Lisa Wilkinson: media mogul and sublime find

Regular readers would gather by now that we love a feature on super successful lady things who are breaking the mould in the very finest of ways. Today’s subject, Lisa Wilkinson, fits that bill. I have to confess, until recently, I thought Lisa Wilkinson was just *wince* another attractive, smiley, tv host, without any other feathers in her cap. I am glad to admit I was supremely wrong! (Both about Lisa and to be thinking like that at all really… so very few of amongst us are one dimensional!)

The story so far… 

Lisa Wilkinson began her career in magazines, answering an ad to work at Dolly in her late teens. Within a couple of years, at the tender age of 21, Lisa became the youngest ever editor of the magazine. After four years, at twenty five (what were the rest of us doing at 25!?) she was moved to Cleo where she saw the magazine become the highest selling lifestyle magazine per capita IN THE WORLD. Not surprisingly, she went onto become International Editor-In-Chief. All this before she was thirty. Holy shiznits.

Lisa Wilkinson Dolly Editor in 1984

Lisa in 1984, editor of Dolly

Lisa broke into tv in the late 1990’s when she started appearing on Beauty and The Beast. She got a gig hosting The Morning Shift during the 2000 Olympics and in 2005 began hosting Weekend Sunrise. In May 2007 she landed the role we know her best for, host of Today with Karl Stefanovic.

Lisa and Karl

Lisa and Karl, hard at work

Lisa and Karl uluru

Lisa and Karl fighting flies at Uluru when they covered Kate and Will’s royal visit recently

Lunch with Karl and Lisa

Lisa and Karl sporting cricket-style moustaches

Lisa’s also a Mumma to three teenage kids and married to columnist and ex-Wallaby (you know, football), Peter Fitzsimmons.

An extraordinary career (already!) by anyone standards, it was therefore little surprise that last year Lisa was invited to give the prestigious Andrew Olle Media Lecture; an event established in 1996 by the presenters and staff of 702 ABC Sydney in memory of their college Andrew Olle who died of a brain tumour.

This is when I sat up and really started paying attention to what Lisa be saying. 

Lisa’s speech got a fair chunk of media attention as she named the realities for women working in media, the unfortunate truth of women being judged on their appearance and then laid down an incredible call to action. Not surprisingly, she did so in a super eloquent, humble and funny way. I took 43 minutes and watched Lisa’s speech and feel very bloody glad for the privilege. If you want to do the same here it is:

If you don’t get to watch it, know this: Lisa’s amazing. Not only is it a powerful and completely engaging speech focusing on issues that really matter, Lisa delivers it with barely a glance at her notes. A gifted communicator, it effortlessly demonstrates why Lisa has enjoyed so much success in the world of media.

Meanwhile, some highlights from the transcript.

On her promotion to editor of Dolly at 21:

Now, it’s actually really hard for me to look at these pictures . . . and not just because of that yellow novelty jumper. It’s hard because I am immediately reminded of the sheer terror I felt at being handed such a huge responsibility as the editorship of Dolly at such a ludicrously young age . . . I also have to wonder, if in today’s image-conscious, camera-ready, Facebook-fabulous world, if that raw, still far-from-formed young woman with fear in her eyes and just a pure passion for working in magazines – would get that same break, today?

Because today’s media landscape, particularly for women, is one now so focused on the glossy and the glamorous it often eclipses and undermines everything else.

And it is everywhere.

I kid you not – even in preparing for tonight’s lecture, the most common question I was asked was not “What are you going to say?”, but “What are you going to wear?”

And when you’re a woman doing breakfast TV, you quickly learn the sad truth, that what you wear can sometimes generate a bigger reaction than even any political interview you ever do.

Lisa, calling it how it is.

Lisa, callin’ it how it is.

On women being judged on their appearance, and supporting other women:

Speaking of dirty laundry, as a woman in the media, it has long saddened me that while we delight in covering public issues of overt sexism – possibly the hottest topic in media over the last twelve months – the media itself can be every bit as guilty of treating women entirely differently to men.

And in terms of our audience, the cliché is so often true – it is women who can turn out to be a woman’s harshest critic.

After sharing several emails she’d received, demonstrating her very point, she continues:

And at the risk of overdoing it, I can’t resist delving into the mailbag one last time and sharing this email that popped up in the Today Show inbox one recent morning when Georgie Gardner and I were co-hosting the show:

Hello Producer,

I am totally fed up with the combination of Lisa and Georgie – they’re shocking together and its like listening to a chorus of cats.

Please replace Karl when he’s on “assignment” with a male partner for Georgie or Lisa. In fact, Lisa’s interviews are very biased and I think she should just stay at home with her husband and that stupid red turban he wears on his head. No doubt that’s where she gets her Tony Abbott interview questions from.


You know what’s coming next . . . yep, I couldn’t help myself.

Dear Joanne,

Really sorry to hear you feel that way. What’s disappointing though is that you think a grown woman can’t come up with her own questions in an interview with the Opposition Leader, and that for some reason she needs to ask her husband to write them for her.

Then again, I note that you have sent this email from your husband’s email address, so maybe that is the way things are done in your house.


Well, Joanne did write back to me. And what you may be surprised to learn is that Joanne told me she’s a former executive at Unifem, the organization charged with the care, protection and promotion of women.

She then mentioned that she was now running a new business and would I mind terribly, given I was a member of the sisterhood, giving it a plug on the Today Show.

And I’ve been receiving press releases from her ever since.

I despaired: how could a woman whose job it once was to change the culture of discrimination of women, feel OK being so anti-women? Was it the semi-anonymous nature of flicking off an email to someone she’d never met that somehow, in her mind, made it OK? And why are women so often the targets of vitriol? And why in so many areas of Australian life, are the rules of engagement still so different for women?

I despair that so many young girls are growing up, held hostage via social media to the views others have of them, long before they even know who they are themselves.

And, as a former magazine editor, allow me to speak on something I feel most passionately of all: I TRULY despair, every time Fashion Week rolls around and another parade of tragically skinny young women make their way down the catwalk. Every year! The designers blame the agents, the agents insist the girls are healthy, while the fashion editors hand the models yet another size 6 garment to wear in photos shoots because, and I’m quoting fashion editors here: it’s the only size the designer samples come in! Meanwhile, former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements admits that she’s seen models eat tissues to suppress their appetites so they can stay skinny enough to fit the clothes they’re required to wear.

But I say no more excuses! No more pointing the finger at others as the cause of the problem. We need a simple rule, a compact: we the editors of the women’s magazines of Australia feel that our duty is to present healthy images to the young women of Australia, and this far outweighs any other consideration. Therefore, we will not display in our magazines, clothes that arrive in a size 6!

If not our generation, then whose? If not now, then when?

Because so many young Australian girls are struggling. And this barrage of impossible, unattainable images is a big part of why.

