy with a lippy in my hand… and I feel way more ‘in control’ with a crayon! (Perhaps this is the real reason I’m also in love with Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains which are in the crayon-shape too.) Either way, the chubby stick is suuuper easy to use and now Clinique really do offer a great range of colours! I’m thrilled to get a true lipstick look in the easy-enough-for-kindergarten-kids-to-use design.

I want one! 

Ok! Your quickest route is to your local Clinique Counter at Myer/DJ’s/Mecca Cosmetica or online from Clinique where you’ll pick one up for $35. If you’re happy to wait a little, try where you’ll pick one up for $23. If you’re happy to wait a little longer again or have some other online purchases you’ve been deliberating over… consider including it with your freight forwarding order ’cause you’ll get one for $17USDs outa the States from Sephora! (Sidebar: MAJOR “squeeeeee!” for Sephora coming to Australia! Let’s cross our fingers and toes they come with USA pricing!!)

I am a strong believer that a bold lip is a good pick-me-up! Moisture + bold + crayon-shape = winning!


Tried the chubby stick? What did you think?

Got to have Go-To: Zoë Foster Blake’s new skincare range reviewed!

April is shaping up to be a very exciting month, sublime seekers! The excitement kicked off on April 1, when much-famed Australian beauty expert, Zoë Foster Blake released her Australian-designed, New Zealand-made range of skincare, Go-To. After a decade of beauty devotees asking what her ‘Go-To’ products were, Foster Blake created her own, focusing on five essential products that can fit in around your luxurious favourites.

Because Zoë‘s tried everything, I like many other Fruity Beauty devotees, put the Go To range up on the pedestal before a single item was released. The verdict is in and here’s the hot tip: they are sublime finds! Each and every bloody one! HUZZAH!


Go To Skincare Sublime Finds

Brand New! The Go-To skincare range!


Tell me more!

All the prodz have very lovely packaging, super dreamy scents and arrived quickly from the Go-To team with great service! I’d expected they might be a little cheaper than they are, but after using them over the last week, I feel like they’re good value. Let’s talk through them!


Exfoliating Swipeys

Exfoliating Swipeys: 50 pads for $45.95

Exfoliating Swipeys are my introduction to the world of chemical exfoliants and what an intro it is! Each tub contains 50, single-use, lightly grooved swipes, saturated in exfoliating STUFF; naturally occurring AHA’s as well as hydrating essential oils. My skin likes them! It could be because they seem way gentler than a scrub (my previous exfoliator), it could be because they smell like orange sherbet, which is extremely lovely if I don’t say so myself.


Properly Clean

Properly Clean: 150ml (℮5.07fl.oz) for $29.95

Properly Clean is Zoë’s answer to cleaning the skin of a modern day gal (or guy! Apparently Hamish “loves the shit out of it”!)… she who is using many layers of serums and primers and pastes and goo to make herself even more pretty. The foaming cleanser is soft and gentle and lovely as well as packed with more light citrus-y scents that smell like clean! I asked the Go-To team how the cleanser goes with the Clarisonic, they said fine, I tried it out, it was fine. I don’t feel like it’s the perfect product for the Clarisonic, it’s almost a bit too light, a bit like the Clarisonic isn’t necessary to get the clean you want. I’m sticking with my regular (previous?) cleanser + Clarisonic for the morning and using Properly Clean at the end of the day.



Exceptionoil 85ml (℮2.87fl.oz) for $49.95

Exceptionoil is a multi-purpose product, suited to dry skins, rough bits (think elbows, heels, cuticles), soothing scratches and calming flyaway hairs! Not surprisingly, it has the consistency of oil, and deserves consideration before laying the tube on the side without a lid like I did (exception-oiled floor). The tip from the Go-To team is pop it in the fridge to help it firm up. Zoë has shared she’s using Exceptionoil to ward off stretch marks during pregnancy and that one customer said she put a few drops in the bath for super soft skins! Smartie. This one smells good too! (Spoiler: they all smell good!)

Update, 9 May: it seems a few Go-To customers have had some challenges managing their Exceptionoil in extreme climates. The super high content of coconut oil and other amazingstuff (its a new word)  means it doesn’t necessarily behave as well as liked. If it’s super cold and your Exceptionoil has gone a bit hard Zoë recommends running the tube under some warm water for 20 seconds or so – don’t manhandle your tube too much, it might crack! If your exceptionoil is super hot and runny, put it in the fridge for 20mins. 


