AS ♥’s to shop

If shopping was a drink, I’d be drunk all the time.
If shopping was a sport, I’d want to represent Australia in the Olympics.
If shopping was a religion, I’d aspire to be the head of the clergy.

I love to shop. 

I love the buzz of finding the *perfect* item. I love the excitement of new season. I love beautifully merchandised windows and fabulous fashion stories. I love the feeling you have after finding the best deal out on the must-have item. I love discovering something new, or something that has been improved and fabulous-ed. I love the moment when you find an item that you know will make a loved one smile. I love the challenge of wanting something, but not knowing where to find it, and then sourcing it.

It’s not just clothes (though that is my favourite domain), it’s gifts, homewares, food, restaurants, services, experiences. For me, to shop is to explore all types of things the global marketplace offers us. For me, to shop is to discover. And along the way, I have discovered some truly sublime finds.

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