Before she wrapped up, ever-gracious Lisa went on to pay tribute to many of her incredible female colleagues who had the privilege of being in the room to hear her speech. She received a lengthy standing ovation, some members of the audience in tears. Smashed it, Lisa!

Lisa, you are brave, humble, funny and obviously smart as a whip – you’re a sublime find! Thanks for using this incredibly unique opportunity to call it as you see it. Few have the perspective and experience you’ve had, your words carry enormous weight, we can only hope your call to action is heard.

♥ AS

What do you think of Lisa’s speech? 

She is quick and curious and playful and strong: kate spade love

Occasionally you come across a brand that doesn’t just create great products, but it embodies a spirit you really connect with. kate spade new york (ksny) is that brand for me. Being the sublime seeking lovely things that you are, you may already be familiar with the delight of kate spade. Regardless, I hope this post is helpful as I share with you my favourite ksny things and some tips and tricks for purchasing their finest delights in the most thrifty of ways! The ksny love affair kate spade new york has done an exceedingly brilliant job at not just creating products, but creating a lifestyle… and offering products that fit into that way of living. ‘Live colorfully’, ‘travel colorfully’, ‘dress colorfully’, ‘entertain colorfully’; the ksny mantra is to live your most vibrant life. The ksny woman is not defined by her relationship or her job, she does not rely upon her ability to be sexy to validate any aspect of her life.

quick and curious playful and strong

Stylish, cheeky and fun, she is confident and present. She is everything I aspire to be! Well done ksny, got me hook, line and sinker! So am I just buying into a very carefully crafted marketing ploy? Perhaps. But does it matter anyway? I don’t know! I think buying from a brand whose philosophy you believe in is wonderful! Perhaps the real answer comes in terms of the product that’s offered. kate spade are best known for their extensive range of handbags, clothing and accessories (shoes, jewellery, tech and more). Their line also extends into very lovely stationery and homewares. There is so much to love! Here are some of my very favourite ksny things: photo 1 photo 2 Always a joy to wear, have and hold. Major ksny lovin’.

10 Things I looooove about kate spade! 

There is a great deal more than 10 things to love about ksny, but I’ve narrowed it down to the best of the best! 1. Their exquisite packaging! Kate Spade packaging 2. Their insanely gorgeous stores and shopfronts, I challenge any sublime seeker to walk past without going in! ksny store madison kate spade 2 article-2034280-0D7B2CCD00000578-842_306x290 Kate-Spade-Highland-Village-March-2014_140211 KS Window 3. Deborah Lloyd, creative director, is a fellow pear shape, and I feel that sista’s really got the back of all us pears out there with their awesome selection of fit-and-flare dresses! I haven’t found a brand whose dresses fit me as well as ksny yet! Hallelujah!

The Very Genius Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd, you so fine!

4. Their wide spread devotion the the handwritten note and supremely beautiful stationery ksny stationery

kate spade stationery

5. The *incredible* 75% off sales they do!! These sales happen but a few times a year and are like Christmas came early when the email is in the inbox! I live in a house with two boys who are FULLY alert and functioning within moments of waking up in the morning, where I snooze half a dozen times then shuffle around the house groaning for the next hour. Not on a 75% off morning! Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sublime seekers!

ksny surprise sale! 6. Their ridiculously gorgeous clothing and campaigns… with models of many nationalities… that all look HAPPY! kate-spade-new-york-spring-summer-2012-ad-campaign2


bryce fall ks look 12

ks look 13

ksny happy models

  7. Their extreme love of the bow, you’ll find bows featuring (and hidden!) in all sorts of their designs

ksny well placed bow

All these items are available from now! (The black bow on the top right is a USB stick!!)


8. Their commitment to fun and frivolity… the ksny gal knows how to have a good time and doesn’t take herself too seriously

manipedi ive never been a millionare but I know I'd be darling at it baconeggandcheeseplease

9. Bright pops of colour that feature in so much of their product


10. That kate spade knows what they love too! In 2012 ksny published the “things we love” book to celebrate 20 years of kate spade. Not surprisingly it is FILLED with exceptional loveliness!

kate spade Things We Love book

I want more ksny in my life! 

Right!? In exquisitely exciting news, kate spade is due to open their first ever outlet in Australia; Melbourne’s new super fancy Emporium shopping precinct will be home to the store from July! emporium melbourne So freaking excited and I’m not even a Melbournite! In even more super awesome news, kate spade have JUST started shipping direct to Australia for a flat rate of $35! The shipping is fast, think at your door in 4 days. While $35 can’t quite be described a cheap shipping, a bit of poking around will quickly identify that we pay a premium to Australian stockists of kate spade products (handbags, accessories, stationery and homewards only) down under. David Jones is the primary stockist and charging close to double what you’d pay in the states!

The lovely Grace Avenue 8x10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones

The lovely Grace Avenue 8×10 inch photo frame, $75 on $149 from David Jones. How good is that $35 shipping looking now?

In recent trip to Singapore (home to three ksny stores), I was devastated to find the price difference on clothing to be at times more than double US prices. Unfortunately the residents of Singapore can’t shop from because they have outlets in their country – will only ship to the following countries: KSNY shipping But hang on, does that mean won’t ship to Australia anymore after the store opens?  I don’t know for sure sublime seekers, but I suspect so, and this is kinda my point. There’s a joyous mini-window to access the ksny goodness direct to your door. It’s not the end of the world, cause even if the direct shipping stops, you’ll of course still be able to freight forward, but one should expect the ksny direct-shipping will stop when the store opens. Other ksny shopping tips! It’s difficult in Australia to see sale items on However, if you’re hunting for a bargain (who isn’t!?) check out some other American online stockists of ksny; Zappos, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Piperlime and Amazon are a few of the good ones. These online stores will show you the ksny sale items! Again, they may not ship direct, but the difference of the sale price will cover your freight forwarding. Finally, there is a LOT of brand new with tags ksny stuff on eBay (that’s worldwide eBay, not If you can win your auction, you’re sure to snag a bargain there and possibly get your hands on some out-of-season stuff you won’t find anywhere else. If I could chose only one brand to buy from for the rest of my life, it would be kate spade! Fun, feminine, bright, beautiful and a little bit luxurious, I am certain it’s worth saving up for! ♥ AS Bought a kate spade product you love? Tell us about it below!

Bioderma Crealine H20: the best makeup remover EVER.

There’s a beauty secret the rest of the world has been keeping from us, that has only just been Chinese-whispered in our direction. It looks like water and has the consistency of water, it’s fragrance-free, alcohol-free, soap-free, hypoallergenic… And the most gentle and effective makeup remover I’ve ever seen or used. It’s the Bioderma Crealine H20 cleanser and make up remover… it’s an EXTREMELY sublime find and it’s now available in Australia!!

Bioderma Crealine

Back up, you just described water. Is it water?

Kinda! It’s a micellar water!

Huh? You lost me.

Micelles are molecular microstructures that allow impurities, dirt and excess sebum to be removed without the need to rinse off your skin. Suspended in water, they only disband when in contact with the skin. The are made of two parts, one is a hydrophilic component that likes water, the second is a hydrophobic component that attracts oil.