Very Useful Face Cream

Very Useful Face Cream 50ml (℮1.69fl.oz) for $39.95

Very Useful Face Cream was the product I was least excited to purchase, skimming over it in the pre-purchase sale and only picking up a tube after the full launch. I just feel overwhelmed with face creams, thick ones, light ones, day ones, night ones – so many creams! That said, I’m really glad I did the double back for this product – it comes out thick (a bit like Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream) but despite first impressions almost melts into the skin… in a totally breathable way. Very Useful Face Cream is designed with antioxidants, including Alma Berry (30 x more vitamin C than oranges) plus vitamin E and other impressive ingredients. It too has a light and lovely scent which I couldn’t quite pin down, Zoë has revealed it to be rose and fig! I’ve used it at night as well as during the day under my BB cream, it left me with super smooth skin all around. I can see my addiction to this product growing quickly!


Lips! 15g for $14.95

Last but most of all, Lips! is the jewel in the crown of Go-To goodness (as declared by me!). Fruity Beauty disciples know, Zoë is a demanding mistress when it comes to all things lips and (rightfully!) critical of products that dry lips out when promising to do otherwise! The word on the streets I’ve been walking is that the people expected the balm to be GOOD. And joy of joys… it is! Combining SEVEN oils, medical-grade lanolin, butters, beeswax and anti-oxidants, it isn’t too thick, isn’t too thin and will leave your lips feeling moisturised for hours. It’s a winner! 

You can be a winner too! 

In anticipation of it’s exquisite loveliness, I over-ordered on Lips! so I could give one away to one of you delightful, sublime seeking lovely-things that have joined me here during the first 100 days of Sublime Finds. Winning is easy! All you have to do is ‘like’ the Sublime Finds facebook page and share the link to this post on facebook before midnight! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

I’m confident you’ll agree with my sentiments on the Go-To range! Pop over to the Go-To website (where they are sold exclusively) and consider investing in one or two (or all five)!


Tried Go-To? What did you think? Tell us below! 

The Electric Toothbrush for your Face

We’re talking pretty skins today, sublime seekers! More specifically, Clarisonic’s range of cleansing tools and why they might be Sublime Finds! 

I will disclose upfront that I am one of those very bloody lucky gals who has never had toooo many problems with my skin. So much so, that about six-ish embarrassing years ago I was *tricked* into declaring I pretty much did not have a skin care regime to speak of, which prompted AW (of Midi-Skirt Madness fame) to start referring to me as ‘dirt face’. Suffice to say this was motivation enough to look into this whole skin care thing a little more. 

Fast forward to my late twenties and several things have happened: 1) My skin ain’t the skin of my early-twenties. The nectar of youth is starting to dry up. 2) I tried a plethora of products, some of which were expensive and crap (I’m looking at you, Chanel Foaming Cleanser). 3) I succumbed to the hype bought myself a Clarisonic!

My face and it's new bestie; the Clarisonic Mia 2

My face and it’s new bestie; the Clarisonic Mia 2

What’s a Clarisonic? 

The Clarisonic is cleansing brush originally developed for skin-care pro’s…. then, following it’s success, was made available to regular folk like you and me. It looks like a bit like a face-sized electric toothbrush. However, the Clarisonic uses sonic technology (did ya see that one coming?) to create oscillation (back and forth movement) of 200-350 movements per second. Even though it looks like it’s vibrating and spinning, it’s not! This alternate movement is designed to work with your skin’s elasticity and be uber gentle! It’s also the reason you should possibly not be as concerned about using it on your pretty, delicate lady-faces.

The Clarisonic is designed to work with your existing cleansing product and will probably be great with yours! The fine, shiny-skinned people at Clarisonic do also make a cleanser (a sample is included in your pack). Most regularly, I use mine with some ultra gentle Cetaphil. I tried it with a foaming cleanser once, bit of a froth-fest, but still ok. Wouldn’t recommend it as a starting point.

The tool is designed to be used for one minute, up to two times a day and claims to be six times more effective than cleansing with your fingers.