The Micelle!

Science?? Huh?

As we know oil and water usually separate, so micelles are super special because they enable oil to be suspended in water. The fact that micelles have both oil and water loving components means that they can lift makeup from skin easily! The oil-loving bits are in the middle of the micelle and therefore suck the dirt away from your skin. It won’t need washing off and won’t dry your skin out!

Holy cats! Now I’m with you! This sounds amazing! 

It IS sublime seekers!

Micelle water first became a thing in Paris where locals sought the opportunity to avoid the bad effects of the city’s famously hard water had on their skin. Micelle waters (specifically Bioderma’s) became a staple among models who were walking 7 or 8 shows in a day, with different make up for each. Bioderma’s alcohol-free, soap-free product offered a solution that was quick, easy to use without a sink and importantly, kind to even the most sensitive of skins.

Ruby Aldridge

Some people, including Brisbane’s hair and makeup maven, Jo Twidale, wouldn’t exclusively use it as a makeup remover, but rather as an ‘eraser’ to delicately and effectively shift makeup when a look needs to be adjusted. The top of Bioderma’s cap is conveniently the perfect shape and size for a q-tip; the perfect tool to fix a winged eyeliner look gone awry.

If you’re using Bioderma’s Crealine H20 to remove makeup on your whole face (it’s safe for the eye region) soak a makeup remover pad to about 70% capacity and gently wipe over your face. Depending how much makeup you have on, you may need a second pad. I am utterly AMAZED how effective AND gentle it is. I wish I could take back so many years of using makeup remover wipes and other products… or no products, you know, back when I was a dirt face.

Where can I get it? 

Bioderma is a French product, and until recently was very difficult to get the world over. Jo recalls asking friends to stock up on the product to smuggle back to Australia. No more, sublime seekers! A little while back became the exclusive Australian stockist… and now it’s hit the shelves of Priceline!

A 250ml bottle will set you back $29.95 at Priceline (or $23.99 when this post was published… it’s 20% off!). The price point felt expensive to me when I first bought it, but I think that’s mainly because I felt like I was buying a bottle of water. Having used it for about 6 months (and still being on my first bottle) I would not hesitate to purchase again. In fact, I wouldn’t not purchase again, it’s a buy-again-before-you-run-out kinda product.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 3.55.11 PM

Run, don’t walk! 20% off at Priceline (making it $23.99) for a limited time!

And so I recommend it highly and give it the sublime find stamp of approval! Do yourself a favour and grab a bottle while it’s on sale now!


Have you used it? Tell us below! 

First World Handbag Problems… Solved!

A really quick one today – for the ladies who have Mary Poppins-style handbag habits!

Do you:

  • suffer from the case of the messy handbag? Can’t ever find anything in there and constantly feel a bit untidy?
  • have more than one handbag you like to use regularly but find it difficult/annoying to switch between them because of all the STUFF you like to carry around?
  • regularly use a large bag rather than a handbag and find your stuff strewn throughout it and always difficult to locate?

I do.

I am someone who doesn’t like to leave the house without my FULL kit in my handbag; you know, all the things one might need to snuff out a zombie apocalypse. It includes lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, bandaids, hairbands, pandadol, clear nail polish, nail file, mints, gum, rescue remedy, safety pins, sewing kit, contact lens solution, spare contact lenses, nail polish remover wipes, matches, a mirror, teabags (tea snob, what can I do) mascara, moisturiser, pens, pacers, post-it notes, a usb stick, a taser, a puppy and a full sized swag for midday nap time. (I maaay have got carried away at the end there). My handbag was constantly in a state of disarray, I could never find anything, total disaster. And THEN my love affair with handbags kicked in.

Not ANOTHER handbag

One of the Smiths would suggest this conversation is a too-regular-occurance in the Smith household…

I started wanting to switch and change bags according to my outfit, but it took a mini-movers team to get my stuff from one to the other! Too hard. MAJOR first world problem. If you’re in the throws of this first world problem, you too could benefit from Borne Naked.

Say what now!? 

Borne Naked have created an awesome handbag organiser; It is a clear, durable pouch with inbuilt pockets and a zip up closure.It’s available in three sizes (small; $24.95, medium $29.95 and large $34.95)

Borne Naked Handbag Liner - in small, medium and large

Borne Naked Handbag Liner – in small, medium and large

I’ve been using the Borne Naked for three years now, I replaced my pouch about 6 months ago. It didn’t reallllly need replacing but it was pretty dirty after carrying the zombie apocalypse kit around so long, and I wanted to get the smaller edition. It is a LIFESAFER.

photo 1

Neat and complete! Apocalypse ready!

The insides of my handbags are in a much better state, I can throw all my handbag stuff straight in a gym bag without it ending up strewn everywhere, I can do a handbag switch in 10 seconds flat and have everything I need. It’s neat, clean, efficient and practical. It’s a sublime find!

Yep, I want one!

Lotsa options; the Borne Naked is stocked at Howard’s Storage World and a bunch of independent retailers as well as sold online on the Borne Naked site.

May you swap from handbag to handbag in the blink of an eye, may you enjoy the feeling of smugness that comes with being super clean and organised… and above all, may your apocalypse kit be with your in its entirety always!


What other first world problems do you think we might be able to solve here? 

How to ask for a pay rise… and get one!

I’ve been keeping a little secret, sublime seekers. While it’s true that I LOVE fashion and beauty and shopping and sharing the best of those finds with you, fashion and beauty and shopping doesn’t quite pay the bills (in fact they kinda create some bills of their own… errrr). In the rest of my life, I pay the bills by working in the business of people. For a long time I’ve been passionate about the difference people can make to organisational success and I get a lot of enjoyment from helping businesses get that relationship right to create the best environment for people and the best results for the business.

Now the last time I shared a secret with you guys, it was that I’m a feminist. That is to say I believe in equality for women (not burning my bra), I believe women have it pretty good in Australia (compared to other parts of the world), I believe there’s still some disparity in workplaces and I don’t believe that it’s anyone or any one group of people’s (i.e. men’s) fault.

Where’s this going?

Good question. I am constantly amazed by the incredible women in my life and our country, women who are intelligent, witty, wise, thoughtful and driven. And I know that description fits many of you that visit here on this website.


A sublime-seeking wonderwomen, just like you!

My work and study bring me in contact with a bunch of info and insights that might be helpful in assisting you to get where you’re going (and where you deserve to be!) in your lives.

If I could choose one thing to do on this blog, I’d love it to be that – to share some delightful discoveries with you bright, driven, lovely-things, to help you to be the most fabulous version of yourselves.

Perhaps it’s a new lippy that’ll save you reapplying 7 times in a day, perhaps its some tips on how to rock a new trend and feel confident doing it, perhaps it’s a sale to save some of your hard earned pennies, or perhaps (like today!) it’s a suggestion on how to get where you’re going in your career.