Clarisonic have kindly prepared this chart to enable us to compare their products:

Clarisonic Comparison Chart - Sublime Finds

Reasons I’m calling the Clarisonic Mia 2 a Sublime Find: 

  • Not sure about you… but for me both the shower and the morning are vortexes in which time moves at a deceiving pace! The Clarisonic Mia 2 does not leave you wondering how long you’ve been cleansing, it gives a little pulse when it’s time to move onto the next section of your face.
  • For this reason… there’s a little bit of smugness to enjoy in knowing you’re doing it right!
  • They’ve really nailed the shape in terms of making it comfy to hold and use.
  • It lasts A MONTH (of once-a-day cleansing) before it needs a charge! (Clarisonic, please share you secrets with the iPhone peeps)
  • It sends you morse code with it’s light. I didn’t know morse code before, but I now know that several regular flashes of light means ‘charge me soon’.
  • It’s totally waterproof; mine lives in the shower. It also comes with a handy-dandy travel case!
  • The reason that counts: I am certain my skin is better for using it. I have visibly less black heads, as well as smaller pores. I have less ‘zones’ and my skin is more consistent. And it feels smooth. It’s a better base for make-up and I think I’m now getting more mileage out of my other skin products. I did change a couple of other things at the same time I procured the Mia 2, but I’m pretty sure it’s a key ingredient in the improvements I’ve seen.

Things that make the Clarisonic Mia 2 a little bit funny: 

  • It makes a clearly audible vibration-like sound. Of the nature that caused JS to burst into the bathroom the first time I used it to see what I was up to! “Making my skin sparkle, JS, what are YOU up to?”

Some tips: 

  • I read a number of posts when I got mine suggesting it was a good idea to slowly ease into use of the Clarisonic. I started out a few days a week, and gradually worked up to using it daily. This seemed to be the consensus among the advice I’d read, and worked for me. Some people report their skin breaking out in the first month to six weeks… I had this on a verrrry minor scale. Certainly not anything that would make me reconsider use. And it did calm down after four weeks or so.
  • Be sure to clean your brush head weekly and change your brush head three-monthly! This is why:
New brush head VS old brush head! Maybe AW was right about me being dirtface!

New brush head VS old brush head!
Maybe AW was right about me being dirtface!

  • I went through a bit of experimentation on the best spot to apply your cleanser (to the skin? to the brush head directly? Somewhere else?) and have eventually nestled into a routine of applying cleanser directly to my face, then Clarisonic-ing. I found this to be the best method to ensure cleanser is evenly applied.
  • I regularly use the Clarisonic on my neck and décolletage too. Your face stops at your boobs, right Zoe Foster-Blake?
  • Move the Clarisonic in very small circular motions on your face. This is what the girls on the video do.

Want one? 

Get one online from! You can also pick up replacement brush heads, cleansers, replacement chargers there too. I got mine at Myer, I’ve also seen them in David Jones and Mecca Cosmetica.

At $175-ish, it is probably the most expensive skin-care tool you’ll buy in a long while. I was dubious… but I’d certainly replace mine immediately if there was a tragedy and it was no longer available to me. I’m calling it a small-pore, black-head-free, shiny-skinned Sublime Find!

♥AS (formerly known as dirt face)

Tried the Clarisonic? What do you think of it?  Tell us below! 

Six Products for a Perfect Pout

Romance is in the air, sublime seekers! So today we’re talking kissable lips; more specifically, six products to get you on your way to your most perfect of pouts!


Until recently, I was one of those gals using Lucas’ Papaw Ointment on my lips religiously every night and wondering why they were still dry. It feels so silky and smooth going on, the sensation itself is addictive. Then a couple of months back, I was having a whinge about my forever-dry lips when VM tells me my beloved red tube’s product base in petroleum jelly. While it’s safe and proven to be a great barrier product, it ain’t moisturising my lips.

On AW’s recommendation, I switched to Lanolips and ladies, this shizzle be good. Lanolin (of sheep’s wool fame) is somewhat obviously the main ingredient and it proves to be all-natural goodness… no wonder this product has a bunch of awards to it’s name!

Lanolips 101

Lanolips 101 Ointment $17.95 at Priceline.