A quick disclaimer

While I work in the business of people, the info I’m sharing here is not specifically based on my experience within any particular organisation, but rather informed by study and reading and anecdotally coming to understand what’s happening in workplaces through networks and industry and stufffff. You know.

Lets talk turkey!

Lets! Studies have repeatedly shown that women in Australia are paid, on average, less than men who they perform the same job. It doesn’t happen everywhere, there are (of course) exceptions, great progress has been made etc etc but on average, the gap (albeit a shrinking one) continues to exist.

Mind the Gap

The Gap – yep, it’s still there. Can’t we get someone in to fix this thing?!

Data also shows us that women are typically less likely to ask for a pay rise than men! What’s that about? I have several ideas, none of which matter, because we should just get to the business of HOW to ask for a pay rise! Sublime seekers, I give you four (very detailed) steps to ask for a pay rise and get one!

1. It’s a matter of time 

For a bunch of reasons, timing matters!

  • Know your company’s remuneration cycle. There’s very little point asking for a pay rise at Christmas, if salary reviews are done in June. And truth be told, there’s not much point asking for a pay rise in June if salary reviews are done in June, because they’ve likely be budgeted for, and discussed, well prior. Depending on the size of the company, expect the behind-the-scenes salary decision making to start up to three months prior to you receiving a letter saying it’s time to shout yourself some Louboutins. If you’re not sure of your company’s process, ask your manager or have a poke around for a policy, it’s usually outlined somewhere. Note that in those policies, some companies have strict rules about pay rises outside of the designated time (i.e. they don’t do them).  The good news is, that within lots of businesses who make salary adjustments at end of financial year, now is a pretty good time to be having a discussion.
  • If you’ve been with the company or in your current role less than 12 months, or have had a reasonable/significant pay rise within the last 12 months, it might pay (pun!) to wait, rather than ask again just yet. You don’t want to appear money-hungry, or impatient. Read your situation.
  • Sometimes you need to read the mood too. If you’ve just contributed to a significant success, using that as a catalyst to have the discussion can be very smart indeed.
  • Very important to note: do NOT ambush your boss! Let your manager know you’d like to make a time to have a chat with them. If you’re nervous about saying you want to talk about salary, let them know you’d like to discuss “growth and opportunities”.

2. Make it easy for them to say yes AKA be prepared!

It pays (pun!) to demonstrate you’re serious about your agenda. Put together some succinct info to send to your manager before your meeting or take along to talk through at your meeting. It might include the following:

  • quantitative evidence of the impact you’ve had i.e. increased sales/revenue/results/results compared to budget/savings – the more translatable to $, the better
  • written feedback/praise from customers or others within the business
  • tasks you’re completing outside your position description (big ticket items only)
  • changes/achievements that have occurred since your last review. Note: if you are reminding your manager of an achievement they’re aware of, do so modestly. You do not want to oversell something they already know.
  • consider including a view to the future as well. Typically, bonuses are paid for a job well done, pay rises are given for a permanent change…  what are you able to continue to deliver rather that makes giving you a permanent pay rise worthwhile?
  • some people will suggest including market salary data, I’m not one of them. A well-crafted “I am valuable to this company” argument is much harder to rebut than the “you’re not paying me correctly” argument. You were happy to accept the job at a certain level, turning around and saying it’s no longer enough isn’t a smart play. It also makes it easy for business to say “well go there, then”. Even if you feel you’re underpaid for what you do, there’s a better way to state your case.

Ultimately, the upshot is this: your company will not pay you more for doing your existing job. You need to be able to demonstrate the ways you do more… and are therefore worth more.

It’s important to put your case in writing. Your manager likely won’t have the final decision on adjusting your pay. Arm your boss with the evidence they need to state your case further up the chain.

3. Influence widely. 

It is common within organisations to have a moderation process during salary review time. This helps ensure that the generous manager with average performing staff doesn’t give bigger increases than the budget-conscious manager with high performing staff. Managers have an open discussion about the comparative performance of their people, in some organisations they will even rank them. Obviously, it pays to have more than one person in the room singing your praises!

"Andrea? I've never heard of Andrea!" will not lead to a pay rise.

“Andrea? I’ve never heard of Andrea!” in moderation will not lead to a Chanel-sized pay rise.

If you’re asking for a pay rise outside salary review time, there will still be other stakeholders involved in the decision. Engage outside your area.

4. Be prepared to hear no… and capitalise on it

We won’t all get a yes, every time. But a “no” now, isn’t necessarily bad, in fact it can often be the groundwork you need to get a “yes” next time.

The saying, ‘there’s no harm in asking’ is only true if you handle the answer well… regardless of what it is.

If you get a “we agree you’re worth more, but can’t increase your salary right now…” answer you can thank your manager for their consideration and either seek permission to revisit the topic in 3-6 months when the climate is better or ask them if they’d consider an alternative arrangement. This might include company support of training/professional development, exposure/opportunity in another part of the business, flexible working arrangements, the promise of a half-yearly pay review etc. Think broadly and be ready to discuss this before you go in.

If you get a “you’re not ready yet…” answer

  • be gracious
  • ask for feedback, “what can I do differently?” “what would you need to see from me to justify an increase?”
  • make a plan, in writing. Agree with your manager on the development required, add it to your development plan (make one if you don’t have one) and revisit it regularly with your manager to seek their feedback and ensure you’re on track

Remember that the person telling you ‘no’ is likely apprehensive! Ensuring the conversation goes positively (regardless of the answer) can leave a lasting impression!

When you get that “yes”…

  • crack the champers baby cakes! We’re going to the shops!

PinkChampagne pic by

Some Dos and Don’ts


  • practice your conversations first, out loud.
  • revisit the Finds to make you feel BRAVE post if you’re feeling nervy
  • dress for the job you want! This is most certainly a hair-brushing occasion!


  • get emotional. I believe there are some occasions it’s ok to cry at work. This is absolutely not one of them. Practice until you’re not emotional about it.
  • bring up your colleagues pay. EVER. Pulling out the “I know what <colleague> gets paid” booby trap is bound to put your employer on the defensive.
  • discuss your personal reasons for wanting or needing a pay rise. The reasons to give you a pay rise are related to your output at work only, not your personal life.
  • use another job as leverage. Unless you’re really prepared to walk if your current employer says no. Even then, kinda crap way to leave. You might not burn your bridge but you’ll probably singe it.

(NB – I’ve tried at least half of these don’ts! We live and learn baby, live and learn.)

Things you can do now to set yourself up for a pay rise in the future

Even if it’s not the right time to ask for a pay rise, it IS the right time to lay the ground work!

Do this now:

  • indicate your desire to grow and perform well in your company
  • seek clarity around the expectations of you. Ideally, ask what exceeding those expectations would look like, too.
  • make a plan with your manager to grow your experience and deliver. Stick to the plan, revisit the plan with your manager regularly.
  • if something doesn’t go well at work, acknowledge it with your manager, share your learnings/insights and move on
  • if you’re new to a role, be careful about too aggressively indicating your desire to take ‘the next step’… some workplace cultures love this, but others don’t. If your culture is the latter, talk in terms of your desire to ‘learn and contribute as much as possible’.

Take a crack at it, sublime seekers. If you play it smart, you’ll end up with a pay rise, or closer to a pay rise. Money isn’t everything and won’t make you happy at work, but it sure does help you to buy shiny things, and shiny things are ALWAYS a good idea.


Have you asked for a pay rise and got one? What are your tips? How do you feel about this sort of post on Sublime Finds? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! 

The Complete Guide to Winter Coats!

Winter is here! Somehow in Brisbane-town, we went straight from sunny warmness to winter chill! All of a sudden we’re unpacking the winter clothes, getting things to the dry cleaner and evaluating options for new cosy pieces to tide us through the next few months. When it comes to cosy, there is no piece more central to keeping the cold at bay than the winter coat. Stores everywhere are in winter-coat-promo mode, and I’ve scoured the options to bring you the best of the best! But first! Lets talk pre-game preparedness!

Fabric – not all coats are created equal 

The fabric used in your winter coat will dictate its durability, warmth and care requirements. Most winer coats will contain a combination of the following:

  • Wool, known for it’s warmth, can have a coarse or smooth soft finish depending on fabric and design. It’s often blended with other fabrics, 100% wool is warmest, blends with other fabrics will be less warm.
  • Cashmere, wool’s luxurious older sister, is a fine, soft blend of (goat) wool that provides great insulation and durability. Lovely and cosy to wear!
  • Polyester is a dominant fabric used in outdoor gear, it’s tightly woven fibers prevent moisture from getting through. It lacks the density of wool, so on it’s own won’t keep you as warm.
  • Silk, as a layer against the skin, will keep you toasty warm. The fabric absorbs moisture and helps the body maintain even temperature when transition between warm indoor and cold outdoor temps.
  • Nylon (or polyamide fabric) is often mixed with wool – it’s extremely hard wearing and fire-resistant.
  • Cotton is highly absorbent and will soak up moisture until it’s in the right conditions to let it dry, so less-perfect for guaranteed warmness.

Styles – get the right shape for you

Winter’s the time when we layer up – but it doesn’t have to mean a bulky look. Consider the best shape for your body type in order to look your best layered up. Some suggestions:

  • If you carry your weight around your middle (‘circle’ or ‘apple’ body shapes) opt for something that gives your waist some room. A swingy cape can be a winner (and will show off your lovely pins), or a looser cut with a strategically placed belt.
  • If you’re bigger on the bottom than the top (‘a-line’ or ‘pear’ shapes), look for coats with a little flare or swing to them, and be sure to get something that nips in at your little waist.
  • If you’re broader in the shoulders (athletic, or V-shape), look for something that narrows your shoulders and highlights your middle and legs. Pea coats or straight up-and-down styles with big collars are the go.
  • For the curvacious amongst us (hourglass figures) choose a belted coat to cinch your waist and accentuate your fabulousness
  • If you’re straight up and down (ruler, column shapes) the coat world is your oyster! Look for interesting seaming, belts or embellishments like big buttons to add some structure and make sure your coat doesn’t swallow you up

Show me the coats already! 

Okay! Our friends in the northern hemisphere have very little to offer us while they bask in the sunshine, so it’s a nearly exclusively local collection today. In this edit, I’ve stuck with coats and capes and avoided jackets and trenches (which I really think deserve their own collection!). Review won the coat wars this year with an absolutely gorgeous collection of coats at reasonable prices! Check some of their styled pics out here:

Review Model Coat Review Model Theodore Review Model Willowfull-steam-ahead-to-autumn-winter-2014-01 full-steam-ahead-to-autumn-winter-2014-02

Jigsaw came in second with a truly admirable collection of high quality pieces in lots of cuts and colours. If you’re looking for your coat on foot, check Jigsaw and Review first. Without further ado, here’s the full wrap-up!

Winter Coats

1. Alannah Hill The Lovely Silence Coat, $449; 2. David Lawrence Ombre Long Coat, $499; 3. Oxford Anna Leather Trim Coat Black, $399; 4. Jigsaw Chesterton Coat, $499; 5. Target Wrap Coat, $69

Winter Coats4

1. C&M Camilla and Marc Montmatre Coat via David Jones, $269.25 (on sale); 2. David Lawrence Long Sleeve Collar Coat, $499; 3. Herringbone Charcoal Twill, $799; 4. Rhodes and Beckett Louse Charcoal Houndstooth Coat, $699; 5. Jigsaw Owen Coat, $499; 6. Review Mallorie Coat, $299.95; 7. Witchery Trim Wrap Coat, $299

Winter Coats8

1. Saba Brooklyn Coat, $629; 2. Rhodes and Becket Grace Wool Coat, $749; 3. Cue A-Line Boucle Coat, $449; 4. Marcs Italian Melton Retro Coat, $399

Winter Coats6

1. Jigsaw Kipling Coat, $449; 2. Jigsaw Shakespeare Melton Coat, $499; 3. Review Willow Coat, $299.95; 4. David Jones Single Breast Funnel Neck Coat, $149.25

Winter Coats5

1. Alannah Hill Summer Romance Coat, $449; 2. Sportscraft One Button Melton Coat, $399; 3. Jigsaw Austen Coat, $449; 4. Review Willow Coat, $299.95; 5. Veronika Maine, Wool Flannel Pea Coat, $314.30 (on sale!); 6. Review Theodore Coat, $299.95; 7. Sara Coat with Front Pockets via David Jones, $139.95

Winter Coats7

1. Alannah Hill Given Half a Chance Trench, $389; 2. Carla Zampatti Raven Faux Croc Coat, $999; 3. Cue Soft Pixel A-Line Coat, $449; 4. Jigsaw Hopkins Tweed Coat, $499; 5. Review Willemina Check Coat, $299.95; 6. Italian Wool Stretch Leather Coat via The Iconic, $790; 7. French Connection Speckled Belted Coat, $299.95; 8. Scanlan and Theodore Drape Front Coat, $800

Winter Coats3

1. Roma Leatherette Trimmed Coat via The Iconic, $169.95; 2. Zara Crewneck Coat, $139 USDs; 3. Alannah Hill A Wonderful Thought Coat, $429; 4. Marcs Tex Wool Collarless Coat, $349

Winter Coats2


1. See by Chloe Cape via Shopbop, $667.23; 2. Daydream Cape via The Iconic, $149.95; 3. Ginger and Smart Trapezoid Cape, $499; 4. Country Road Reversible Contrast Cape, $249; 5. Bebe Sydney Schiffer Poncho via The Iconic; $119.95

 Some purchase and styling suggestions!