Do you exfoliate your lips? Just like the rest of your face, exfoliating your lips can help clean away dead skin cells and make way for a soft, smooth smooch. Flakey skin can be particularly troublesome under your lippy, so exfoliating is well-timed before making yourself up. Don’t over do it though, scrub gently – once a week should be plenty enough. My product pick is Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub. This product is not only great for a gentle lip buff, it’s DELICIOUS. Made with castor sugar, jojoba oil, coconut butter and popping candy, it’s all natural AND tastes like salted caramel!

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub $9.95 (at this price for a limited time) online at Lush.

Start with a good base! 

We know the secret to long lasting lip colour is starting with a good lip liner. My pick is MAC’s lip pencil, it’s creamy texture is makes it uber gentle and easy to use. I chose Hip N Happy for it’s inoffensive colour; it makes a great neutraly-pink base.

Mac Hip N Happy

MAC Lip Pencil $30* at your nearest MAC counter or online.

Long lasting colour!

I’ve never been a huuuuuge lipstick fan, I’m more a gloss or balm girl with the occasional dabble in lipstick. The evolution of the ‘cubby stick’ (as Clinique have dubbed theirs) was made for girls like me. Looks like a crayon, glides on like a balm, gives you colour like a lipstick. I think Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is the best of the bunch. It moisturises and still gives you a flush of colour. It’s super easy to get a great looking lip and the colour lasts (and lasts and lasts). I bought bold hue ‘sweetheart valentine’ (how fitting!)… I’m pretty in love with it. Still easing my way into the world of bold lips, I’m planning to treat myself to a softer shade like ‘honey’ soon too.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain $17.95* at Priceline.

A little bit of shine! 

I think gloss is a must for that extra polished lip-look. There’s a gazillion glosses on the market and every gal is sure to have their favourite. My pick is Clinique’s Long Last Glossware in Air Kiss. I’ve been a decade-long devotee to this classic, there is just a hint of hue, just a smidge of shimmer and it isn’t sticky like lots of other glosses. Better yet, it’s got the rare (in gloss) quality of also having an SPF15. Lips get burnt, lovers. Don’t underestimate the importance of having them protected.

Clinque Air Kiss

Clinique Air Kiss $35* at your closest Australian Clinique counter or online.


I have been reading lots of recommendations saying an oil-based cleanser is the most gentle way to take lipstick off your lips. Beauty Demi-god, Zoe Foster-Blake even suggests a bit of olive oil as a would-be cleansing solution if you wake up on the other side of a successful Valentines date, but nowhere near your beauty supplies (oh behave!).

After hearing allll the hype, I bought a bottle of the French-pharamacy-icon; Bioderma’s Crealine H20. I am a total convert! It’s uber gentle, has the consistency of water, but is a great erasing. Its not a thorough cleanse, but it’s great on a cotton bud to clean up a little eye-makeup mid-application, or to remove the chance of any remaining lippy smudging across the face during your slumber.

Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser & Make Up Remover

Bioderma Crealine H20 $29.95 for 250ml (which lasts a surprisingly long while).
Priceline have just started stocking it! Whoop!

These are my sublime finds for 24 hours of fabulous and lusciously kissable Valentines-y lips! Lover in tow or no, I hope your V-Day is a good one. Mwah!


p.s. Are you freaking out V-day is tomorrow!? Check out gift-guide for last minute ideas!

* zomg at least half this price in USA. Did someone say freight forwarder?

What are your go-to products for a perfect pout? Share your recommendations below! 

Dry Shampoo Reviewed!

Those who know me well, know I’m a HUGE fan of dry shampoo. So much so that I founded the “Dry Shampoo changed my LIFE!” facebook group and have been known to whip out a round of dry shampoos for everyone on girls night if I’ve seen a new brand on special at Priceline.  I have neverrrrr been a morning person and I’m not ashamed to say that I choose another 15 mins in bed over getting up to wash & dry my hair before work at least once a week. Dry shampoo has made this possible! All hail dry shampoo!

Back in the day, the only brand a sleepy dame could easily get their hands on was French product, Klorane. Fast-forward five years and there a BUNCH of options available on the market. Are all dry shampoos created equal? They are not, sublime seekers. But! I’ve road-tested ELEVEN of the most readily available and today I’m sharing the results with you!

The Criteria

My rigerous testing has revealed that dry shampoos have six points of difference:

  • Price
  • Oomph (a technical term) – sometimes an aerosol has a huge amount of volume come out (excellent oomph), other times it feels like you’re spraying for aaaages (bad oomph)
  • Scent
  • Landing (how does it look/feel when its first sprayed on your hair?)
  • (Post-dry-shampoo) Look & feel – how does your hair look after you’ve brushed the dry shampoo out? What’s it like to touch?
  • The 2-day test – could you use this dry shampoo two days in a row? 

Without further ado… to the findings! You dirty-haired dames!

V05 Plump It Up

VO5 Dry Shampoo

Value: $7.99 for 200ml (3.9c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: Don’t love it. A tiny bit… glen 20. Doesn’t linger though.
Landing: white/talcy (as in talcum powdery) consistency
Look & feel:  hair looks and feels pretty natural. Perhaps a teeny dusty to touch.
Day-2?: Yes. Hit snooze two days in a row.
Verdict: 7.5/10 Great value and good finish! Lost marks only for scent and feel.

Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo

Value: 250ml (the biggest of the bunch!) for $10 (4c per ml) = cheap!
Oomph: good
Scent: nice, clean
Landing: looks clear and wet when first sprayed on
Look & feel: hair looks dull and feels tacky afterwards. Really sticks on the hair in a way that could be good for styling, but bad for… touching. Or looking at. Erk.
Day-2?: Nope, too straw-like to do twice.
Verdict: 5/10 If you’re styling for a teeny bit of volume, this is probably reasonable value. If not, you might be disappointed with how your hair feels afterwards.


photo 3

Value: $7.99 for 70ml (8.76c per ml)
Oomph: good
Scent: smells a bit chemical-y like hair spray
Landing: white and wet
Look & feel: Hair looks a little bit dull and resists sitting really naturally.
Day-2?: Maybe. If you were desperate.
Verdict: 5/10. It’ll do the job, but there’s better products out there, especially for the price.

Bastiste – light & blonde 

photo 2

Value: $12.95 for 200ml (6.475c per ml)
Oomph: pretty good
Scent: talcy and sweet smell, I like it
Landing: mostly talcy and a little yellow (not offensive yellow, just blonde-powder yellow)
Look & feel: Pretty good look and movement. Hair feels a tiny bit powdery to touch, but mostly good. Not too dull or shiny.
Day-2?: Yes
Verdict: 7.5/10 – a solid contender. Good value for money. If you’re red-headed, there’s a version for you too! Plus Brunettes, you don’t miss out.

Garnier Fuctis Pure Volume

Garnier Fructis Dry Shampoo

Value: $8.99 for 150ml (5.99c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. I felt like I was spraying and spraying and getting not much.
Scent: not offensive, very slightly fruity
Landing: clear and wet
Look & feel: hair is soft and shiny. But shiny like oily. Oily like it’s not doing much. ‘Pure Volume’ is a blatant lie.
Day-2?: Nope. Didn’t do much on Day 1, don’t bother on Day 2.
Verdict: 4/10. If you’ve got only verrrrry slightly oily hair, maybe it’s ok.

Polished London Bonny Blonde 

Polished London - Bonny Blonde Dry Shampoo

Value: 150ml for $3.99! Outstanding! (2.66c per ml)
Oomph: LOTS.
Scent: unoffensive scent
Landing: very verrry slightly yellow but mostly clear… kinda like… nothing
Look & feel: I sprayed and sprayed and brushed and brushed and feel CERTAIN my hair was not any cleaner. At all. What is in the can? Dust? Dust would make my hair cleaner, surely.
Day-2?: No. Didn’t work on Day 1. 😦
Verdict: 2/10 I was so excited when I saw the price and SO disappointed when I tried it. Save your $4 for a coffee.

Fudge Dry Shampoo 

photo 1

Value: 150ml for $13.29 (8.86c per ml)
Oomph: Poor. Not much coming outa the can.
Scent: Like coconut and stale bread. Highly offensive. I swear the smell of this gave me a headache. On the plus side, an incentive to *actually* wash your hair immediately.
Landing: wet and clear
Look & feel: hair looked a bit dull and was a big stiff and unnatural to touch afterwards, like a coating that wouldn’t come off.
Day-2?: No. Even if you liked the smell, the consistency of your hair afterwards could only go 1 day.
Verdict: 3/10 it’ll get you through a day. If you’ve got a cold and can’t smell it.