  • A good winter coat is an investment and as you gather from some of these prices, it can be a hefty one! Be sure to invest in dry cleaning as needed and always at the end of season before you put your coats away in order to ensure they’re looking great next winter.
  • If you’re lovely and long-limbed or perfect and petite, be sure to have your coat altered to suit you best. If you’re unsure about the ability to do so, ask in store before you buy. Some stores will even offer the alteration service for you!
  • A winter coat is a perfect spot for a gorgeous brooch! Brighten up a cold winter morning with something bedazzled on your collar!
  • If you’re going for a collarless jacket, consider a scarf if it’s going to be cool out!
  • If  you work in a super corporate environment and will need to be wearing your coat during your workday, consider a longer option like those sold by Rhodes and Beckett and Herringbone. Don’t believe what you hear in the “short skirt, long jacket” song, a long jacket paired with a polished dress for work makes for a super refined look.
  • If you’re going for a cape, pair with a slim silhouette on your lower half; pencil skirt or tapered jeans/pants will balance you out.
  • My forever-style advice; don’t be afraid of going for a bright hue! If you want a go-with-everything bright colour, choose red!

And there are DEALS! Deals to be had! 

At the time this post goes live, the following deals are available:

  • David Lawrence is doing $50 off Jackets
  • Oxford is doing 50% (!!) off Jackets
  • Saba is doing $100 off Jackets
  • Sportscraft are doing $50 off $150, $100 off $300 and $200 off $600 for VIPs! (Free to join)
  • Review have got $100 off when you spend $250

How good is that!? (The prices included in this post are the full-price prices, except where a permanent markdown is happening)

May the perfect coat be but a few clicks away, sublime seekers, and may you feel on trend and cosy during the coolest of winter days ahead!


Found a favourite coat this season already? Tell us below! 

Mothers Day Quiz + Gift Guide!

The second Sunday of May is nearly upon us and it’s time to celebrate the wonderful Mums in our lives! Perhaps its your own Mum or Grandma, perhaps its someone whose been a great mother figure to you, perhaps its a friend and Mum you admire or perhaps its your beloved and Mum to your own little one/s!

Here’s some of my favourite Mumma’s:

My lovely mumma and me

My Mumma (and me)! Love!

More lovely mummas; my mum-in-law and step-mum

More lovely mummas; my Mum-in-Law and Step-Mum

Whoever your favourite Mummas are, they need to be celebrated… for all the reasons pointed out in a rather genius way in this 4min video, which went viral recently:

So what’s the perfect gift to get someone with the world’s toughest job?

Have I got you sorted today, sublime seekers! Not only have I got a plethora of super awesome gifts for all budgets, I have a quiz to help you figure out which gift might be the best for the Mum you’re thinking about! Without further ado, I present the Sublime Mumma Quiz! It’s easy, choose the answer that sounds most like the Mumma you’re thinking of, jot down the answers as you go! Ready? Start now!

1. If I drop in unexpectedly on Mum, she’s most likely going to be wearing:
a) yard clothes, she’s been out the back in the garden
b) an apron, whipping up a storm in the kitchen
c) organic Cotton.
d) sequins. My mum is practically Victoria Greyson from Revenge (without the inclinations for regular take downs)
e) ready-for-anything casual wear. While everyone else in the house is still in PJs.
f) workwear and glasses
g) yoga Pants

2. When I ring Mum for advice, it’s most likely about: 
a) which fertiliser I should be using on my new bushes
b) dinner party entertaining tips
c) how I can make caramel slice without the calories
d) what to wear to my next big event
e) how to find more hours in the day
f) which new electronic tablet I should be buying
g) which Les Mills exercise class is for me

3. The thing I admire most about Mum is: 
a) her incredible home-grown food
b) how beautiful her home always is
c) how well she looks after herself
d) her exceptional sense of style
e) her ability to be all things to all people
f) how her whole life she’s kept up to date with what’s happening now
g) her super toned arms

4. If I get a lecture from mum, it’s most likely going to be on:
a) watering my plants more
b) the importance of home cleanliness
c) considering going gluten free
d) the perils of wearing blue and green together
e) not visiting more
f) why apple no longer has the best mobile phone
g) the importance of daily exercise

5. My mums ultimate dream day would be: 
a) visiting beautiful botanic gardens
b) entertaining family or friends with home cooked food
c) visiting hinterland organic markets
d) shopping, all day, with Dad’s credit card
e) kids sport, visiting parties, dropping in on the in-laws
f) learning 20 new things she didn’t know she could do with her iPad
g) getting a new personal-best time in a local fun run

All done! Check out your answers to see which letter appeared most! Then! See the corresponding gift ideas below!

If you got mostly A’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide4

1. Thoughtful Gardener Hand Trowel and Fork, $79.95 from; 2. Cheetah Gumboots, $59.95 from; 3. Ansell Light Gardening Gloves, $3.96 from Bunnings; 4. Galvanised Iron Watering Can, $7.98 from Bunnings; 5. Gift of seeds box set, $39.95 from


If you got mostly B’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide

1. Mum hand made love heart cushion cover $45.95 from; 2. Kitchenaid, $749 from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Rose Tea, $28 from T2; 4. Christina Re 3-Tier Cake Stand $49.95 from David Jones; 5. David Jones Capri Short Stem Vase, $39.95


If you got mostly C’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide3

1. I Quit Sugar for Life $24.50 from Booktopia; 2. Vitamix Blender $995, from Wheel and Barrow; 3. Annual Subscription to Gluten Free Magazine “Yum” $45 for 10 digital editions; 4. 2 pack Herbal Tea $35 from T2; 5. Take her for breakfast/lunch at CocoBliss Bulimba, superfood bar


If you got mostly D’s…

Mothers Day Gift Guide2

1. The Fashion Book New Edition,$48.96 from David Jones 2. Geometric Stone Cuff,$29.95 from Seed; 3. La Maison Glasshouse No. 6, Le Desir Ardent $59.95 from Hand Poured from Glasshouse Candles; 4. Oroton 1938 Tote $595; 5. Curl Secret, $140 from Target;  6. Victor and Rolf BonBon EDP from $99, from Myer; 7. The Birds Square Scarf, $69 from Mimco


If you got mostly E’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide5

1. A pamper package from Mademoiselle Beauty, prices from $90;  2. Textured Gown, $69.95 from Sussan; 3. Bath salts in Vanilla and Peach, $16.95 from; 4.  Lumie Wake Up Light, $138.04; 5. Heat Pillow, $34.95 from Sussan; 6. Breakfast in Bed! The ultimate in loveliness.