Eleven – Give Me Clean Hair

Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo

Value: 130ml for $22.95 (shite value, it was an up-sell at the hairdresser’s… 17.4c per ml)
Oomph: not much at all.
Scent: smells very slightly chemical-y. Not overpowering.
Landing: talcy and wet
Look & feel: hair looks and feels ok, after LOTS of spraying and LOTS of brushing. Doesn’t do much if hair is really oily.
Day-2?: You could. Maybe. Not if you’d been at all hot or sweaty on day 1.
Verdict: 4/10. I kinda still wanted to be given clean hair after using it. Worst value of the bunch, say no to the up-sell!

Lee Stafford 

Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $16.99 (8.49c per ml – it’s the travel size in the pic)
Oomph: Lots
Scent: This is my favourite smell, it’s kinda sweet but not overpowering
Landing: little talcy and white. There are also brown and black-haired versions in the range, which I presume present dark rather than white when sprayed on.
Look & feel: It’s easy to brush out and leaves hair pretty clean and easy to work with. Overall = good!
Day-2?: Yes!
Verdict: 9/10 – I really like this dry shampoo! If you’re a dark-haired dame, consider having a run at the coloured versions.

Bastiste XXL Volume 

Bastiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo

Value: 200ml for $12.99 (6.49c per ml)
Oomph: Medium, does the job. Wouldn’t want more.
Scent: Sweet, pretty strong
Landing: bit white and talcy
Look & feel: Hair is really straw-like afterwards & a little dull. Certainly won’t leave your hair oily. If you’re styling for mega volume, maybe ok. But not soft and natural. Definitely only use at the roots!
Day 2?: A firm no. Hair would be very difficult work with, certainly couldn’t wear out.
Verdict: 6/10 IF you’re styling your hair for volume. If not, give it a miss.


photo 5-1

Value: 150ml for $12.99 (8.66c per ml)
Oomph: Awesome. It’ll move your hair around without you having to.
Scent: Pretty much nothing. It’s not offensive.
Landing: white & talcy
Look and feel: It works! Your hair is ever-so-slightly dried out afterwards, but isn’t that what we’re going for? Clean, workable, moveable hair. Winning.
Day 2?: Yes. And day 3. (Don’t judge!)
Verdict: 9.5/10 For blonde haired lasses, the original is the best. If you really struggle with the powder-finish discolouring your dark locks, consider another brand. Or get your fingers into the roots where the talc-y-ness isn’t moving. Klorane have now released a dry shampoo specifically for oily hair too!

So much info! Just tell me what to buy! 

  • You’re safe to hit snooze if you buy Klorane, Lee Stafford, Bastiste (in your hair colour only, I hear the scented versions can really linger all day) or Vo5.
  • If you’ve got dark hair and you’ve found some brands leave your roots looking a little… grey… hit up Lee Stafford or Bastiste in your colour. Or get your fingertips into the roots to get rid of the excess powder!
  • If you’re styling for a little volume, do Klorane, for a lot of volume, do Bastiste XXL.
  • If you’re trying to recover from a visit to the gym, Klorane (maybe even in the Oily Version?) or Lee Stafford (perhaps only after yoga.. that’s regular yoga with a nap, not hot yoga).
  • If you’re looking for something for your handbag, Klorane and Lee Stafford both have 50ml versions.
  • Prepare to be comparatively underwhelmed by other brands.
  • ALL of the above (except Eleven’s Give Me Clean Hair) are available at Priceline! Lots elsewhere too.

Shop smart for extra sleep sublime-seekers! And may no-one ever be able to tell it was 5 days since you washed your hair!


Which brand of dry shampoo do you use? Leave a comment below! 

Road Test: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

After hearing lots of good things about the luxurious SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, I lashed out and bought myself a pack in the Americas late last year. Yesterday I cracked one open and today, sublime seekers, I’m giving you the goss.

The Hype

1) Japanese brides are known to follow a tradition of daily SK-II Facial Treatment Masks for three months before they are married in order to to guarantee glorious, hydrated, glowing skin.

2) Australia’s Cate Blanchett is a spokesperson for the brand and has admitted her secret to conquering the jet-lagged looks is to bust out a SK-II mask in-flight.