If you got mostly F’s… 

Mothers Day Gift Guide7

1. Apple iTunes voucher; 2. Nikon L830 DSC Red, $268 from David Jones; 3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, $399; 4. Clarisonic Mia 2, $190; 5. iPad Mini from $479; 6. Fujifilm Insta Mini8 Camera $119 from Target


If you got mostly G’s

Mothers Day Gift Guide6

1. Lululemon Cool Racerback, $59; 2. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoe, $159.99 from Rebel Sport; 3. Dick Smith Jawbone Up Wristband $119 from David Jones; 4. Determined MP3 Phone Holder, $29.99 from Lorna Jane; 5. Lululemon The Mat $69; 6. Inna Bliss Yoga Pass form $95


One last super awesome gift:

I wanted to slot in a category called “The Sentimental Mum”… but isn’t that the best thing about all Mums? That they care so much? I bought and compiled this gift for my mum a couple of years back and she cried! It’s been one of my most favourite gifts to give, and I bet your mum will love it too. Kikki.K’s Mum Memory Book, $29.95:

Memory Book Mum Kikki K Memory Book Mum Kikki K 2 Memory Book 5


Be sure to let the great Mums in your life know they’re admired, appreciated and loved next Sunday. They deserve it!


What do you love most about your Mum? Share the Mumma love!

Vogue Online Shopping Night – Tonight!

There’s big deals happening today, sublime seekers, and they’re on the Internets! The twice-annual Vogue Online Shopping Night (or #VOSN as they dub themselves) is on today from 12pm to midnight!

What is this Vogue Online Shopping Night? 

It’s likely #VOSN is seeping its way into your facebook feed and/or email inbox – the event is now in it’s forth year and continuing to grow. The mission is pretty simple: bring together local and international brands for a festival of one-night-only deals.

Vogue Online Fashion Night

Oooh I love deals, tell me about the deals!

Vogue’s got the full list of retailers and all their details online here. Expect that retailers not listed will seep outa the woodwork with offers too, just not promoted under the #VOSN name, so if there’s something you’ve been lusting after, do check their website today. Many will also do the deals all day rather than just tonight. Some deals that caught my eye:

My picks!:

Christina Re Teacup Crepe Pencil Dress Chubby Stick Intense Review Shirley SweaterGinger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeves


1. Christina Re teacups in Ebony Stripes – 20% off $29.95 with code VOSN14; 2. Cue Crepe Pencil Dress – 20% off $239 with code CueVOSN20; 3. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense! First 200 orders with code VOGUE14 at Clinique will receive a free three-piece gift, free shipping and two freebies at checkout! Free, free free! ; 4. Review Shirley Jumper – 30% of $129.95 with code VOSN2014; 5. Ginger and Smart Menagerie Dress with Sleeve – 20% of $589 with code VOSN2014

And remember! Think of the Mummas! Mothers Day is just around the corner! 

Get your comfiest pjs on, pour yourself a glass of something delightful and order some take out – happiest online shopping to you, sublime seekers! May the #VOSN deals be ever in your favour!


Get any rad deals? Tell us below!

Flat out: flats for every occasion!

I think every gal over the age of 21 has had at least one of those occasions in heels that leaves your feet numb for several days following. You opted for gorgeous stilettos then:
a) realised the wedding was cocktail, and you weren’t going to sit down for the next 9 hours
b) ended up trekking from one end of the city to the other
c) ended up dancing all night
d) ended up walking home when you couldn’t get a cab or
e) all of the above
… and paid the price severely afterwards.

Perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way, sublime seekers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good heel as much as the next girl, but I think we often underestimate the potential of flats to complete or even make a wow outfit. There also comes times in each of our lives (a job with lots of running around, knee surgery for LJ-C, severely damaged feet from too many of the aforementioned evenings) when flats are not only a better option… but the only option. No matter where you’re at on your journey to flats, today I plan to open your mind to the myriad of options out there! Visual break, a cluster of flats I currently own and love:

Flats Cluster - Sublime Finds

Flattery will get you everywhere!

I have scoured far and wide for flats for you and I’ll be upfront; a great deal of my scouring has been in the USA. I know people can be nervous about buying shoes online, especially if they’re coming from afar. Nevertheless, I have found the savings and the variety have made shopping for shoes in the States a total no brainer. Often the discount or value alone covers the freight-forwarding if a provider doesn’t ship direct. If you’re worried about sizes, read the reviews (especially good on sites like Zappos – the world’s largest online shoe retailer) to see if the product runs large or small. Anyway, lets begin!

If I could only have one pair of shoes for the rest of my life…  

I would die, this is clearly a life not worth living! Jokes aside, if I could only have one pair of shoes, it would be these babies. I have bought, and worn out, four pairs of them. They are from Witchery, this season the style name is Carla, they are $99.95 (there is an extra 20% off for Witchery members this weekend) and I cannot live without them. For me, a black patent flat is go-to for any event. They work with a casual outfit, a work outfit and thanks to patent being that bit dressier, can also scrape through in a more dressy event. The patent finish also means they wear very well and don’t get super scratched up! Witchery’s flat are a great cut (every year except last year, thank goodness it’s been fixed again!), 100% leather including the lining (so they mould to your foot and are comfy) and have the perfect amount of flexibility in the soul to make them comfy to walk (shop) in for hours on end. These shoes are so good they wholeheartedly deserve their own section in this post and are truly, sublime finds!

Witchery Cara Ballet Flat


Luckily for me and you, we aren’t limited to just one pair. Onwards we roll! (Today, the further you scroll the more exciting they get!)

Best of the rest of the basics: 

Cotton On Dancer CrossweaveWitchery Carla Ballet Flat - NeutralSeed Fashion Betty BalletCotton On Dancer NauticalJo Mercer PannellSambag Tina Navy Plain Ballet FlatsTarget Indiana Ballet Flat Black


1. Cotton On Dancer in Tan Crossweave, $16.95 (not a typo! They come in black and other patters too – at this price you can buy them all!); 2. Witchery Carla (again!) cause they come in lots of colours, including this lovely neutral, $99.95; 3. Seed Heritage Fashion Betty Ballet (in black snake and silver too), $99.95; 4. Cotton On Dancer in Nautical, $5.00 (WITH FREE SHIPPING! Use code: SHIPFREE, I *just* bought a pair!) 5. Jo Mercer Pannell, $109.95 (second pair half price this weekend!); 6. Sambag Tina Metallic Navy Ballet Flat, $180 (Sambag are the original king of flats – you’ll pay for the privilege but never be short on options); 7. Target Indiana Leather Ballet Flat, $40

On Point (my favourite shape for work):

Coach Australia Wilma Flat BlackZara Shiny Leather Velvet Slip OnPrada Point Toe Tassell Ballerina FlatWitchery Pearl Pointed FlatAldo LythgoWittner SylvaniWitchery Adrianna Point FlatZara Leather Ballerina Flats with StudsCountry Road Carrie Point Flat

1. Coach Wilma Flat, $310; 2. Zara Shiny Leather Velvet Slip On, $59.90 USDs; 3. Prada Point Toe Tassel Ballerina Flat, $775.92 via Avenue K; 4. Witchery Pearl Pointed Flat, on sale for $79.95; 5. Aldo Lythgoe $50 USDs; 6. Wittner Sylvani, $139.95; 7. Witchery Adrianna Flats, $129.95; 8. Zara Leather Ballet Flats with Studs $59.90 USDs; 9. Country Road Carrie Pointed Flat $99.95 (25% off that atm!) 10. kate spade new york Too Gabe Pointy Toe Flat, $347.68 via Avenue K