Cate Blanchett SK-II Spokesperson
Cate in all her dewy and majestic glory!

3) Also, I read an article where the author said it was the only beauty product she took to hospital when she had her baby. The plan was deliver baby, apply mask, sleep, meet relatives with glowing skin and new bub. Some of you might think this dame has her priorities alllll wrong, but who can really blame a gal for wanting to look, or more importantly feel good on such a monumental day?

Anyway you get the upshot – brides go gaga for them, celebrities rave about them, it’s the cure for feeling less-than-bedazzled after childbirth. I’m in.

What’s in it? 

The key ingredient in the mask and in SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence is Pitera; a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that allegedly work together to renew and rejuvenate the skin’s outer layer.  Pitera is a naturally-occuring liquid that comes out of the yeast fermentation process. It was discovered when scientists noticed that elderly workers in a saké brewery in Japan had wrinkly faces but oh-so-lovely, beautiful, youthful hands. The scientists decided they wanted saké hands on their faces and figured they’d bottle the miracle juju. Fast forward a little while, and now we alllll can have beautiful saké hand-faces via SK-II’s Facial Treatment line. (I can hear the booziest amongst you asking “will drinking saké make me look younger?” I don’t know. I suspect that’s possibly not how it works.)

How do you use it? 

The mask should be applied to a clean, dry face. I did my normal skin routine + exfoliation, then applied the mask. Each single-use cloth mask comes in a little foil sachet where it’s neatly folded up, marinating in all the saké juju (Pitera).

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask Sachet

And there is LOTS of juju in the sachet, 30ml to be exact, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a bunch. I wish I’d squeezed more out, it felt so generous and indulgent. SK-II say start by placing the mask over your eye area and then spread outwards. The mask feels cool and a bit gooey going on and I found took a bit of sliding around in front of the mirror to position correctly before getting the best spot with maximum coverage.

SK-II Facial Treatment MaskHot damn! Me, channeling an in-flight Cate Blanchett.
(I suspect Cate would have done a better job of smoothing out the creases than I did.)

They say leave it on 20 mins or more if you can. I left mine on nearly 30 mins and felt all the better for it. When I removed the mask, it left some gooey Pitera on my face and as I had the luxury of not needing to see anyone, I left it to marinate on my skin. The mask was still lovely and moist and I wanted to get some mileage out of it, so I then applied it to my décolletage because as beauty goddess Zoe Foster always says: your face stops at your boobs. JS came home from work at this point and was confused.

Later, the last of the Pitera had dried on my skin and looked a little flakey so I washed it off gently with some warm water.

Is it good?  

It IS good, sublime seekers, great even. My skin looked lovely immediately after and felt even better. Today it’s still totally smooth and as an added benefit, it feels as if the mask has had a pore-shrinking effect, particularly around my nose and chin. My skin is plump and dewy and feels like it’s screaming “make me up” because it’s certainly in optimum-hydrated-makeup-base mode. I can see why the masks are a go-to before special events. I really wish I’d used one night-before-wedding-day.

You haven’t mentioned the price… 

You’re right. I haven’t. In Australia, you can visit your local SK-II counter at Myer and pick up one mask for $28, or 6 masks for $140. Yes, they be expensive. At Sephora in the States, 6 masks will set you back $90 USDs and 10 masks $125 USDs, so if you’re gearing up for some freight-forwarding and want to give these a go, that’s probably the way to do it. Or even better, in duty free!

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

I procured a variety of professional facials in the lead-up to getting married last year, and feel like after this mask my skin is probably 70% as good as it was after any facial, but at 15% of the price. In post-wedding year where super-regular facials are a little harder to justify, I’ll gladly suggest to myself that this is an economic alternative. (See what I did there, how I turned something expensive into something cheap? That’s how you max out your credit card, kids!)

The verdict? 

If you’ve got a special event coming up, need a facial but can’t afford/justify/be bothered with one, have subjected your skin to some harsh cold/wind/burn OR have just got done with childbirth (!?)… I’d say it’s worth it. Perhaps not every day like the no-doubt-spectacular Japanese brides, but a one off will set you well on your way to sublime skin!


Have you tried the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask? Or the Facial Treatment Essence? What’s your go-to skin solution? Tell us below!