Flat does not mean boring! Statement Flats in Bold Colours: 

Country Road Claudia Ballet FlatOroton Metallic Ballet FlatSalvatore Ferragamo Ballet Flats ViennaKurt Geiger Lassie FlatNine West Speak UpMimco Fiction BalletSambag Tina Mandarin Plain Patent Ballet Flatskate spade new york gabe flats pink Banana Republic Carter Flat

1. Country Road Claudia Ballet Flat in Red $99.95 (25% off this weekend from the looks of it); 2. Oroton Elements Metallic Ballet Flats in Aqua Sea on sale for $105; 3. Salvatore Ferragamo Ballet Flats in Vienna $792.88 via Avenue K; 4. Kurt Geiger Lassie Flats, $112.36 via Avenue K; 5. Nine West Speak Up (these come in ELEVEN different finishes), $69 USDs via Zappos; 6. Mimco Fiction Ballet, on sale for $89; 7. Sambag Tina Mandarin Patent Ballet Flats, $180; 8. kate spade new york Gabe Flats (I debuted my pair of these yesterday! Major hit!) $258 USDs 9. Banana Republic Carter Flats, $118 USDs

Flats for jumping through puddles: 

(I have a serious weakness for a PVC flat! I think it’s a childhood throwback to Jellies)

Mel by Melissa Mel Pop Beige Ted Baker Escinta

1. Mel by Melissa Mel Pop IV in beige (three other colours too!), $45USDs via Zappos; 2. Ted Baker Escinta in Pink (three other colours here as well!), $85 USDs via Zappos

The Funnest Flats that ever there was: 

kate spade Racer Flats kate spade Go Taxi Flats Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerina Flats Gunmetal Marc by Marc Jacobs d'Orsay Mouse FlatsCharlotte Olympia Kiss Me Kitty Velvet SlipperAlice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointed FlatCoach marah Platinum GlitterMimco Smoking Gun SlipperMel by Melissa BluberryC.Wonder Flamingo Suede Smoking Slipper

1. kate spade new york Racer Flats, $278 USDs; 2. kate spade new york Go Taxi Flats, $278 USDs; 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerina Flats, $160.99 USDs via Zappos; 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs d’Orsay Mouse Ballerina Flats in Gold, $310.58 via Avenue K; 5. Charlotte Olympia Kiss Me Kitty Velvet Slipper $869.20 via Avenue K 6. Alice + Olivia Stacey Face Pointy Flat, $368.88 via Avenue K; 7. Coach Marah Platinum Glitter (omg I HAVE TO have these!), $112.99 USDs via Zappos 8. Mimco Smoking Gun Slipper in Lobster Red, $149.95 (must have these too, holy whiz); 9. Mel by Melissa Blueberry, $49.95 via Wanted Shoes; 10. Flamingo Suede Smoking Slipper by C.Wonder; $138 USDs (extra 25% off atm!)

There’s no reason you can’t feel fancy in flats! Here are some for after-dark, more formal occasions:

Country Road Carrie Metallic Flat Zara Ballerina Flats with Crystals Christian Louboutin Body Strass Pointed Toe Ballerina Flats Zara Shiny Ballerina FlatsGiorgio Armani Embellished Pointed Flats

1. Country Road Carrie Metallic Flat – I bought these a couple of weeks ago and LOVE them, $99.95 (looks to be 25% off that price atm! 2. Zara Ballerina Flats with Crystals, $59.90 USDs; 3. Christian Louboutin Body Strass Pointed Toe Ballerina Flats, $1244.44 via Avenue K; 4. Zara Shiny Ballerina Flats, $79.90 USDs; 5. Giorgio Armani Embellished Pointed Flats; $895 via Maryons

Some tips! 

  • Don’t be afraid to let your shoe make your outfit! I’m a big fan of block colours or black with a FABULOUS shoe to set your outfit off!
  • If you’re buying a suede shoe, you must, must waterproof it before you wear it. It’s the only way to get good milage out of them.
  • If you’re buying a metallic shoe, never use a cleaning product on it, even a clear one, that isn’t designed specifically for metallic. It will very possibly strip the colour.
  • Flats (especially staples) are an AWESOME excuse for shoe clips! Shoe clips are an especially great way to make a flat feel a little fancy for a special event!

Flats don’t have to mean boring or ‘sensible’ (someone called me ‘so sensible’ in flats once and I wanted to stab them, who wants to be described as ‘sensible’!?!). Be kind to those lovely feets of yours by keeping them out of heels a bit more often AND be super stylish at the same time… go on I dare you!

♥ AS

Where’s your go-to location for fabulous flats? Got a flat pun in your head? Share with the other sublime seeking flat-lovers out there! 

Chubby never looked so good!

Short, sweet and good news today, gang! I was cruising over at The Style Insider recently and came across a VERY welcome discovery! Clinique have released a new range of their now-famous chubby sticks… in INTENSE colours!

The Chubby stick originally rose to fame for it’s innovative lipstick design, delivering their new product in a crayon-like shape dubbed the ‘chubby stick’. Packed with shea butter and marketed as a ‘moisturising lip balm’, Clinique’s original range of colours were quite sheer. But not this latest batch… the new colours pack a punch! Available in eight mostly-great shades, there’s a bold lip for everybody:

cliniquechubbystickintense swatches

After hearing the intense news (see what I did there?), I wasted no time on hotfooting it to my closest Clinique counter to smear chubby stick all over the back off my left hand in exaggerated testing of every colour. They did not disappoint! I settled on Plushest Punch as my pick! Here’s a peek:

Chubby Stick Sublime Finds

I’ll be honest; I’ve always felt a teeny bit clumsy with a lippy in my hand… and I feel way more ‘in control’ with a crayon! (Perhaps this is the real reason I’m also in love with Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains which are in the crayon-shape too.) Either way, the chubby stick is suuuper easy to use and now Clinique really do offer a great range of colours! I’m thrilled to get a true lipstick look in the easy-enough-for-kindergarten-kids-to-use design.

I want one! 

Ok! Your quickest route is to your local Clinique Counter at Myer/DJ’s/Mecca Cosmetica or online from Clinique where you’ll pick one up for $35. If you’re happy to wait a little, try where you’ll pick one up for $23. If you’re happy to wait a little longer again or have some other online purchases you’ve been deliberating over… consider including it with your freight forwarding order ’cause you’ll get one for $17USDs outa the States from Sephora! (Sidebar: MAJOR “squeeeeee!” for Sephora coming to Australia! Let’s cross our fingers and toes they come with USA pricing!!)

I am a strong believer that a bold lip is a good pick-me-up! Moisture + bold + crayon-shape = winning!


Tried the chubby stick? What did you think?